Breathe More

Friendship multiples the good in life and divides the bad ~Baltasar Gracian

Breathe MoreIsn’t this Truth hairs Da Bomb? LM Below

After all the work I didn’t do yesterday, I am playing massive catch-up today. And I’m regretting it. Half the office left. I can’t say I blame them, it’s such a gorgeous day. By the numbers that my blog is down this week, I’d say everyone is taking some sort of Spring Break or another. And here I sit trying not the be a hater. Trying. Frankly, at this point, I feel a little adrift, kind of like a desert island. And yeah, I know that feelings only going to last until 5PM when I’m out of here, me and “the posse” are going out for a girl’s night out. But still, the quiet echo of these hallowed halls has me pondering life and friendships.

Breathe MoreI saw this dress from Traphouse Collective and instantly fell in love!! Esme! Esme! LM below!

Me and most of the posse, we grew up together. And whether you realize it or not, your friends have shaped who you are today too, even those friends who no longer qualify as your “inner circle.” Heck, I reckon, even those you now call enemy. They all left the fingerprints that shaped the very core of your being. Think about it, our childhood friends helped shape how and what we learned. The teenage friends were with us as we learned the social skills needed to carry on the romantic bonds that will sustain (or not) us for our lifetime. So why wouldn’t our adult friends also help form who we are in our adulthood? Friends are important in life, no man is an island and we should strive to have friends. Why? Because adults are happier, more well-adjusted emotionally, and close friends can even be an emotional lifeline at times. And yeah, friendship is a lot of work and brings misery at times too. At times you will have to say no to friends who disappoint, betray, or stress you but if it’s a true friendship slight disagreements along the road should only enrich the companionship more because you lived it together.

miamai_21shoeevent-march-21st-onlyThe Miamai 21Event is today, 24 hours only. 2 pairs of shoos for the price of one. And when it’s done, they will be gone for good. So Runnnn! LM below

The take from? Sure, I am a little melancholy today, but I live with hope. I have high hope this weekend will be a special one, and I hope yours will be too. There is a Swedish proverb I want to give to you, it says, “fear less, hope more; Eat less, chew more; Whine less, breathe more; Talk less, say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours.” I don’t know about you, but I plan on practicing a little of all of this the next three days.

Hair: Truth, Harriet *NEW*‎
Dress; Traphouse Collective, Triangle Dress **NEW**
SHOES: Natur’o Prestige in Stardust and Barbarella in Luminous Heart
Jewelry: +RR+, Vinca bracelet and Gemma ring
Necklace: Glam Affair, Chainedlink
Pose: .slouch, Just buy them all! ❤

12 thoughts on “Breathe More

  1. Very Sleek look today Cao, looks stunning on you. I did not have any friends growing up. I had one when I was really young but we moved a lot and I had some damage to my psyche back then that took years to grow past but not going to rain on your already cloudy day. Anyways I have one RL best friend and a couple acquaintances. Kinda feel like the whole state of Florida belongs to me and I am the only one in it lol. Have fun with the Girls………..My Links don’t work anymore on my blog so going to ask you for help with that soon:-) Love ya Dollface

    1. and you have ME, virtual people can be friends too! Love you Spirit and ya can’t have all of it, please leave my little postage stamp of beach. ❤ :*** as for the links I'm here for you!

  2. Ya know, although I own a lot of Truth hair, I rarely wear it. I always feel like I have Big Hair Syndrome when I wear it. There are other designers whose styles just suit me better. BUT…I love that style! I feel a trip to Mr. Hawks place coming on 😀

    Cheer the up, lil Cao, and I hope your outing with the posse lifted your spirits. ❤

  3. Wonderful, I love blogs with personal notes. Makes them..well.. personal. Joking aside, thank you for posting the dress!

    1. Yes, I won’t apologize as I am more a blogger with a picture problem than a Second Life blogger for designers. But people like my blog as both, I hear that at least and the numbers seem consistent with the comment, soooooo. But that said, I really dig the cool clothes in Second Life, of which this dress definitely was and I thank you, thank you! It was one of those outfit I call so Cao aka esme! Esme! Thanks Blades for letting me borrow it! 😀

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