Pink Begoniaceae

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love. ~ Max Muller

Pink BegoniaceaeDress: .::Dead Dollz::., pretty ink in pink . Hat: *Lode*, Vlora . Hair: Boon, Dare83 . Eyes: Zibska, Reela .

This week, you may see a little more doubling up on my blog depending on my mood. I had decided to throw in and blog for 2014 Japan Fair a little late in the game, only signing on last week. I don’t usually notice blog applications or requests for bloggers since these days I am more tired than retired from modeling. I rarely blog events, not always willing to put in the hours they entail. But this one, like my beloved Fashion for Life and Hair Fair, well it helps something I truly feel like helping, Shelter Box. But as a whole, I find blogging events sort of stifles creativity because I’m not picking out what I want to wear but instead I am provided what to wear. Thankfully I have loved everything offered at Japan Fair, but it didn’t stop me from looking around.

Pink Begoniaceae Poses: .slouch

Yesterday while creating in my head, I created three different outfits I wanted to blog. Most of the items you will see the next few days on my 2nd post of the day will be items I found on the Marketplace. I just randomly put in words like flower, or pink, or braid and see what pops up. Sometimes I am randomly inspired. When I saw this dress with it’s gorgeous water-colored begonia, pretty ink in pink, from Kiddo Oh of .::Dead Dollz::. I had just such an epiphany. It craved a crowning continuation of it’s beauty and I knew my friend Chirzaka Vlodovic of *Lode* had an MP account and I wasn’t disappointed when I found Vlora. The rest is a touch of color here and there, a snapshot today on my lunch hour and it’s done. I hope it encourages you to explore what brings you a smile too.

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