Home is Where

Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home. ~Sylvia Earle

Home is Where

I’ve decided to post how far I’ve gotten on my new home inworld. I think it’s really starting to shape up nicely. My still-life photography skills doesn’t do it justice a’tall. I’ve already told my friends to come on over, if you look in the windows you can see at this point it’s definitely BYOC (bring your own chair) but it’s slowly becoming home. Seems so strange to not shoot a style picture on my lunch hour, the past two days I’ve been “nesting.” Must be the Spring weather. Naw, I reckon that’s not it. More than likely it’s because I don’t feel at home at my own condo this past few weeks. I’ve not been there because I am in the midst of tearing out the kitchen and putting a new one in. I know, worth it in the long run, but right now it’s a royal pain.

home 2

That aside, I’ve also been tortured with not one, not two, but FOUR real world weddings the past two weeks. The next set is this weekend, one tonight and one tomorrow, then the last will be next Saturday. After that, no more. Please, no more. You all know I am not a social creature on the best of days, add a subject matter like eternal love and that dancing I end up doing on the table at some point of the night typically ends up with a rope around my neck too. geesh! Just kidding! Sort of. I guess. The blessing is these two aren’t fancy dancy, we all remember what happened the last fancy wedding I went to.. here’s a refresher if you missed it ( https://anchailinalainn.com/2014/04/22/i-aint-sayin/ ) And yes, this is normal Cao blog material, where I am concerned it’s all on… or would that be all out? Tonight I’m actually even wearing a skort since it’s another outdoor wedding, this one on the Intra-coastal, and it looks like rain but in all ways, No Spanx! Let’s here it for me! I can drink without the fear of having to wrench those puppies back up at some point of the night and trust me, not a good sound, sort of like a grunt, a groan, a drip of sweat and the sound of a balloon squeaking all at the same time. Think about that one a while, it’ll come to you..

But I digress, as usual. The point? Well it’s that I’m outta here and I hope you all have a outrageously wonderful, safe and fun weekend!

8 thoughts on “Home is Where

  1. I like where you are going with that reminds me of am looking into not a tree house but something similar ~

    1. Its a bet pricey 3800L’s I think it was, but I always prefer windowed homes with lots of life. It’s at Fameshed right now. 🙂 Its actually an aviary, so meant for a high ground or definitely the ground. I put it on stilts. have a great weekend Tigz! 😀

  2. I gulped at the price of that aviary when I visited FaMESHed. I’m so glad to see you got it – it is lovely!

    If you need any spare chairs, or beds, or furnishings in general gimme a hollar…I could rez you right out of your prim allowance 😉

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