Bringing it Back to Normal

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence. ~Aristotle

Bringing it Back to Normal

Day 6 of 9 Blogging Bald. My good friend Rwah blogs in many sorts of state of bald and I am beginning to think she is a magician because I just can’t get a feel for it. I am ashamed too, because heck, what am I? Some sort of girly-girl princess who wears only pink, carries her dog in her purse, and treats a man like an accessory? Um, other than the last one being true, I’d probably have to say NO. But the thing is, I don’t like my looks sans hairs, so this exercise in blogging bald for Fashion for Life for Relay for Life has been a trial for me and that’s even with cheating by wearing a hat, or feathers, or the kitchen sink. Hat’s off to you Rwah, you rock!

Bringing it Back to Normal

I am short blogging today, I went to the doctor for a 9:30 appointment and didn’t get out of there until 12:30. There was a patient causing a bit of a ruckus. He’d rant and rave about the wait, he carried on with the doctor, went back to the waiting room and blustered about he wasn’t taking no “crap” from the doctor. The doctor told him he would need to find another doctor, but he chose to stay and pretty much make all around him miserable. Seems he wanted to have some sort of test done and though the doctor really didn’t feel it was necessary to have the test, he tried to get permission for the test to be run, but of course, the insurance would have nothing to do with it. Which just further angered the man. I don’t handle aggression very well, and when I was finally in the patient room and my friend the doctor came in, I told him I was shaking a bit with the melee that had been going on for two and a half hours. He stated that he was too, in fact, this was one of the worst days of his life. I patted his arm in comfort and felt so sad that this quiet, studious attentive man should be on the front line of this verbal abuse. But as I sat quietly, in my room, I realized I felt the most sad for the angry patient. How dark and lonely his life must be, living his days fearing he is ill or wanting to be ill, instead of enjoying life. Choosing to make those around him miserable and writing down names as he harangues them. How sad. I felt so sickened by it, I ditched going to work, borrowed my besty’s little princess and I’m taking her down to the pool and beach. Nothing spreads happiness quicker than the smiles and giggles of seven year old. The other guy? I hope he hears this laughter at some time in his life and hopefully before he really does come down with something.

The take from? It’s Monday, that’s a high gravity enough day without someone wrecking it for you. If you feel like you are angry and you want to take it out on the world? Stay home. Because when you have anger vibrating all over you, it’s very likely to create negative energy in those around you as well. And one day, you are probably going to light up the wrong individual. At least that’s my conclusion from watching the evening news every once in a while. That stuff is enough to make me keep my mouth firmly shut. Just my two cents worth, but I gotta go, there’s a princess here waiting for an entourage.

Hat/Glasses: Gizza, Nautical Glasses & Hat **NEW**
Jacket: *CoCo*, Jacket Over the Shoulders **FASHION FOR LIFE**
Shorts: *CoCo*, Shirt and Shorts **FASHION FOR LIFE**
Shoos: Gizza, Betty Heels SLink feet required **NEW**

10 thoughts on “Bringing it Back to Normal

  1. Rwah is truly a genius when it comes to photography. And she is a very special woman and friend :*

    Maybe you should sic Dr Ben on the patient at your doctor’s office. He might just give him a reason to complain 😉

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