It’s Gonna Git Hot Up in Here

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, You have to be in their lives today. ~ Barbara Johnson

It's Gonna Git Hot Up in HereShoos: Miamai, Intollerance **21Shoes** . Bag: Eclipse, Astralia . Hair: *Argrace*, Tsubasa . Hands/Feet: Slink . Skin: Glam Affair .

It’s a good thing I wore my bikini yesterday because when I went home to my condo with the gorgeous new kitchen, the air wasn’t working. Isn’t that just how life works? We move ahead in one area and something yanks us back in the other. Luckily, I don’t think, *knock on wood here* it’s going to be a major fix, it’s “working” it’s just not cool air. I am sure for so many of you a non-working A/C probably isn’t a very big deal. Here in Florida though? Yikes, I’d almost say it’s a necessity because the temperatures may be only in the 90’s but add in the 60 to 70% humidity and it creates a “real feel” index of about 110F. So if it can’t be fixed quick I am going to get broiled.

It's Gonna Git Hot Up in HereDress: .::PC::., Rihanna **NEW** . Jewelry: [Mandala], Nyorai, DNA & Watch, Sitennoah .

Last night when I was stewing and intermittently going down to the pool to cool off, I was thinking about SL, RL, family, Dr. Ben and, of course, my da. July 4th is a huge day in the USA, its our Independence Day, but it’s always been a huge day in my family for a completely different reason. July 4th was my father’s birthday. Whether we like them or not, our parents leave fingerprints all over us, some we barely notice as they were administered with kind attentions, others bruise a little because, after all, no one is perfect, and even parents make mistakes in what they teach us, but for the most part, my father left the soft loving prints. Missing a deceased person is easy, most of the time I think it comes naturally. You will see something or hear something and it reminds you of something they did or said, or wanting to share something that has happened to you with them but they aren’t there. On this first birthday, my first of many fatherless holidays, I don’t want to miss my da because he is away from me, I want to celebrate with him. I’ve already decided to cook his favorite meal for me and Taylor to share, have a glass of whiskey and maybe even a puff or two of one of his favorite cigars.

The point to all of this? I may be more gone than here after this Sunday, at least for a week or two and I didn’t want to leave with out telling you all that I will really miss you. And I will. Especially those of you who intermingle in my daily life on Facebook, Second Life and here. While I am gone, I’ll be thinking of you and wondering what trouble you are getting into and if I know me, and I like to think I know me, I’ll be peeking in from time to time. Do me a favor and please don’t get so mixed up in SL that you don’t remember there is a big wide world out those front doors just waiting for you to explore them!

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