Some Day My Ship Will Come

Life can only be understood backwards, unfortunately it must be lived forwards ~Kierkegaard

Some Day My Ship Will Come

I am leaving now
You can only make sense of the things that have happened in the past because you have lived through them. The trick is using the knowledge you have learned to create a steadier wiser life in the future when you experience new things. A few years ago I spent a week in the hospital because I had hurt my leg while jogging. Instead of keeping moving I plopped in front of my computer making the situation worse. I took this knowledge and when I returned home disconnected myself from Second Life, limiting my use to approximately eight or so hours a week (about an hour a day). Do I miss it? Sure I do, more so at first than now, but I miss not meeting old friends and the new friends I am dying to hang a little with. Will I ever come back for more time? I don’t think so, it’s a slippery slope to me. I know I would allow myself extra time here, a little more there, and eventually I would probably get sucked right back into the machine. The wacky part is, I love real life, I truly do! So much fun and beauty out here, but I just know eventually it wouldn’t matter how gorgeous a day it is, I’d be indoors plopped in front of my laptop for “just a few more minutes.”

Au.Revoir. I use this photo every time a chapter of my Second Life ends. Exit, Stage Left!

I commented two days ago that I am taking some time off beginning Sunday. Well, here it is. Have a great time in my absence, don’t forget me, and if you get a chance send me the occasional “hallo” on FB or something!

Hat, La Gyo, Sailor Hat **Collabor88**
Hair: *Argrace*, Haruka
Hands/Body/Feet: Slink Physique **NEW**
Bikini: *Boom*, Ariara **2014 Summerfest**

Umbrella/Chairs: IIorisen, Deauville Parasol **2014 Summerfest**
Board: Culprit Trifin, Tsunami **2014 Summerfest**
Sign/Dunes: Studio Skye
Pose/SurfBoard prop: {What Next}

25 thoughts on “Some Day My Ship Will Come

  1. Hope your time away is everything you want it to be.. it’s definitely all sunshine in our part of the world. 🙂

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