Barefoot on the Beach

A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy. ~Yanni

Barefoot On the Beach

Sometimes the take from is in the title. Have a most excellent day!

Barefoot On A Beach

Hat: *Lode* Vlora
Hair: !Saltgrass!+ Deinze **2014 Hair Fair**
Dress: -PixiCat- Summerdress **The Season Story**
Bag: Azoury, Baroudeur **L’Accessories**
Shoos: Pure Poison, Floralia **The Season Story**
Pose: KaTink **NEW** (Just buy them all!)
Nightstand: {What Next} Coastal Cottage Bed Nightstand

15 thoughts on “Barefoot on the Beach

      1. I used to have plantar fasciitis too. It’s excruciating! I wore shoos on the beach back then, but I have such tender feet I have too now sometimes too. Just the little ripples in the sand caused by the waves make me double over in pain.

      2. Tis true. I found one pair of Reeboks that supported my feet right and wore them from the moment I crawled out of bed until I crawled back in. After a good many months I noticed it was gone. *knock on wood* never ever want to go back there. I hope you too heal soon! :*

      3. I have custom orthodic footbeds which helps tremendously. Unlike you, my PF comes back if I’m not careful about wearing sensible shoes with arch support most of the time. At best I can get away with wearing super flat sandals or heels only on occasion without making it flare. Grr.

  1. I was barefoot at the beach today. Now for some that is not so special but for me it still is. Living in the middle of Holland, it’s a stiff 2.5 hour drive (with no traffic jams) to the beach. Having visited the US now a few times I realize 2.5 hours is nothing, but living in a country you can cross east to west in that time span.. it feels a lot more then 2.5 hours. Does this make any sense still? Anyways.. beach, sand, wriggle wriggle toes!

    1. It makes tons of sense actually because at the end of the trip is where you WANT to be. My trip to work (one hour) goes to quickly, when I am on my way home from a long trip I just want to be over it takes *sigh* hooooouuuuursss! *wriggly-wriggly toes*

  2. ugh the old debate. I prefer Holland. The netherlands is the offical name obviously but ‘lower lands’ WE KNOW WE LIVE 5 mtrs below the sea level tyvm. lol ❤

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