Blank Canvas

It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.~Paul Cezanne

Blank Canvas Hair: Zibska, Io . Makeup: Zibska, Noir .

For Spirit, she inspires me, holds my hand when I don’t even know she does it. For today, I am giving her her own inspiration. A blank canvas. Happy weekend everyone!!

Blank CanvasTop: Zibska, Eriu **NEW** . Pants: Zibska, Mave **NEW** . Shoulders: .Enfant Terrible., Cadens **We ❤ Roleplay** . Skin: Glam Affair, Rose **NEW** . Hands: Slink .

Ear Worm:

10 thoughts on “Blank Canvas

  1. awwww! did you mean this Spirit..Brought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my lips, but then you often have that effect on me. I love you Dollface. I was going to blog a new hair from Zibska today too, but when I tried to rez the land did not let me and you know what that means right…….had to relog to get package back…that didn’t happen lol.. Tight squeezes for my favorite Moo

    1. it was choo, it was choo! Sorry about the hairs, luckily she has a redelivery terminal. If not she’s such a big smooshy, just tell her and tell I said I wanna give her a big hug! 😀

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