On Being the Posterior of the Jest

“I’ve been poked and prodded in places I’d always prided myself on keeping untouched for that one special doctor who gives me a ring and a promise someday.” ~ from Going Bovine by Libba Bray

On Being the Posterior of the Jest

Most of you know I date a wonderful man who was introduced to me by my mother. I can’t say it was love at first sight, he is, as most know, my mum’s proctologist. I know, I know, that’s politically incorrect, he’s a Colorectal Surgeon, but I am, after all, the one who nicknamed him Doctor Ben Dover, so anything other than that is probably an improvement to my initial lack of propriety regarding political correctness. It took a while to get used to his profession, mostly I just don’t think about it because bottom line, he’s a great guy with a big heart and a certain amount of calmness around him that I don’t tend to have within myself. Knowing I was struggling today, as I always do on Monday’s, he sent me the following email:

Two doctors opened an office in a small town and put up a sign reading: “Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Psychiatry and Proctology.”

The town council was not happy with the sign, so the doctors changed
it to “Hysterias and Posteriors.” This was not acceptable either, so in an effort to satisfy the council they changed the sign to “Schizoids and Hemorrhoids.” No go. Next, they tried “Catatonics and High Colonics.” down again. Then came “Manic Depressives and Anal Retentives.” Still no good. Another attempt resulted in “Minds and Behinds.” Unacceptable again. “Analysis and Anal Cysts?” Nope.”Nuts and Butts?” Uh uh.”Freaks and Cheeks?” Still no go. “Loons and Moons?” Forget it.

Almost at their wit’s end, the doctors finally came up with: “Dr. Smith and Dr. Jones, Odds and Ends.”

On Being the Posterior of the Jest

The take from? No matter how you word it, life just seems to be a little bit brighter when we decide to be happy and let ourselves laugh, even when it’s at our own expense, especially when it’s with a beloved friend. I hope your Monday is filled to the brim with laughter and good cheer! How’s that for low gravity? Nailed It!

Dress/Hat(edited): EF, Firefly
Shoos: Pure Poison, Silver Goddess **NEW**
Necklace: Kunglers, Velox
Hair: Tableau Vivant, Springflower
Skin: Glam Affair, Rose
Eyes: Mayfly
Hands/Feet: SLink

Ear Worm:

17 thoughts on “On Being the Posterior of the Jest

  1. …”because bottom line, he’s a great guy with a big heart…” Pun intentional, I assume.
    Semi-related joke. Q. Do you how many psychiatrists it takes to change a light bulb?
    A. Just one. But the light bulb has to really want to change….

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