Traveling on a Wing and a Prayer

“Of all the things I am not very good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding.” ~ Anne Tyler, The Accidental Tourist

aDress: Ison, Little Black Dress in silver **NEW** . Hair: Boon: KBO906 . Skin: GlamAffair, Rose . Hands/Feet: SLink . Pose: Isomotion **NEW** .

The past couple of years my mum has asked me to take several trips with her. I’ve always declined. Not because I don’t love my mother, or dislike seeing exotic places, but because I don’t travel very well. I don’t know what started my obsessive fear of leaving my home “area” but I’ve had it my entire adult life. No, I don’t have agoraphobia, agoraphobia is the fear of being trapped during a panic attack and most agoraphobics don’t like to leave their homes because of this fear. I suffer from hodophobia. The most common of which is the fear of flying. I have no fear of flying, it is simply the fear of being away from home for more than three or four days that leaves me shaking, headachy and running for the loo. I used to castigate myself, ashamed of my inability to be more socially travel ready, but as I aged I realized I’m okay. So I’m not spending the summer abroad with friends or family, however I do enjoy exploring my state and surrounding states on short bursts. Heck I can even fly to St. anywhere for a three or four day weekend junket. How do I put up with myself? Because I realized travel or don’t travel, it doesn’t matter as long as I am happy with where my feet are.

Traveling on a Wing and a PrayerIsn’t that hand shadow a hoot? Bracelet: Hikari, Blackfire . Hat: Azoury, Lamia . Necklace/Earrings: Zibska, Innogen **ALL la metallique** .

The reason I can be so happy being a simple non-world traveler who more often than not parks her auto on Friday and doesn’t touch it again until Monday morning? Well I reckon it boils down to one single word, gratitude. Instead of lamenting my failures, I choose to celebrate my talents, strengths, and the opportunities I do have. We are not made of our fears, and our fears do not define who we are. Our world is so much bigger than that. We have fears, but we have a lot of wonderful qualities as well. I guess the defining question to ask yourself is, are you happy? But, well, just running off at the keyboard here.

cHat/Jewelry: Zibska, Igerne **la metallique** .

Don’t forget! Group Le PonPon the group that brings you L’accessoires has a special anniversary edition starting tomorrow called la metallique fair. Lots of shinys and goodies are already out there waiting for you! I know you will like it so much I’ve even included the Taxi: for you! I’m kinda a nice Cao like that!

DWearing my Travelin’ Armor Hat: Baoba, Ballon . Pauldrons: Zibska, Medea . Glasses: *PosESioN*, Eclipse **ALL la metallique** . Hair: Zibska, Ninel


21 thoughts on “Traveling on a Wing and a Prayer

      1. No way. You’s all I’ve I got!
        Who am I? – takes me miles and miles away….coming back to you is comforting. I ain’t so lonely as it seemed!

  1. Isn’t a Little Black dress “in Silver” like an Oxymoron or something, and I was telling you you I own a timeshare but never leave Florida…Although for me at least a one day od a two day trip is spent getting out of Florida sheesh..

  2. I totally understand you… we all have seasons like that. I’m totally happy in my “I don’t want to go out” season..and I’m perfectly happy.. but others think I’m differently. I’m ok with that too. 🙂

    1. yes I agree. It used to embarrass me when they would make fun of me, but now I realize I am good handling other things that they aren’t. So the best thing is to just love yourself goobers and all. Thanks so much kindred sister! 😀

  3. Sigh…you told me to pass you up and rest, well, it’s not happening because you are one of my favourite read and you are relaxing. “We are not made of our fears, and our fears do not define who we are.” LOVE IT. If anything, knowing what you fear is most probably a good strength! 😀

    I’m starting to feel like you too. The older I get, the more I love my home. 😀 let’s just sit on our rocking chairs and knit sweaters, Cao. ❤

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