Defining One’s Self

Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.  ~Harvey Fierstein.

At times in life it is wise to stop and “take stock” of where you are in life and where you think you should be. It is fairly simple to look at ourselves superficially and see what is perfect about us or what isn’t at a cursory glance. But what really makes us who we are? Is it the number of friends we have on FB? Is it how we wear our hair? Or are we the good, or bad, deeds we commit each day? I think some define themselves according to what will get them the most approval or cause the least amount of turmoil to those about them. At any given moment we redefine ourselves because we choose to follow some new conventional wisdom or standard. But is that truly our definition?

When the crowd has cleared and you sit alone what do you see within you? Are you made up of your incredible looks, your past behavior, discretions and indiscretions, your marriage or lack thereof? Or is it the relationships that didn’t last but left you with some new knowledge that makes you stronger and wiser? Perhaps you are who you are because of the one person, we all have The One, who we selflessly gave our heart to only to see them drop it on the ground and stomp it to useless little pieces. Did that make you who you are?

The take from? Other than something to think about? Instead of fixating on all those little things we have no control over, why not let hope, love and your dreams define who you are? Because no matter how bad the cards we are dealt in life, what matters most to our imprint on this Earth, is how we play them. But, that’s just something to ponder on, take it for what it’s worth to ya.


Hair: *Argrace*, Haruka

Dress: Snowpaws, Carino w. Voir scarf  **Rock Your Rack**

Bag: 1992, Spiked bag  **La Metallique Fair**








6 thoughts on “Defining One’s Self

  1. You are exactly right Dollface, it is how you play the hand you are dealt. I think the things that have transpired on our journey through life, and I mean the good the bad and the ugly, do help to shape who we become it certainly doesn’t define who we are. We do that , we take the usable parts from things we have lived and try to apply them to our now selves. For me I try to learn everyday, letting go of the the past and putting the good parts in the front part of my memory closet while keeping the bad far to the back. I to be kind to everyone we meet, I have not walked in their shoes and know nothing of what their journey was. I try very hard not to make assumptions from what I see on the outside and if I let my guard down just for a second I might find something bright and shiny on the inside. It does not happen often that I let it down, but that is what happened with you and I found a whole treasure trove of shiny. I’m not sure any of this made sense to you lol, I am not so good with words sometimes. But my whole point is no matter what defines us as individuals if we take a moment to be kind to one another it might rub off ..That was my whole 150 words for September all used up at once….Love you

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