I wanted to repost this post for two reasons. First because, heck! I am swamped at work, but more importantly because I know Miss Virtual World is gearing up and I think it is an amazing lesson in how to improve your color/skin coordination. Color really does make a difference, even inworld. One of the hardest lessons to learn is don’t buy a dress because it is gorgeous/elegant/edgy/insert any adjective here.. Pick a dress whose color enhances YOUR beauty. The outfit should be secondary to your legendary perfect skin. so here goes.. Well, I find myself in black again. Depressed? No Way! Color is such an integral part of fashion, bright happy colors, subtle hues, dark somber shades, they all create an aura, a feel for whatever a model is trying to express, since we really can show no true emotion in Second Life without the use of words, our choice of colors speak for us. But, very similar to real life, even as an avatar, there are some colors you personally should always stay away from. Like the real life information here: Link: your inworld skin has the same limits and limitations to what looks “good” on you and I say, find your “power” color and wear it whenever you have an important contest, meeting or event, because your power color is very important and very custom to YOU. As an example, a color I rarely wear because I look so “washed out” is white. I am a winter, so as much as possible I avoid this color, the only time I play with it is when I want to do a “fade” picture, where being washed out is the goal, but even then I typically change my skin tone from an “olay” tone to a “light tan” tone.


How do you find this “magical” power color that defines you? Well there are many ways, but the simplest, and cheapest (free) way is to create a prim the length of your body from feet to just under your chin, thin as plywood or poster board, as wide as your body, and while keeping the board in edit mode, on the texture tab, flick through the different colors. Turn your graphics up for best response and you will be amazed how the changes of colors reflect differently with your skin tone. Some of my favorite colors, colors I would love to wear, are down right scary on me! Other’s, like purples, reds, blacks, oranges and blues bring a rosiness to my cheeks. It’s just a matter of finding the colors that look best on you and THEN go search for outfits that complete the job. Trust me, keep this to mind and you can’t possibly go wrong.


This final picture, the first and third were created by my friend and artist extraordinaire, Skip Staheli. He is such a long time friend and wonderful inspiration to me, I just love him so! Here is his Link: check out all the outstanding work he has done in Second Life. For this pic, I am wearing gorgeous silk pants from Glam Affair, Baiastices mesh bikini top in black, the back brooch from Miamai’s “Demi” gown, and Donna Flora earrings give the entire ensemble a remarkable retro-glam appeal to the picture.

Outfit 1 and 3:

Pants: Glam Affair
Top: Baiastice
Brooch: Miamai
Bracelet: Mandala
Earring: Donna Flora
Hairs: Tuty

Outfit 2:

Dress: Bliss Couture “Earny”
Hat: Bliss Couture “Silky”
Shoos: Similar Italian, “Roma”
Knickers: Angel Dessous
Necklace: JCNY “Divinica”
Hairs: Tram
Bag: Baiastice, “pita”

5 thoughts on “Fade.To.Black.

  1. very nice lil Moo, I am the same way with colors and did it the same way too lol, I remember when I was first in sl I only wore black and I own a ton of it, Not just from 2007 either. As you know I recently lighted my skin up, partly because I want to wear some of that black I own and also partly because I wanted to mix my heritage. So out came the black…still not my primary colors but I can wear it. Bring me some yellow orange and brown woot, emerald green even, but keep that damn pink away from me lol. Love you Dollface

  2. I know I should follow your advice, but I just love certain colours that don’t work on me (mainly because of my hair, rather than my skin). I “should” wear greens and blues, but I just adore pink, yellow, teal and earth tones. Sighs…why can’t I “love” green? 😦

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