A Monday Saved

“Candy is natures way of making up for Mondays.” ~Unknown Author”



Monday morning and suddenly remembering you forgot to do laundry…. again?  Don’t worry about it!! It’s time for another The Couturier’s Dock event! But you better run fast because these items are going fast and when they are gone, they are gone for good! Don’t forget limited lot = the item sells out! Come take advantage of these, and all the other incredible finds offered at discounted price, exclusive items today!.


Solve the Monday morning blah’s once and for all by restocking your closet today! Heck, I had such a good time I even included the taxi for you! I know, shocking right?



Outfit One: Living Imagination

Outfit Two: !Lyrical B!zarre

Poses: KaTinks


Ear Wax:




5 thoughts on “A Monday Saved

  1. firstly you look gorgeous, secondly, your simply gonna have to teach me how to do that whole mirror thing and thirdly….shhhhh! it isn’t called living imagination anymore, but I won’t tell lol. And lastly but certainly not least I LOVE YOU DOLLFACE

      1. well that’s just silly. You teach me all the time sugar bear. oh and the reflection in the mirror is easy. Do you use PS? Just take a pic of the side you want “real” and then pan to the exact opposite side and snap a pic. Place your first photo (the “real” one) in PS then place the second over it and opaque it some so you can see the first photo coming thru. Place the reflection in the area of the mirror and erase everything in the “mirror” photo so just the portion you want to fit in the mirror shows. I keep it a little opaque so it looks like a reflection. But last and MOST important step (since I obviously forgot it this time >.< and its bugging the feck out of me but I deleted the PS file so I cant fix it *SIGH*) on the reflected sheet with the mirror image, go to transform, click flip vertically. and Voila` the reflection is in the direction it is SUPPOSED to be in. 😀

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