Ichthyology and the Confederate Soldier

And all the insects ceased in honor of the moon. ~ Jack Kerouac . Lonesome Traveler

“This Diva Needs a Stage” yep, you can say that again 😉

Many of the towns in the south of the United States have prominent statues in their town square, typically some Confederate soldier or another, standing or astride a horse. Ironically, in a town called Enterprise Alabama, their statue isn’t some local hero, it’s a foreigner, well sort of, the statue is a boll weevil. http://lcweb2.loc.gov/service/pnp/highsm/07100/07154v.jpg Why? Simple, of course. In the early 1900’s, Enterprise, like so many cities in the Deep South depended on cotton to make a living. As luck would have it (and yes, it was lucky) the pesky little critter wandered its way from Mexico through the southern US destroying entire crops, decimating these poor farmers lively hood leaving them shell-shocked and angry. I believe most of us would sit around and dwell on our sorrow, stressed out and wondering why-oh-why did this happen to us and live each day in angst trying to figure out what in the world we will do to survive and how to get back to how we were. Not Enterprise. They took the blame for producing only one viable crop, dusted off their knickers and did the most resourceful thing possible to recover. They diversified into the peanut industry. This agile move led to prosperity they had not known before.

Why am I telling you this very true tale and my thoughts on it to boot? I reckon the boll weevil is a lot like all those little incidents in our lives that reach out to flummox us when we aren’t looking, destroying everything we have accomplished. These little boll weevil incidents mar us with devastating results, sometimes financial, other times emotional, or even physical, but in all ways, it is very frightening. But the davil of the matter is, though our life is over as we knew it, these life altering decimations actually afford us the opportunity to trek off to something new. So next time the boll weevil gives you a bite, wallow but a moment, then sit back, and instead of trying to preserve that habit you had, motivate yourself to create a new opportunity in your life, because you never know, perhaps that bite will propel you to a life more prosperous than you even imagined. Just something to think about. Of course, that’s just my thoughts on it, take it for what it’s worth to you.


Hair: Ison, Bea

Hat: Miamai, Shadowland hair Accessory, **The Secret Affair**

Jacket: Baboom- Fall-mesh jacket, Red

Jeans: Baboom, Catch me jeans, Diva

Shoos: [Gos], Rock chic bordello

Pose: KaTinks


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