If you only had a brain in your head you would be as good a man as any of them, and a better man than some of them. Brains are the only things worth having in this world, no matter whether one is a crow or a man  ~ L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz    
AZOURY - Cabal Mask
Ad by Azoury

I’ve always loved Mayhem and Aniki Seetan’s Azoury store. So much so that “back in the day” I was in her contest for Ms. Azoury. I didn’t win, but it never mattered to me, because the contest was just a way for me to show the designer how much I love her work. I’ve mentioned often enough that the key to Cao’s heart is in the unexpected, the left of normal, the 3 dimensional, and Azoury is always ahead of the game with their original product modeling. If you want to purchase items that aren’t available in 6 or seven different stores with just the texture changed, check out Azoury, because they create original mesh and it’s always guaranteed to stimulate the creativity. Like this mask, Cabal, just in time for All Hallow’s Eve and scary enough to make me wanna sit in a closet until the 31st passes over. Halloween parties are coming, do you really want to dress like a princess.. again?I hope your week is progressing well into another gorgeous Fall weekend!

Mask: Azoury, available October 3rd and The Instruments
Ear Worm

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