The Pirates Mate

My biggest dream since I was a kid was to be the woman sneaking on the pirate ship dressed like a man, who was this great sword fighter, and the captain fell in love with her. ~Maria Bello

The Pirates Mate

I’m going to re-blog a post from a few years ago, cleaned up a little. Why? I don’t know I suppose because it seems to “fit” the picture. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the re-visit!

For some off reason, perhaps it’s because I not only live in Florida, I also live very near the the oldest city in the United States, but at this melancholy time of year I always seem to think of pirates. Did you know pirates rarely buried their treasure? Kind of sad because when I was young I used to always dig on the beach hoping to find a treasure chest. Alas, I fear the digging was in vain. I probably would have blown it all on ice cream and stuffed animals, but that’s okay, the needs of a young pirate are so few. I suppose my living paycheck to paycheck is how I am most like a pirate, because pirates never actually buried their treasure, they would rather divide it up and spend it right then. Ah, the life of a pirate. And before you shake your finger at me and say “silly girl, everyone knows girls can’t be pirates” I should let you know, yeah, they can. I know of ten such women, one of which, Grace O’Malley, an Irish pirate, commanded 3 galley ships and over 200 men. Their pirate heritage is forever written in history. But, well, as you know, I’m not very strong, or fierce, I’m just a marshy-mallowwy Cao, so all I do is dream about being a pirate. Oh, or digging to China. Yep, that was big too.

Take from? Of Course! Don’t ever let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Only you can limit yourself that way. Heck, I reckon if I’d a kept digging the way to China I probably be about half the way by now. Just think about it, it will come to you, and I hope it brings a smile.



Hair: Tableau Vivant, Victoria **NEW**

Vest/Pants: Pixicat, Crew vest **Gacha** , Pants, Rogue pant

Mask: Glam Affair, Inside my Ego

10 thoughts on “The Pirates Mate

  1. What a stunning look Cao. With the history, energy and maybe, buried treasure, from all those pirates that use to hang out in Northern Florida surrounding you, it sounds like you’re living in the perfect place to let out that “hidden pirate” in you. 🙂

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