Is Blue Ever Blue Through The Eyes of a Child

There are many things in life that will catch your eye,  but only a few will catch your heart…Pursue those. ~ Unknown.   Is Blue Ever Blue Through The Eyes of a Child I was given the gift of a borrowed treasure last night, my besty let me “borrow” my little princess pirate for the night and today. As her “Aunty” Cao the Greatest, I admit, I might spoil the child a little. But no more than I spoil my Jack Russell Terrior-ist, Katy. *hands KT another biscuit*  Helen and I’ve had a custom we’ve nurtured over the years where we declare holidays. You know, as “royals” we can always declare holidays for the enjoyment of our loyal subjects. Is it politically incorrect to call our people subjects these days? Hmmm, I must make an inquiry with Miss Manners, I would loath to offend. I really enjoyed when we celebrated “Messy Hair Monday” though the people at work didn’t quite understand the purpose. We tried to have a “Pants-less Tuesday,” but apparently her mum, the “Duchess Der Van Der Hoof” (aka Lady of the Big Foots), apparently has last say on our holidays because she vetoed the idea outright. So you can imagine I wasn’t surprised when I awoke to see seven year old eyes looking expectantly at me knowing I would probably feed her something not on her normal diet for breakfast. You know, stuff like left over pizza, or those brownies my mum made me yesterday. What can I say, there is a reason I am still single and one of those reasons is I detest a grocery store. I always wait until I have to go or face starvation if I don’t. Either that or that moment when Katy starts to look at me like I am dinner. But I digress, I was speaking of my pirate. When I awoke, she told me there is another holiday imminent and that forthwith we shall declare today, this very Sunday, Pajama’s Sunday!   YAY! Now that’s a holiday I can sit back and enjoy! Well, until I figure out a way we can go to the grocery store whilst wearing our PJ’s that is. I hope you have a kind of PJ holiday yourself, it’s only Sunday once a week after all.


Jacket, GizzA, Leather Jacket with scarf **NEW**

Skirt: GizzA, Preppy Skirt,  **NEW**

Pants: GizzA, Josie Pants  **NEW**

Boot: Reign, LaVie Boot  **NEW**  Kustom9

Chair: Tarte, Rope Chair


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