Being Grateful

Be grateful for the life of those who mass up challenges on the paths to your fulfillment. At least they taught you self-defense! ~  Israelmore Ayivor


I was drinking my coffee and looking out the French doors at Taylor’s house this morning. It’s a brisk sort of day with a bit of wind, out in the pasture two bulls, apparently feeling frisky were placing their heads together in a sort of “push of war.” You know, much in the competitive way many animals of the male species does from time to time. It reminded me, every once in a while you meet a person whose presence, whether good or bad, impacts you like a kick in the gut. Without you even realizing what happened they pull your attention from your life travels and you have to take a moment to stop dead in the water and figure out what just happened. In these moments,don’t think with a limited view, I mean think about it, you basically remember anyone you’ve met after age five, you typically interact with at least 3 people a day and most people live to be about 78 years old. That’s a lot of potential impact there. And if its impact from a negative person, it can do a lot of damage. When you find yourself in the presence of one of these “soul sucking” parasites, don’t feel you have to sit back and take it, but perhaps you shouldn’t completely ignore them either. Learn what you can from them but don’t dwell on their hateful, hurtful remarks. Put simply, if they aren’t plain crazy, something made them think the way they do, find the nugget of truth in the matter, make the changes you need to make and detach emotionally and move on. Is this all? It could be, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to help them see themselves accurately either. Maybe help them better see the effect their toxic behavior has on the world. However, just know, if they are perpetually negative people, those “evangelistically” negative people, they won’t be content to keep their negatives to themselves, there is something in the marker of their personality that insists they have to share it. That cranky old guy down the street may not know a better way to act, he just is what he is. These people’s negative attitudes are divisive to any relationship or group, so it’s not you, no amount of explaining will change them, so you better just cut your losses and run.


zenith 1


Take from? Working in groups and solo interactions can be difficult in a real life, so magnify it ten-fold in a virtual world where the anonymity has a lot of characters behaving badly just because they can get away with it. The trick is to insulate yourself so they impact you superficially at best. We can’t control the thoughts or actions of others, but we can control how we allow these actions to filter through our psyche. Always consider the source and the event leading to the comment, if the negative feedback is warranted, fix what you can, if you feel its not, deflect it and move on. No one would fault you for refusing to take bad advise from a person who can’t possibly really know you. Let the positive comments, people, and words haunt you, let the bad one’s try and haunt someone else, you don’t have to own their thoughts of you. They are theirs, not yours. Just a random thought for what its worth and I hope it makes it to the eyes of two people I love dearly who are currently “hetting” up a storm in cyber-space. Breathe, we are all OK. I promise, this too shall pass.


Hat: Glam Affair, Dae Burned,      **Uber**
Hair: Boon, TKI808  *   *RUNNN All the hairs are on sale up to 75%off**
Dress: =Zenith=, Orianna Lace dress        **Uber**
Collar: =Zenith=, Orianna Lace collar        **Uber** (sold seperately)
Skin: Glam Affair, Lauren    **Uber**
Hands/Feet: SLink
Pose: Attitude


Ear Worm:

15 thoughts on “Being Grateful

  1. You can see Taylor’s house from yours…that means you practically live together hehe. I love your cuteness today, from the first photo I thought it would be a gown, but to my surprise it wasn’t. It is an adorable look on you, but then again I seem to say that a ton:-) just laying in the bed again today, seems like I have been here for weeks already only to find a couple days are all that have passed. Love you my sweet friend.

  2. Cao, your thoughts and the Way of your Heart are amazing. I wish everyone thought like this, seeing beyond the circumstance to understand from whence the actions are coming from and why. Not easy to do when the emotions are involved, but this I know … you angst, you loose. If we can keep our cool even in the presence of those who can and do knock the wind out of us, and stand strong against the onslaught, or better yet, become porous so that the negativity just passes on through, our world would improve by an enormous percentage. This is a great post, not just incredibly beautiful images which you do have, but what you have written is truly amazing. I do thank you for your efforts in spreading Truth and Good Will in this virutal world. Love, Amy

    1. You are always such a beacon of hope and good will Amy. Thank you! I am still such a “work in progress” though. When I went to work a few days ago it took me 2 and a half hours to drive 14 miles to work. I was so angry about having to waste vacation time but late into it I stopped and remembered there were at least two people who were worse off than me. So I am trying, Amy, just trying. Thanks for helping. 😀

      1. Cao, Honey, we all are trying and that is all any of us can ask of ourselves. I just a few moments ago became angry due to being pulled on again by some of my cats who wanted more food. I’m tired. I wanted to just chill. I said out loud, I will not get angry, for to do so, would loose my equilibrium. I took a few deep breaths, and went inward, and in the end, did not become angry. Don’t foget to breathe and to forgive yourself when you slip up … aka … learning opportunies. None of us would be on this earth if we had nothing more to learn. I really really respect the way you think, and from what I read of your work I see your Heart and your Light. Yes, I know you are trying. BIG (((HUGS))) and so am I …. trying. GRIN! Love you! Amy

      2. 😀 and I do not have cats, but I’ve been around one or two and tho they want want want right now, just remember the so loved feeling of when they sit in your lap and their little motors (purr) start running with their love for you. :)) xox

      3. Mulitiply how many cats I have and you will understand how challenging it is for me to attend to “individual feeding schedules” especially on those days I am swaying on my feet. Yet, I do it because yep, I Love these guys. It’s a lot of responsibility and it is a lot of work to take care of special “needs” cats. Some days I do wish for another Life, yet when it comes down to it, I couldn’t Live without these furry wonders in my Life. I have created a Life for me in which I can do the Work I have been asked to do. That means I have to have Silence to go Within, and I must have to have TIME to write and to photograph. So, Life IS what it IS. And I smile. (((HUGS))) Amy

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