Feeling With Your 6th Sense

 Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don’t, who will? ~Jon Bon Jovi


Anyone who has followed me a while knows I have a big heart for some charitable events in Second Life. Relay for Life, Wigs for Kids, Domestic Abuse Awareness campaign, Anti-Bullying events, I’ve been known to get on a soap box about all of these a time or twelve. These are the myriad of events that weigh heavily on my 6th sense, my heart. Some of my followers may also remember my father passed away last December. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. My father was always a big person in my life, in many children’s lives actually because he was a pediatrician with a huge heart for his patients. There was not a single Christmas in my childhood when I awoke to Christmas morning with a father who was at home. We would wait impatiently on the stairs, craning our necks to glimpse at what Santa had brought. I was childishly upset because I had to wait. But that’s how illness is, it doesn’t take a Christmas holiday and unlike me, those children in the hospital didn’t have an opportunity to wait on their stairs for Santa and their fathers. Heck, I reckon some children are home in good health and still don’t get to wait in anticipation to catch a glimpse of Santa. I may be older now, but I always look for Santa around the holidays, do you? He is secretly all about you, you know? He is in the smile of a child at the mall sitting in the rent-a-Santa’s lap professing how good they’ve been this year, he is in that first glorious sip of eggnog, or the smell of pine as it permeates the house, or perhaps he is found in the glow of the fire as it flares across a sparkly Christmas ornament. I may be older and wiser, but I still see him in so many loving memories. But this isn’t about me, it’s about me and you, my readers, and peekers in and random google search crashers, it’s about us. It’s about sharing abundance.

November 1st began the 6th annual Toys for Tots campaign in Second Life ( http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ponie%20Wonderland%20I/142/2/21 ) and already $5,665 US dollars has been raised, but the fair itself only lasts until November 23rd, so please find it in your heart to give at a kiosk. You can also buy a gift for yourself and a portion of the proceeds go to the worthwhile charity, so give freely or get gifty, either way you are helping. Just as in the five previous years, Second Life entertainers have come together and donated their time and talent in the production of a Holiday CD that will be given to anyone who makes a donation to any kiosk. For information about the CD and those artists participating link here to the Second Life Toys for Tots website: http://www.sl-t4t.org/Holiday-cd.html . If you don’t participate in Second Life, you can still give, so please do. Let’s give a child a memory of a day when they too believed in the magical hope and happiness Santa imparts in all of us. http://www.toysfortots.org/


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2 thoughts on “Feeling With Your 6th Sense

    1. Well, yes ma’am you did. But then the point wasn’t really the pic, it was the words for the event and nothing screams Santa more than a holiday elf, even if its an old one. 😉 love you girly-cue

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