Wings On Dreams

Dreams are never gonna come true if you don’t put wings on ’em. Not only wings–they need feet, hands, a brain. You’ve got to work really hard to make a dream come true. ~Dolly Parton



I always buy the November issue of Southern Living magazine, it has the most beautiful holiday decorating ideas within its hallowed pages. ( ) Can’t say I’ve ever had quite the success of their looks, but then I’m more prone to Charlie Brown’s decorating moments than Martha Stewarts. While fingering through the pages an article caught my attention. Jennifer Cole of Southern Living wrote in this month’s magazine: “Dolly Parton. She’s the kindest, funniest, sparkliest thing to ever come out of an East Tennessee holler. But don’t be fooled by all of those self-deprecating one-liners. This Backwoods Barbie is one of the smartest, most respectful professionals in the industry. An appointment is a commitment. Her image drives her business. And she takes the business of being Dolly very seriously.” And it made me think about creating uniqueness in virtuality. In real life we in so many ways try to conform to the norms of our peers, but is it necessary in Second Life?

It struck me, because that is one of the things I have blogged about several times. Being a pretty or handsome avatar is easy. We can make, or purchase shapes, skins, and hairs that were created to give us whatever look we are going for, but to make your avatar unique is a lot harder to pull off. In fact, in virtual worlds there sure is a lot of sameness. So we set out to make our virtual selves unique. And as we add a little here or take a little there, it’s difficult to say how, but as you lovingly create this “vision” of yourself as an avatar, the avatar, in some big way becomes a part of you, much the same as your real life heart is. If you look at the portfolio of Caoimhe, Cow as she is called by so many, and I don’t really mind, because the name kind of fits this gawky, rarely elegant avatar that is me. I digressed, when you look at her portfolio, Caoimhe has not changed very much in 7 years. She didn’t try to copy others; she has always been who she is. I have always said Cao’s face is her “brand” much like a designer has a logo; Cao’s logo is her never changing recognizable face. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told someone will see a picture with me in it and say, “oh, that’s Cao.” I firmly stand by my commitment to what makes me me. I was once told I would need to change my face (perhaps my nose, perhaps my eyes) if I joined an agency, and it was a time when I really wanted to be a part of an agency, but after much thought, I declined and walked away. I am not saying this is the way all models should act; I am just saying models need to set their own rules in regards to their careers. Create your own avatar, but please, please the stress is create your OWN, not someone else’s vision of beauty and self. It’s easy to be someone else, but make a big name for yourself by being YOUR own unique self. It would be quite a feat to outdo the original version of a model, I am not saying it can’t be done, I am just wondering if you would feel as successful if you had done it with someone else’s originality and not your own? Let your image drive your business and let someone else’s brand define them. As the face of your own destiny, shouldn’t your wishes and desires be the catalyst to your success? I don’t know, just something that ran across my brain today, take it for what it’s worth to you. I know, probably not a whole heck of a lot.


Hair/Scarf/Beanie: Maitreya
Coat: ColdLogic, Halfred
Pants: [Lelutka], Minnutary pants

Makeup: Zibska
Friends: *Ionic*



13 thoughts on “Wings On Dreams

  1. Just again Loving your thoughts, Cao. I have committed myself not to fall into the trap of the world to be the someone this world would say me to be. Yes I have had to fight and yes I have not been liked much at times, because I just refuse to compromise. I even got brave enough to show my REAL face on Petals recently, or at least some of it, and yes I was concerned at first about the dark circles, the obvious signs of age. Then I said to me, NO! This IS me, and if the viewer doesn’t like it, not my problem! I will not compromise to being in a box. And being a woman, of course I do have a tad of vanity, I will be honest. (smile) This world is too hard on women especially to look and be a certain way. BORING! I urge all of us to BE who we are, according to our own very Unique Essence called US. (((HUGS))) Amy PS I just noticed we have the same theme. I recently changed mine and I am really happy about it. Now you can see my photos! YAY!

  2. I hope people will read what you wrote. Its a good thing that we can stand up and say that you dont need to change, its about who you are and what you want to show. I refuse to change my avi because it would change me. So this dino Cheers with you when people dare to say that they wont change their avi, shape etc 😉

    BTW i soooooooooooo love this styling, you so know how to make me want to run online (even when i cant these last 1,5 week). Huggg ❤

  3. In agreement… and to me it really just boils down to being comfortable with yourself.. no matter if you’re wearing a formal gown or just wearing jeans. I don’t get bogged down by what others do or say, mainly inspired at times. I just enjoy doing what I do in creating what makes me smile, laugh or just an outer expression in some way. Going to go raid your closet for those winter coats. 🙂

  4. I admit I fell into that trap for a bit, but that was back when I cared what people said they were looking for in a virtual model. Then I finally, finally started doing it solely for myself. I don’t get into many agencies and I am a kind person so that’s not it, I can style…maybe not up there with the big hitters yet and I am responsible,reliable,and easy to work with so what gives……more importantly, who cares lol , so in the last few months I changed my Avi, not based on what others were looking for but based on who I am. I took parts of me, The Irish parts (red hair shades and freckles) the French parts of me (in my lankyness and full lush lips) and the Navajo Parts of me (high cheekbones and larger longer nose) I was recently told that my nose was a little big (guess they wanted the little button turned up nose) but other than that my avi was beautiful (not my words) so, I said that nose is part of who Spirit is and I won’t be changing it, and if you can accept that, I can accept that you asked me to…..BUT I WON’T. I love the styling today dollface, love the little furry critters and most of all I love you ❤

  5. Hi,, I always read your blog, soak up your words of encouragement and hunt like a woman possessed for some of your fashions. Today, I roamed the world looking for the Maitreya hair, beanie, scarf with no luck. Should I have looked for separate pieces? Thanks for being you and sharing your world

    1. Thank you so much Danni! I am glad I encourage at least one reader to shop! :))) Embarrassingly it’s very old. *blushes* But let’s see what I can find:
      and 😀 I hope this helps and please! contact me if you need help to find anything ever! :))

  6. Ya know, I have only ever worn my Cao shape once – to take the photos after your auction. It’s not that I don’t like it, but rather, that is Cao, not Peep. And nobody else could ever be the very special Cao you are ❤

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