Soon To Be Out in Video

You never know when something’s going to hit you in a particular way and just knock you loose. ~Elizabeth Edwards

 Soon to Be Out in Video

I can’t wait for real life work to be done. Tonight is another “girls night out.” And this is the special one, The Christmas Edition. I can have them any time I want, but my friends, being married, some even with a rugrat or two, the orchestrating becomes a bit more complex. We basically sit there hunched over our Iphones, crackberry’s or androids pecking away at our calendars until we find one night that is empty for us all. I love girls night out, it always reminds me of our carefree college days but more importantly, it reminds me I need to stop every once in a while and treasure the many gifts I’ve been given. The wonderful friends and their growing families, the state I live in, my job, all the beauty that surrounds me, and my education. I do think college is a gift, not all are lucky enough to be able to go but I believe education is the greatest gift of all. I know, how does that make sense, right? We all have the ability to expand our knowledge, to study, to learn from others, opportunity is all around us, everywhere we look. All we have to do is listen, ask, share. I plan to be a life long learner. I think Mark Twain said it just right when he was quoted,”Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” Real learning comes from what we learn when our nose isn’t mashed in some book.

Why this topic, why today? Some of my best education has come from this group of friends. They never cease to amaze me. Surround yourself with intelligence, sincerity and kindness and how can you not learn? But. I think it behooves us to have a broad spectrum of friends to learn from, to minimize the occurence of groupthink. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for conformity leads to decisions based to minimize conflict. And watching the news lately, I’ve seen an awful lot of groupthinking without really thinking things through. I’m sure most of us have “that” group of friends, or perhaps even have participated and later thought, “boy was that wank or what?” I love my virtual group as much as my posse, my virtual group broadens my education widely. (You guys rock!) In fact, that’s the purpose of this photo, not to name names or anything, Peep Sideshow, ( ) I was challenged to another take on the “Barefaced” challenge that was going around a few weeks ago. She challenged me to a “Bare Naked arse lady” picture, Peep, here you go. As for friends, virtual or not, I’ve had some good ones and some not so much, but the goods certainly outweigh the bads. I kinda figure thats a life well spent, don’t you? I hope you have the chance to spend time with cherished friends too this week!

Hair: Tableau Vivant @Gacha carnival
Shirt: Ison Pose: .slouch
hands: SLink
Necklace: [Mandala]


7 thoughts on “Soon To Be Out in Video

  1. I shall say again, thank you for being a good-arsed sport and playing along. That photo is creative and inspired….and I don’t know if you realised, but that’s the top I was wearing in my clothed version 😀 Just goes to show what good taste we both have!

    Have a wonderful girls night out, my lil Cao….hugs to them all from me ❤

  2. While I lay here in my bed i’ll be thinking about girls night out lol, there are actually very few girls I like. Here you are tops on the list, but in reals they are few and far between. I will go wiff you in my head, and wait for your next post to further my educational journey…….You are so cutiful today. I love you tons, enjoy your night. Plan some fun stuff for your upcoming weekend as well ❤

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