Ice, Ice Baby

My style is not that big. I wear heels, tight pants, and I wear diamonds. ~Donatella Versace

Got the warm clothes, but can’t find the ice? Don’t worry about! It’s almost time for the December round of L’Accessories and they have baubles galore! Git yerself dressed and get ready because it’s gonna be a hot one!
L’accessoires is celebrating the holiday season with you!

Get ready to bundle up and join us in our wonderful Winterland, as some of the best creators in Second Life will be featuring their exquisite winter luxe designs opening December 15th!

Hair: Lelutka, Jennifer
Skirt: Miamai, Anya
Jacket: Leezu!, Her Day

7 thoughts on “Ice, Ice Baby

  1. I have “ice” plenty. I saw hubby look at my ring (our 31st Wedding Anniversary is almost here) and I wanted to tell him I really have enough jewelry, not wearing what I do have now as it is. I remember the days when I went out dancing, sparkles in my ears, around my neck, on my wrist and fingers, and even at times around my ankle. Now I work so much with my hands, I would rather not have my sparkles on. LOVE the outfit, Cao. (((HUGS))) Amy

    1. I do wear some jewelry but not too much and they have to be treasured pieces, like my emerald and diamond engagement ring, the necklace my mother gave me when I turned 21 and a few other things. Some people have charm bracelets, I have what I think my charmed pieces. I am so glad you are back Amy and feeling up to snuff. Huge warm hug. Love, Cao

      1. Thank you, Cao. For hubs birthday I had my pearl necklace and earrings on, which I normally don’t wear. I always wear my diamond engagement ring, and my diamond 10th Wedding Anniversary ring as well. I have other diamonds that don’t have as much meaning to me, so I only wear them on special occasions. I remember starting out with only $200 between the two of us, and how hard we both worked. When I look at my jewelry, it is cherished beyond words. (((HUGS))) Amy

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