Stoopid Cupid and Other Miscellany

“That hallmark image of cupid as a fat cherub with arrows? I think the real cupid is some kind of psycho juvie with a taser.” ~ Lesley Livingston, Starling    

Stoopid Cupid

I have to admit, in case you couldn’t tell, I am kinda glad St. Valentines Day is over. I’m not anti-love or anything, I just hate to devote that much time to one cause, if you know what I mean. It was a bit of a weird weekend, but thankfully I survived and still have all my fingers and toes. The lucky part is I am taking the afternoon off because I promised my besty I’d watch the “pirate princess” this afternoon, so I guess we will go build a monument to all the dead presidents. (It’s Presidents Day in the USA).  Besides, I’ve always been a devout advocate of the “Extend-A-Weekend” program, after all, I am the one who at the age of five, when asked what I want to be when I grow up, my standard answer was “retired.” Anyway, try to keep your Monday a low gravity one! And all of you love cowards can unlock your doors and go outdoors, St Valentine’s Day is officially over! For this year…


Outfit/Headpiece (worn on chest): Wicca’s Wardrobe, Anastacia Dress w Lunatica headpiece  **NEW**
Heels: Wicca’s Wardrobe, Silly Heels   **NEW**
Hair: D!va, Love
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion, Once Upon a Crown
Ring:  Remarkable Oblivion, Luck in Love
Wings: Miamai, Battle fairy Wings
Blindfold: 22769, Aldine Blindfold (fem)
Bow/Arrow: Son!a, part of the Cupids Arrow outfit
Pose: Del May


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