The King’s Dowry

“All sentient beings should have at least one right—the right not to be treated as property”  ~ Gary L. Francione

The Kings Dowry

Do your part. Fight the good fight. Be something. Dare. Believe. Have faith. If you can look up, get up. Never stop. Life is Good.


Hair: Boon, STK131
Headpiece: Finesmith, Love Flowers
Necklace/Ring: EF (Empyrean Forge), Heritage Collection   @We ❤ Role Play
Bracelet: Donna Flora, Alma
Lingerie: {Junbug}, FiFi   @Kustom 9
Eyeliner: October’s 4 Seasons
Body: Maitreya, Lara
Skin: La Petite Morte,  Emmy
Hands/Feet: SLink
Pose: Del May

Ear Worm

13 thoughts on “The King’s Dowry

      1. Oh much better, thanks. It was therapeutic to write about it, I was able to let it go after that. Glad you like the mugs, I’m not sure how they will ultimately turn out.

      2. I’ll have it out of there by 5pm. The forecast here is for freezing rain and 16 inches of snow. Just in time for the weekend. Can you say “cabin fever?” Grr.

  1. Life is good, Cao! I am listening to the music you provided while I write this. Thank you. Bless you for your glorious Light and your Pure Heart. Your honestly and your openness is a breath of fresh air. We both can BE all we want to BE. Right now I am looking, seeking, for open doors, yet, with yesterdays’ post in mind, (I think it was here) I will keep on walking seeking as I go, with the Hope that the open doors I do seek, I shall find. If I sit and Hope, no thing will appear. I just came from tears as I gazed at my Dad’s face that is on my shelf, saying how little time we had this Lifetime to be together. With a deep breath, I return from tears, only to be more determined to keep on walking. To BE ME in my very BEST FORM. Love your work …. you are extremely talented, which I do HOPE you know. With Love, Amy

    1. Thank you my bright spot of the day! Just keep moving forward, it gets easier, I promise. The empty spot never goes away, it just sort of changes. Trust in those around you and hold them close when you need to. Little kitties are awesome for purrs and hugs, I bet. I know my Jack Russell Terriorist sure helped me. Lots of sunshine and love Amy, Lil Cao

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