It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects. ~ Nikola Tesla


I’ve reached an apex and I can’t fathom if it’s of the hilly variety or the valley one. Either way I am left a little bit bereft of the center of things and sort of muddling through. I have all sorts to blog, so I suppose, blog I will do. I wanted to make sure you know the wonderful pose store, Di’s Opera, is currently having a massive pose sale with individual poses priced at 30L’s and pose sets (usually 10 poses) priced at the incredible price of 200L’s. So don’t miss out on your chance to beef up your inventory.

fashion duo
Nailed-It! Fashion Duo Nails (SLink shown)

Nailed it! has recently updated all of their sets to include SLink, Maitreya, the default, and all of the other mesh products on the market so these next few days I am going to do a Selfie instagram to show you some of the products! I instantly fell in love with all of the styles and colors and know you will too, so don’t miss out on picking them up!


Hair: Wasabi Pills, Abby   @Uber
Comb: Miamai, Gajah @ We ❤ RP
Ring: RO, Lucky in Love
Necklace: [Mandala], Sakura Dynasty
Kimono: (NO), kimono
Shirt: Baiastice, Kirsty
Skirt: Maitreya, Mesh Mini
Hands: SLink, mesh hands relaxed
Nails: NailedIt!, Fashion Duo
Camera: David Heather, Sleek Camera


13 thoughts on “De-Evolution

  1. I may get the nerve up someday to do a selfie. LOL As for what you wrote at the beginning, and the quote, gee, I seem to be in some type of that place too. Knowledge is power, granted, but what once was deemed truth, no longer seems valid. So what is truth? I have much wisdom quoted on Petals that yes to this day holds true, yet, it comes with layers within layers, depending on which you are in, that is where your understanding is. I get it. I know it. So BIG (((HUGS))) to you! I’ve missed you. I’ve been buried in snow in ice, and in waterfalls. YIVEH! I’m done, HURRAY! YAY! Love you, Amy

    1. I have seen your beautiful self in the glowing light of the camera of a loved one, the rest is just angle. So selfie it up Miss Amy!! Your photos have been gorgeous, makes me really want to go see Niagara to be honest, and I’ve never really wanted to travel anywhere…. 😀 Lots of love and snow melting hugs back to you ❤

      1. LOL@Cao! Selfie it up! You make me laugh. I’m getting my hair done today, soooooooo ….. I’ll see about that selfie. And IF I do take the selfie, then what? What shall I do with that self same selfie? *giggle*

        And as for NIagara Falls, I really thank you for your generous praise. To experience these waterfalls, this powerful vortex of energy, is something that deeply touches one’s very essence. I spent hours upon hours to bring to you and all who viewed NF, the mystic, the power, the Majestic Divinity all representing Mother’s Glorious Expression of Raw Power. Just writing this makes me want to turn around and go back. I know I will, just to face the fear at Customs that was created the day I forgot my purse was in the trunk of my car, and all that ensued due to that purse. Hehehehehehe Love to you, my dear friend!!! Amy

  2. Sometimes it’s in the dead calm periods that we can best see the horizon. OMG did I just get deep?…save me from myself. Soldier on lil Cao…know that you have an army of friends armed with sharp stilettos and heavy purses to wield in your defense. We have your back. 🙂

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