A Time of Innocence

“The reason we have such a high standard of living is because advertising has created an American frame of mind that makes people want more things, better things, and newer things.” ~ Robert Sarnoff circa 1958-ish

A Time of Innocence

Remember that story from childhood, “The Kings Birthday Suit”? I feel like I personally witnessed the story live on Sunday. Did you happen to catch the mania at Target that day? It was madness! They released a limited line of Lilly Pulitzer fashion. You may not remember but Lilly was a designer from the 1950’s or so, a socialite who lived in Palm Beach Florida. She created colorfully Kitschy patterned dresses that were sleeveless and cool. She originally created them for herself because when she served orange juice at her husband’s orange juice stand in south Florida the spilt juice would stain her dress. Customer’s began wanting the dresses so Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. was born. I’d like to say her sense of style evolved but it never really did, always keeping the same “iconic” bright hued pinks, greens, oranges of the original smock dress and no original styles of her own. The thing is, on Sunday, the launch day of the outfits at Target, people were standing outside to rampage into the store and grab them all up. I mean I get it, it’s a limited edition collection, but did you even look at what you are buying? It’s not fashion, it’s just clothes. Cheapened versions of the originals even. But buy them all up, they did. Every single piece. Just goes to show, we claim a disdain for designer fashion, yet we do things like this that glaringly show our need for the validating name tag hidden inside that collar. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of designers whose name on a label ensures the outfit is hand sewn, a unique fit or of a non mass marketed quality. But this brand isn’t one of them, everything about the clothes are mass marketed and unimaginative. I could make the same outfit out of one of my colorful table cloths I use in the summer.

Those idiot’s who horded up all the clothes until they were all gone? Well turns out, I’m certainly not the smartest gal in the room. They are double and even tripling their profits by offering them on E-Bay. Just goes to show, sometimes fashion is a little more ephemeral than just being fashionable and has very little to do with style and brand. Sometimes it’s all about owning something that no one else can get their hands on. My hat’s off to the marketing department on Target for this one.


Hair: .lamb, Miss Mabel @Tag Gacha Have to admit this was the first time I did this, it was pretty fun! Definitely worth a try in your leisure time! Link:
Dress: Gizza, Absinthe w Vintage Pearl Necklace **NEW**
Pose: Dream Print, Vogue @ 2015 Pose Fair

Ear Worm

7 thoughts on “A Time of Innocence

  1. Lilly Pulitzer dresses are just little shift dresses in cute, cheap fabrics, that any girl with a sewing machine in 1963 would have made for herself. I think they are adorable because I like retro looking stuff…but I agree with you, most people just buy them for the label. ‘Cause if a girl showed up in a homemade version everyone would probably criticize her!

    1. So true! That’s how Lilly herself made them, she bought the material from Woolworths and had a friend sew them. And you are right Annabelle, they ARE adorable, and being in Florida it’s a very summery Florida look. I think what I meant was, it’s perhaps not the same as the originals, so why the crazy madness other than just the name? hehe Or maybe it’s sour grapes because I didn’t buy 12 of each size to sell on EBay! 😉

      1. by which I mean I agree it would be great to have an original and I should have bought 12 of each size for ebay sale, too! have a great day (hopefully it is sunny where you are…!)

      2. well, we can’t possibly go buy them on EBay!!! Guess we will have to wait for them to go on deep discount in the real store, then we can make fun over every one else for thinking they have the real thing. Oh wait…. This is starting to sound like Dr. Seuss and the story about the “stars upon thars”…… 😀 I hope your week is gorgeous as well, dear friend!

  2. I think folks should have ago at making their own clothes. The handiwork arts should not be lost… means sewing, tailoring, knitting, lacework/tatting, crotchet, quilting, textile art, patchwork, soft furnishings – all that sort of thing. Not only would folks enjoy creating things and satisfy that part of their nature but it would also leave open jobs for handicraft teachers, craft and sewing supply shops and dressmakers/tailors. The ‘fashion’ thing is an entrepreneur pursuit that is only interested in money making and always has been. The laws of economics say that in general wants are insatiable – it’s that which the fashion industry plays on and boy, do they do a good job!

    1. So true! As for the creatin. Oi, lol I used to recover my furniture, pillows, etc by hand every time I changed my decor and I will be the first to scream from the roof top I am so glad I don’t have to do that anymore. But again, I did it by hand, with a sewing machine I definitely probably.. would change my tune because I do like creating exactly what I want without ordering it or shopping 50 stores to find it. Great point Mozzy Bear! ♡

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