The Space Between

Loneliness is my least favorite thing about life. The thing that I’m most worried about is just being alone without anybody to care for or someone who will care for me. ~ Anne Hathaway


I’m at that space between in Second Life. Not wanting to “be there” and not wanting to leave. I didn’t prepare anything to blog tomorrow. I actually left my platform in the sky and started boxing up my house and it’s contents down on the ground. I did it consciously and meticulously, meaning I took it up piece by piece not one massive return and put the items in detailed folder’s, “kitchen”, “dining”, “Guest room,” “living,” “master,” etc. When I was done, I looked around at my cleaning efforts and sighed. It is done. A clean slate. Time to not worry about virtual things too much and to just set back, rest, and dream a little bit.

Have a gentle slide into the weekend because it’s almost here!

Hair: Rowne, Lena
Shirt: Foxes, Dolly @ Collabor88
Shorts: Foxes, Dolly @ Collabor88
Shoos: [RO, Can’t remember the name but they are @ kustom 9 (git ya some)
Jewelry: [Mandala
Pose: Di’s Opera

Ear Wax

15 thoughts on “The Space Between

  1. I’m at this exact same point in my SL too, Cao. The space between do I stay or do I go? I hope that whichever path you find yourself travelling down, it brings you happiness.

    1. I so much wish the same for you Winter, and know, you made my SL brighter, you gave me such a show of perfection I always strive to do just a little better. I grew watching you, my friend, and you are one of those people I know I would really dig in real life too. Thank you for sharing you. ♡

  2. Are you really doing it this time dollface ? I know I have been absent from your bog for a bit
    . The selfish me wants you to never leave . What am I taking about, there is no selfish me. Go out there and absorb all life has for you. I would wish you happiness, joy and fulfillment. Every now and then spare a little thought from your friend Spirit as she will spare many for you . I ❤ U dollface and even though my head is sometimes not in a place of rainbows unicorns and fuzzy kitties I would never wish anything else than the whole world for you …. get out there and grab you some because we do have an expiration date and I don't want you to miss a thing .

  3. I must say that I would miss you terribly, but I totally understand the sentiment. I have been in that place now for a bit too and my pixels have not been skipping around the electrons as long as yours. I feel certain I am not the only who has been astonished by you. I say that meaning that your heart shows through the words you place on a page and the way you present your personal touch in your expression of style. You are an amazingly wonderful human…and as equally stunning in pixel form 🙂
    With that said, I wish only unicorns and rainbows for you in any life! Do what will make you happy and if that means we get less of you and the people you breath air with get more of you…I just hope they know just how gosh darn lucky they are to be in your orbit. ! ..and I am totally green with envy.

  4. 1. A rest is sometimes all that is needed! A bit of a break, – say a month away – and then see if you are feeling the need to return.
    2. Keep writing in your blog, even if it isn’t about SL – there are hundreds of interesting subjects to converse about, be amusing about (2 things I know you do so well) and you’ll still be keeping in touch with us all. Don’t lose your online friends! There’s an old fashioned word ‘Penfriends’ – it’s from a bygone era but I really feel that we should keep to the sentiment.
    *smiles and sends a big hug*

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