“All forms of madness, bizarre habits, awkwardness in society, general clumsiness, are justified in the person who creates good art.”  ~ Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy


My suggestion? Create good art. I’ll let you know when I learn how. Until then, it’s a Thursday, try not to get hurt before the weekend! These stylings are brought to you by The Event @ 1st Taxi:


Outfit One:
Hair: .:fiore:., Rhea @UBER
Hat: :…Deche…:, Panas @Event @ 1st
Dress: :…Deche…:, Damina @Event @ 1st
Shoos: Miamai, Curiosity pump

Outfit Two:
Hat: Zen’s XH, Bettie Hat @Event @ 1st
Hair: Tuty’s, Romantic 40’s vintage
Earrings: Kungler’s Extra, Lexie
Glasses: *sorgo, Thata
Sweater: 2Peas, Almost White Betty jacket @Event @ 1st
Romper: Tashi, Maika @Event @ 1st

Ear Worm

10 thoughts on “Clumsy

  1. Haha love your quote – I love the intrinsic way you pull things together – and that man vest from .shi you had in one of your previous post – I followed suit and absolutely love wearing it over dresses and pants – you thinking outside the box and ability to pull it together encourage me a fashionista mishap to do the same 💋

    1. I LOVE that vesty thing from .Shi! I’ve used it a couple of times, which is saying a lot because I rarely ever wear something twice, I normally just drag to Good Will (delete) after wearing it once. But that piece, and most of the .Shi items are just so unusual, I keep them all. As for your kind words, I would never say I am a “fashionista” in SL, I tend to dress as I would in RL, I’ve always had a little eclectic and unusual view of clothes. I think I am more a “soul dresser,” I dress for what feels good to me. And I know I really miss the mark, ahaha a LOT! but it doesn’t matter, if YOU like what you have on and own it, you can’t help but feel and look good. Well to the person who matters most for sure, yourself. *huge hug!* happy weekend Miya! ❤

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