You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do not say. ~Martin Luther


I was reading my friend Tessa Grace’s blog, Steals, Deals, and SL Sim Appeal this morning and it reminded me of a post I wrote a few years ago. Just thought I’d repost in support of my friend. If you get a chance, check out her blog here. What comes around goes around. We so often say someone is going to “get what they deserve” when they act badly. But the truth is it works with kindness too. Did you know research shows when you are kind to others, even if it’s just to acknowledge them with a “hallo,” it’s been shown to not only increase their happiness, but yours as well. More importantly though, kindness is contagious, so the person you were kind to is more likely to “pay it forward” to the next guy and so on and so forth. You plant a seed of kindness, the roots take hold, the limbs spread out further and further, along the way new trees of kindness are formed. Just imagine how wonderful the world would be if we lived in a forest shaded by comfort and kindness. Besides, as I said, it’s free and it makes you feel good, it’s a kind of a cheap high, if you need such a thing. Personally, I’ll admit some days I do need a cheap high because when my focal point is out towards others, I am not wasting time obsessing with my own insecurities. And most of you know how awkward I can be at times.

The take from? I think so. We were all born to reflect kindness, but often we toss it aside because anger and angst is so much easier. But all those two emotions bring you is a hollow bitterness. So as humans, we now have a choice, we can jump on the band wagon and “hate” the next person the pack jumps on, or we can do the thing that will make us feel good, we can ignore the masses and choose to afford all people kindness they so deserve. Personally, if what comes around goes around, I want the good karma paid back to me, not the bad. English author Ashleigh Brilliant once said, “Be kind to unkind people- they need it the most.” Somehow, I just know in my heart this is true. Just some random thoughts I thought I’d throw out here, take it for what its worth to you, even if its nothing a’tall.


Bow: Elysium, Lola Headbow @ On9 Event
Dress: *MSS*, Rose Cocktail @ On9 Event
Shoos: Ana Markova, Chandra Summer Heel @ On9 Event
Hair: Paper Couture, Messy Boufant


13 thoughts on “Reap

  1. The Ashleigh Brilliant quote is, well, brilliant! It’s so true that when people are unkind, it’s not worth taking personally because ultimately it has nothing to do with you. Some people opt to reflect their pain, judgments, fears, etc outwardly and others become unwitting targets. If we could all just be kind and loving to each-other, the world would be an extraordinary place!

  2. *Notices a new limb poking out of Cao’s tree and smiles*
    I second that Caoimhe! I’d love to live in that forest of happiness. Room for one more tree? I’ll plant a cacao tree. *wink*

    1. Thank you for this post Cao! One of the things I have learned, at my momma’s knee, was to kill ’em with kindness, especially when they make you cry. On the last day of my life, I won’t be one of those worried about how I treated others. I say that, because I was present, in real life, when someone died and it was sad, as they went through a litany of bad things they did others, that shocked the heck out of me and now wanted to be forgiven for! It’s never too late to be kind, while you are still breathing. At night, I can sleep peacefully, because of how I behaved during the day.

      1. you are indeed one of the kindest people I know Desireme, always have been and what you say is right on the money, when you harm none you find your sleeping conditions are greatly improved. 😀

  3. I try to be kind to everyone, though it does not work both ways most times and that does make me sad. Makes me more sad that there are so many invisible peeps in my world, because that is what happens to the ones that are mean to me. Have I ever told you how lovely you are in Red dollface ❤ you

  4. Cao you are a wonderful women and very wise. I couldn’t have said all of this any better. Along with giving out kindness we have to think that people are watching our actions and we need to be the role model we need to see. Thank you for being that! ❤

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