Waiting for a Prince

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~Bertrand Russell

Waiting On A Prince

It seems my entire life has been spent waiting. Waiting for the day I would become a teenager, waiting to leave home to go to college, waiting for college to be over so I could live as an adult. Waiting, I’m always waiting for the next big moment. Does life even have big moments? Well, I reckon it does, a wedding day, child birth, winning the lottery. But what about us average people? Why do we spend so much time waiting to become something else? Do you know what I mean? My life will be “complete” when I lose weight, find a man, or any other of the many goals that keep us from realizing our full potential right now. It seems I’ve waited my entire life, and through it all, I was here all along. By waiting, I’ve let my life pass by, day after day. Looking back I see as I waited for my life to begin, I missed out on a lot of the living in that before mentioned childhood, teenage-dom, adulthood.

What I failed to realize all these years is those little glimpses of life, the moments of joy and clarity, moments of acute indecision and pain, that is as good as it gets and frankly it’s the best possible way to live. While I’ve been waiting for a life of epic proportions, some by-line worthy of a movie of the week life, I’ve missed the best part of all, I closed my eyes to the real “big picture.” My life, your life too, it isn’t written in the big moments we have, it’s written in our homes, our cities, the faces and places about us, in our dreams and prayers, fights and secrets. This life we live, this mundane pedestrian life, no matter what we wait for, right now is the most precious moment we will ever experience. Heck, I reckon I oughta make the best of it from now on. Have a wonderful weekend!

Hair: Truth, Bronwyn *New* SLURL
Dress: Ison, Off Shoulder Dress @Uber SLURL
Bag: =Zenith=, Minority Fringe @Uber
Bracelet: MG, Savannah @Uber
Necklace: Kunglers, Divinae   SLURL

Ear Worm

17 thoughts on “Waiting for a Prince

  1. Wow. You seem to be looking into my brain and mind melding with me these days. YIKES!! I know exactly what you mean and I feel certain I am not the only one out in the cosmos that feels this way. All I can say is I am glad to have you on my raft floating along the lazy river we call life.
    Hugs and I hope you have a fabulous and noteworthy little glimpse of bliss this weekend.

    P.S. Lovely style you have created. I can feel my lindens jump out of my wallet and into the Uber pool.

    1. *grabs the paddle and hands it to Eleanorjean* Hey! it’s not lazy, dam these non opposable hoofs!” 😉 I spent all mine there so I thought perhaps I should share the pain with someone else. Have a happy weekend! Huge hug!

  2. Beautifully said, Cao! So often we promise that we won’t take our lives, our health, our well-being, our loved ones, our [fill in the blank here] for granted, and yet its so easy to do and comes so naturally. Realizing the beauty in all the small things and day-to-day occurrences can turn a mundane life into a magical one. 🙂 Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

  3. My thoughts on this… (and it’s only my opinion based on experience so please nobody get upset) I think that inside us there is an automatic desire for progression. It has always been there and has been the route of evolution. Now if you believe in that Darwinian theory that we progress through the species to human, then that’s a little of what I believe. But, I would go one step further and say that up to now our desire for progression has brought us to the human level. Now we want to go further and this doesn’t take the form of anything automatic but is the result of us making a decision (free will if you like) to do so. So yes, we’re generally waiting for things to happen because we believe that something will happen. However, it’s not on a mundane level this time which we sometimes mix it up with, but it’s a desire for a whole new level of human awareness. That’s what we are waiting for. ❤

  4. so fresh and earthy today, love you….You know I hate bags in sl as they serve no purpose but I love that one….gimme it lol. Seems I missed like week of blog posts too, damn, Hey but I love you dollface ❤

  5. Great job. BTW I love Give Me Sympathy. Who’d you rather be The Beatles or the Rolling Stoens, classic. Check out the acoustic version if you haven’t heard it.

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