Almost… Here..

As a child, I was bonkers for Christmas. The entire month of December, I couldn’t sleep at night from anticipation. ~ Rosecrans Baldwin

No Match No Drama
Hair: No.Match, No Drama *2015 Hair Fair*

As an adult, I go bonkers for Hair Fair in Second Life. The entire month prior to the opening, I can’t sleep at night from anticipation.. ~Cao

2,000 Lindens.  And it’s not just that I love hairs, yes I truly do! But it’s also the anticipation of buying something that will give to such a wonderful cause. Wigs for Kids is such a selfless organization I’ve donated my real life hair multiple times over the years. I’ve even enlisted the help of my 8 year old pirate princess in donating hers once too. Yeah, I’m kind of a purposeful Aunty Cao like that. With a little help from my friend EleanorJean, of EJ’s Closet I think I’ve decided on my “wager” for this years Hair Fair drive. I am going to auction a picture with me, theme of the winner’s choice by Second Life photographer Skip Staheli.  I want you to know, 100% of the winning bid will go to 2015 Hair Fair benefitting Wigs for Kids, I will incur the cost of the photographer.

Moon Belle Fleur
Hairs: Moon., Belle Fleur *2015 Hair Fair*

If you joined the 2015 Hair Fair demo group, you should currently be up to the armpits in demo’s. I know I am!  Where to start, where to start… Well I just started opening and donning them all willy nilly. Keep in mind these are demo’s, so I had to do small photoshop fixes to remove the demo indicators, but I tried to keep all of the hairs as close to the demo as possible. Just know, the actual hairs your purchase will look that much better than you see here.  When I find the ones that are my “must haves” I write down the designer and name on a NC so I can do a quick search when I land tomorrow, grab my loot and get the heck out of there as peacefully as possible.

Olive the bass
Hairs: .Olive., The Bass *2015 Hair Fair*

Yeah, right. Like I’ll even get in the first day. A girls gotta have dreams right? As an aside, if you’d like a genuine Skip Staheli photograph with a virtual Cao in the style theme of your choice for your scrapbook, drop me a NC with your bid. I will keep you updated on this blog what the highest bid is. And remember, it’s not really the picture, it’s for the kids. But then you all know that, I surround myself with brilliant people like that.


20 thoughts on “Almost… Here..

      1. Lucky girl!!! I made it to one and bought 5 hairs. . Lol But seriously when I saw one of the brands I bought only gave 25% to Wigs for Kids I decided to not buy anymore unless it’s a designer I’ve never tried. I am going to make a serious donation instead. ♡you gorgie girl!

  1. Well, I got in and *cough cough* spent a few lindens…urmmmm I mean donated money to Wigs for Kids ! 🙂 Such a good idea to tempt us, I mean send us demos ahead of time. Now I have a stash of new yummy things to wear! Yay!
    Expect a bid from me for the pic, but I bet there will be a bunch of them. Good luck raising some linen for the Kids!!! I hope the photo session goes for a high price!! Woo hoo! Such fun.

  2. I can’t wait … Hair Fair is all the Holiday’s wrapped up in one big bow for me!! 🙂 My Daughter has given her hair away several times one time she grew it all the way down to her knees and cut it to her neck!!

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