A Singular Murmur from Another Room

Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough ~Oprah Winfrey


Life is often hard, sometimes frustrating but then aren’t the best things in life the things we have worked so hard to achieve? Sure, anyone can dream, but why just dream? Why not make your dreams come true? My friend Debby Sharma has a post on her blog today about thanking your avatar. I was going to just post a picture today, but after thinking on it some I realized Debby is right, our avatar teaches us a thing or two about ourselves. At least Cao does for me. I won’t come out with a list of thankfulness because my thankfulness all stems from one thing Caoimhe has taught me. No matter what life throws at her, or me, we are OK. We carry a lot of “stuff” with us, our jobs, relationships, significant others, insignificant others, checkout clerks who don’t say thank you after you just spent your last dollar of the week, barbed comments, veiled threats, middle fingers. How do we possibly exist with all this “baggage” that sticks to us like we are a magnet? The thing is, I know the answer, deep in my core, I truly do. I can be free in an unfree society, just as I can be blissful in a miserable world. There is not a person in this world who can deny me this happiness. Nobody is hindering me except myself. Nobody is creating a single obstacle. Don’t bother about the society and the world because the world will continue. Forms differ; the basic reality remains the same, the basic misery of man remains the same. Society will never come to any utopia. This word ‘utopia’ is very beautiful. The very word means: that which never comes. It is always coming but it never quite gets here; it’s always a promise but the goods are never delivered. And this will be so. It has been so. There is only one possibility: It’s me that needs to change, not those in my world. I am thankful for Caoimhe because she taught me that I can be, happy. It’s OK to be so.


Hair: Truth, Ximena      Taxi:
Shirt: !gO!, Ava     Taxi:
Short: Blueberry Belted denim short     Taxi:
Jewelry: [Mandala]     Taxi:


9 thoughts on “A Singular Murmur from Another Room

  1. I loved this post. What a great way to start the week. 🙂 Such a positive message.
    I think we make a conscious choice about how we approach the world. We also can choose how we let what the world throws at us effect us. Sometimes it’s just hard to see that through the foggy haze of what has settled around us. Here’s to clearing skies and a full view of the flowers on the horizon!

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