I Got Dressed

You learn to rise above a lot of bad things that happen in your life. And you have to keep going. ~ Lauren Bacall

I got

I know some of you know what I mean, but most probably think “what kind of title is that?” I’ve been rumored to oft flit about my second life in nothing but my pajamas or underwear for years now, though, I am sure it’s just a rumor, right? Or truth told, to be honest, I still didn’t really get dressed a’tall, did I? I am still just wearing knickers (though I prefer to call them high waist shorts) and a bra top, I just threw on the floofy skirt from the Caoimhe outfit that was/is(?) sold at *SoliDea FoliEs* over the knickers. Heck, I’ve been wearing knickers and a bra top pretty much off and on for about a month now, not the same pair mind you, but still. I’m down to a random post a week, thank you very much! No words about life, happiness, or love from me! I am almost feeling wretchedly slovenly, the emphasis on almost.

But I do have something I wanted to say, so I got dressed. See there how I did that? Eyes kinda smart, but please don’t tell anyone, for most everyone else, I’m just a lil moo. Oh! the thought. In a day, month, year, life time I’ve often heard the excuse that some digression or another by a person/criminal/friend, and face it, it’s typically when they get caught with their pants down in embarrassment, well by golly, it just isn’t their fault. It was their parents/friends/the dog who “made” them act this way. Well, I can tell you one truth that I believe from the bottom of my heart. You ARE right about one thing, we can not help where we came from. But the rest of that truth is, we CAN choose how it manifests itself. The take from in all of this? What we are made “of” is not what we are made “from.” Just something I was thinking about, ponder it or not, it’s yours to decide. Happy Tuesday!


Hair: Vanity Hair, I Let U Have It *new* @ Hair O Logy
Necklace: Zibska, Fontaine *New* @ On 9

Ear Worm

10 thoughts on “I Got Dressed

  1. I started reading the post and got to …. ‘i have been wearing my pyjamas/underwear for over a year’ and was horrified – this isn’t the Cao I know. Luckily I read on, I should have known you were making a fashion statement and had not become one of those Walmart shoppers you see in all those photos.<3

  2. Double Sonnet

    A cellist floats behind you and taps you on the shoulder.
    Your heart explodes as Coakley finishes up a 45-minute set.
    You never forgot her curled tresses, warm smile, gentle voice.
    Last summer, in three days time she alternately played,
    Vanished, played until you were one with the moon.
    (Botticelli never saw hair like this.)
    So she floats back in off a west wind, sits long enough to
    Write out her address and asks, like a .22 caliber bullet newly
    Lodged in a calf muscle, where Ilya Kaminsky is. Kaminsky, if
    Only he could see her now! But he’s not here, she’ll have to
    Settle for his address because there’s no way you’re committing
    Emotional suicide by handing out his phone number.
    Last summer, in three days time she chose the Russian muse,
    Leaving one dangling slab of manhood, cozy, familiar, alone.


    You sit, hoping she will stay. Your penis stretches out
    Like an uncurled finger, or a winking eye. So, like her, you
    Stand: maybe she’ll notice the oldest symbol of affection
    Bulging. But the room is dark, she would find it rude,
    And you’re better off, as your four minutes of fame is
    About to begin – hard or not hard. After you’re done
    you light up. A typical evening of artsy-fartsy debauchery
    Races through your mind. How can you let her
    Slip away without another poem, painting, concerto?
    That’s it! Forget the “how-do-you-dos,” just write her
    A concerto. Cello and flute. No, no. Cello and Tenor Sax.
    How often does the beam of a soul shoot out to the world?
    Can she possibly return again? You sit wondering when,
    Clutching the address of this decade’s angel.

    1. I will have to savor this one whilst I work outdoors today. You are much a scholar to a lowly lil Cao, a simple girl who lives in a simple little beach village on a minute grain of dusty beach. Keep warm my dear friend Doug. ❤

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