I feel like life is really short, and it’s important to enjoy yourself and embrace whatever comes your way, whether it’s a challenging day or a great day, just welcome it with open arms. No matter who you are, you can’t escape challenges; they are part of life ~Miranda Kerr


I’ve been sort of melancholy and quiet the past few weeks. I can’t point to exactly why, but I can say once again, I’ve thought long and hard about moving on from my Second Life. Heck, I only logged in once since December 23rd and when I did log in I just sort of stood there staring into cyber space. Though I’ve missed quite a few of you, for the most part I’ve been spending time with the sorts of people who like to hang with Cao version 1.0.  Am I leaving Second Life? I don’t really think so, but if I ever do, I know I would never leave those I hold so dear to my heart behind. You are not my Second Friends, you fit quite perfectly in that portion of heart reserved for the first batch, I reckon some of you are even on the status level of my posse material. In the meantime, I hope you all have a glorious and prosperous New Year filled with smiles, laughter, friends and love. I’ll be thinking about you and wishing you all the big dreams!


Hat: *Lode*, Zoya
Hair: [e], Stella
Earring: Zibska, Franziska @On 9
Necklace: Minimal, Ephixa
Dress: [AR], Magissa
Boot: Miamai, Hiatus
Pose: Nantra

Ear Worm

15 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. It may be just a contemplative time. Spending quiet time with yourself and recharging your spirit. I believe it’s a good thing to spend that kind of time periodically to help us grow in some way. Redirecting our energy to stand back and look at where we are. But hey what the heck do I know? *puts on her boots and hat to ride with the posse*
    Yee Haw! Cao-a-posse!!

  2. Corkscrew Swamp

    Blue Heron walks on Lettuce Lake.
    Lily pads support light birds long enough
    For them to bill crawdads. Appetizing
    Photograph: Squirming crustacean crunched.

    Boards, cleverly cut, fan out around corners
    That bring new cypress vistas into view.
    One tree grows around another, wet but
    Not waterlogged. Raccoon poop, which has

    Red dots throughout, brightens the walk
    As rain clouds defy winter and roll
    Through desolate Florida. Where are all
    These cars going? Immokolee? Must be

    A growing town to support such traffic.
    Back at the swamp a frog succumbs to a
    Banded owl. Anhingas stretch wet wings.
    White flowers waver, waiting to be painted.

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