Just in time for that splendid New Years Eve celebration, Enzo Champagne, of Champagne Sparkling Fashion has released a scrumptious party cocktail dress and a poshly divine menswear outfit. Both are not overly-fussy but simple and chicly detailed giving them an understated elegance that is bound to make you the looked to couple of the gala! As a note: the diamond studded headpiece is a part of the outfit! YAY! One stop shopping for the overworked avatar! Of course, there is no sexier accessory than an Apollo Call on the arm! xo Head over to Champagne Sparkling Fashion and pick up your own, always perfect New Year’s Gala attire. I’m so sure you will love it, I’ve included the streetcar for you! Taxi:

As an aside, for all those in the “Big Easy” save a table for me at the Cafe Du Monde, I’ve a date with a few beignets and chickory coffee planned! (Go Gators!) See you January 4th my Second Life friends, I’ve a little real life to create. xo

NEW EVE Poster

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Are you still looking for the perfect little outfit to wear to that special New Year’s Eve party?

Just in time to welcome in 2013, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture releases NEW EVE!


NEW EVE gives you that flashy little party dress you are sure to get compliments on! Cute, sassy, glitzy, and with a touch of glow, the strapless silver sequined bodice and sheer, flowing silver skirt will garner attention wherever you go. The mesh part of the dress comes in 5 sizes, from XXS to XL, and can be demoed at the store.

The included headpiece — comprised of diamond jewels and sparkling silver ribbons — is unique and impeccably styled for this dress, but one you can incorporate and utilize with other apparel in your wardrobe! And what a fabulous dress to style up with jewelry, shoes, and so many other accessories to get the look you absolutely want and love!


NEW EVE gives you a casual, sexy, and very macho outfit that everyone will notice! The white satin shirt with button detail, is open to the waist, buttoned below the waist, with a striking stand-up silver sequined collar and matching cuffs. The mesh shirt comes to you in 5 sizes as well, from XXS to XL, and available to demo at the store. The silver white trousers are detailed with the sequined texture around the waist and on each pocket.

Included with the men’s version are silver boots with sparkling ties and ribbon details and a diamond and silver ribbon “boutonniere” to wear on the lapel of the shirt. The look is hot and festive and one you can mix-and-match with other pieces of your wardrobe.

For both men and women, NEW EVE is the one you will reach for time and time again — it is the perfect choice to reach for when you are dancing till dawn and want to be comfortable yet festive!

Get it now while you can! Take the limo below and try NEW EVE today!

Enzo Champagne
Sparkling Champagne Fashion for a glittering life!

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Recently I ran into Vivien Emerald of Desir, one of my fave designer friends, at the Miss Virtual World tryouts. Of course she was wearing an incredible dress she had created, I commented on it, and she oh so kindly gave me one! So, without further adieu, here is a revisit to Vivien’s boutique.


This gown, “Diana” is so retro-glam! The styling is simliar to the popular toga dress of the 1960′s with its pleated top and gorgeously pleated skirting. I am showing the dress in the full length version, but the the skirting is flexi, so it detaches to make the perfect cocktail dress. The dress is further accentuated with the black banding of the collar and the similar colored black flowers banding the waist. Everything about this dress is quite simply, stunning! So if you have a function where you need to turn up the sophistication, this could be your gown! If its not, I am sure Desir has just what you are looking for!


While perusing the store to see if there were any “new” finds, I ran across an old find that is just as fashionable today as it was when released, so I couldn’t resist to buy it. Any dress named for my friend, the supermodel Kay Fairey, has to be above par! Desir’s “Kay” is an elegantly chic sleeveless black satin evening gown. The bodice is slimfitting to the body, tight across the knees with a slight flair just above the knees, almost a mermaid but with a little more movement in the legs. What makes this gown the scrumptious find that it is, is the gorgeous Asian detailing in the ukiyo-e “esque” floral patterns and matching sash and bow. Easy to complete such a stylish look, I simply added the Alienbear jewelry and this gorgeous “Lotus” hairs from Urban Lutz. Definitely an uber glam look that will bring all the attention straight to you.

If you have the time, stop by Desir and check out the many incredible dresses available! Without further adieu, your chariot awaits! Chariot


It’s your Second Life, dream. Dream big! And don’t be afraid to play with yourself, be happy and have fun! Second Life is so incredible. I mean, where in the world can you be this really cool and funky Punk rocker chick and a Hollywood ingenue in the space of a change of clothes? Well, I suppose technically you could in real life as well, if you had limitless income to pursue the dream. But for the rest of us, a Second Life works just fine.


Lovely Giz Seorn of Gizza has just released two new knockouts, I know you will just love. The first I want to share is the dramatically gorgeous “Kiana Wedding gown.” This gorgeous gown comes in white, black and black and white. The bodice is nicely fitted in a sexy lace with an elegant ruffling about the low neckline and shoulders to frame the wearer’s darling face. The skirting is a gorgeously full mermaid, perfect for walking the aisle or dancing the night away. This dress was so complete, all I added was a scrumptious ruby necklace from Alienbear and hairs from Tuty’s, a store I’ve been favoring lately they have so many wonderful styles for Asian models and non-Asian’s alike.

Live Lightly..

The second outfit, I know you’ve seen in other blogs but bears repeating here, because it is truly an outfit you can make your own by creating your own unique style. The “Tutu” in punkrocker is amazing! The shirt is sleeveless and can be either striped or plain, but the ruffles of the “tutu” is amazing with its gorgeous colours and silken satiny ribbons. When I pulled it out of the box, I knew I just had to play with the colors! With such a colorful sensory delight for the eyes, it was impossible for me to play it down with the typical blond or brown/black hair I usually wear. This chick needed to be cool with her out there sense of drama. I had to further the overload with Lelutka’s Rykiel hairs in a stunning shade of red, some adorable striped tights from Curious Kitties, the shoes are Slink and the necklace and bracelet, “Lotus” chosen because its flower mimics the flower at the waist of the tutu, is from my friend Kiku of [Mandala] in both a purple shade and a pink shade and my makeup, of course, for this outfit would be from LovelyMi. All together, a colorful feast for the eyes guaranteed to get you noticed.

I think the point is, you don’t always have to be elegant glamour everyday, you are allowed to have fun and play too! I hope you are all enjoying your SL fashion, I know I am! I love Gizza so much, let me call a cab for you and we will go there together! Taxi: