Testudinate.Reflections.and.Other.Detritus. Hairs: Vanity Hair, “Tiffany” . Headpiece: LaGyo, “Angelie” . Jewelry: Fulo, “Donna” . Makeup: Mons

Recently I was reading a message board for an agency I am a member of and was a little taken aback by some of the scathing remarks written there. Written in so public an arena too. I read it, and tucked it away for later thought, I am above all a thinker and a watcher. But even more important, I am a business person with a business degree. But this isn’t business, or is it? It is an agency that promotes Second Life business, but that’s not really the point. The point is in the blind world of virtuality on the Internet, you are relating with people you have no true knowledge of. So whether it’s business or personal you have to accept, people have squabbles and “issues”, and when someone airs their squabbles, do you really want to get down and sully yourself like a Sus scrofa in the mud? is it truly necessary? Does the issue pass the Cao three question rule for responding? I know! I bet you’ve never heard of such a thing! It’s like this, “wow, that person just said something about me that might make me look bad, I can rip him/her a new one and defend myself. Or I can calmly ask him to better explain his issues because that is not quite the way I remember the event transpiring (the moral high road). To make my decision I ask myself: (1) Is a snarky condescending confrontation truly necessary? In the grand scheme of things will this be such a huge issue in one month? Two? A year? (2) Is this something I can solve by explaining peacefully with the readers of the forum without calling the offending party out? If I just explained the issue calmly from my own point of view, without rash judgments of character, who will look like the idiot then? (3) Would it be better solved by trying to reach an agreement with the offended without further adding to the already public display?

Dress: Azul, “Erika” (Isn’t this divine? It’s new!) . Hairs: Vanity Hair, “Tiffany” . Headpiece: LaGyo, “Angelie” . Jewelry: Fulo, “Donna” . Makeup: Mons . Gloves: Mimikri, “Cuffed gloves”

The take from? Well of course, its in the title. Most fits of anger in a virtual climate are typically begun by a misunderstanding of words, tone of words by the receiver and the sender, or in this case, non-words since the person was accused of ignoring the vocal party. Take the time and try to resolve issues behind doors, even if you have been attacked in front of those doors. Why? Because that’s what adults should do. People, associates, family, your children, they don’t need to see you onstage. Whether your argument is in real life, a second life, a personal life or a business life, keep it between the key players. The title? Testudinate is of or relating to the turtle, detritus is actually non-living particulate organic material, but I use it loosely to mean the sloughing off of dead layers of relationships, the baggage of things gone wrong. As you may know, turtles can breathe out of their, well, arses. Don’t handle things by talking out of your arse, always attempt to minimize the detritus by being open, honest and face value about your concerns. If you do, in the end, the “audience” will admire that you did so. All Landmarks for the style are under my “Last Known SLURL’s page.” Check them out, I know you will find the perfect item to express your style!


Azul Marie Vanity Hair Midnight Oasis Mons Mandala Polly

Yes, I know it’s rare but today, the Cao is going all formal gown. But hey, they are so gorgeous it was an easy choice. All the gowns shown here were created by Mami Jewell of Azul. I don’t think I have ever met a single female (and some male) avatars that don’t own at least one of the gowns from Azul. Mami’s creations are always a study of divine elegance. See? I think they even make me look a little glam, which is a feat in of itself. Here, I love them so much I included the taxi for you! Taxi:

Azul Olga Vanity Moondance Mandala polly

I just had to dress up, I’m cranky and I’ve had one ‘ell of a day. It was either gown or knickers, and Draakje says all I ever wear are knickers, so gown won out. Blame her if you wanted to see a Cao in knickers. And if you did, I’m beginning to worry about you! I thought my phone had been stolen while at work yesterday, so I called my cell company today. She asked for some information and switched over to check a few things. She came back on the line and said, “for the security of our customer, I can’t give you any information on whether the phone has been used.” Seriously? To which I kindly replied, well sort of not kindly, I was a little stressed thinking of overages and things, “Let me get this straight, for MY security, you can’t tell ME if my phone was used after 5PM January 9th, 2013?” To which, she said, “One moment” and put me on hold again. After a few minutes, apparently seeing I wasn’t about to hang up, or perhaps seeing how pathetic I am, she same back on the line and said, “Um, actually your phone has not been used since January 8th at 7AM.” So, I am thinking YAY! I left it at home in a drawer, but that was, of course short-lived because then I was thinking WAAAHH I haven’t used my phone since January 8th, 2013… Take from, and yes, there always is one. For me, keep track of your phone, or Nook, or shoos, or glasses. Well basically anything that isn’t permanently attached to the body. Take from for you? If you haven’t seen a family member or single friend in a while, give them a call, they may not realize it, but they probably really miss you!

Azul Jadhe lagyo spring orchids wasabi gloria

Outfit One
Gown: Azul, Marie
Hairs: Vanity Hair, Midnight Oasis
Lips: Mons
Bracelet: Mandala, Polly

Outfit Two
Gown: Azul, Olga
Hairs: Vanity Hair, Moondance
Necklace: Mandala, Polly

Outfit Three
Gown: Azul, Jadhe
Hairpiece: La Gyo, Spring Orchids
Hairs: Wasabi Pills, Gloria

Be a Fashion Icon.

Again, a little swamped with the real world, I don’t want to postpone my blog since I’ve been holding these pics a few weeks, so I will keep it short and sweet. Well relatively short and sweet for a Cao on a mission. Luckily, the designer of these outfits’ work speaks for itself. Today I want to show some of the incredible gowns of Mami Jewell of Azul. From the first time I walked into her store I was enthralled with the incredible selections. She has gowns from the sublimely feminine and frilly, to my fave, the understated and elegant. I find elegance in the simplest of lines and have never left Mami’s store without finding something to my liking.

azul shena kunglers amanra vanity sunset

This first gown, “Shena,” created for supermodel Shena Neox, is a dream. I love the layers of the skirt and the way it moved about my legs as I walked. The bodice was fitted nicely and the scarving an elegant detail. I kept the jewelry and hair simple, a set from Kungler’s called “Amanra”, and Vanity Hair’s “sunset strip” to show the flexibility of this gown. This is a gown that can be dressed up for the more classy affair and played down for those romantic parties where walking along the beach might come into play.

AzulShannon madesigns rita

The second gown is “Shannon” shown in such a rich bordeaux the color speaks for itself.The bodice is fitted and sleeveless but for the gorgeous detached scarving. Again, its these details that consistently set Azul apart in the gown market. There is an incredible ruffled flowering cascade in a harmonious color accenting the skirt of the gown drawing the eye of the beholder to the hour glass of the wearer’s shape. To accentuate I am wearing a necklace from La Gyo, earrings, and my hairs are from Madesigns. A dress so beautyful, that even barefoot, it comes across as formal. What can I say? Sometimes you can’t take the beach out of the girl..

Azul Esperance madesigns isabel

And last, but certainly not least, is Azul’s “Esperance.” Esperance is a gown Mami Jewell created as part of the “Help Japan” campaign. It is so easy to let time create a void in our thought process where we forget those less fortunate then ourselves. Please don’t forget Japan, it is such a beautyful country of incredible people, people who often help country’s less fortunate themselves, so in their time of need, isn’t it nice to pay it back to them? 100% of the profits from the sale of this dress go to the Help Japan fund. So while you are buying yourself a present, you are buying one for someone else as well. The accessory to this dress is the Finesmith “Caoimhe, Angel Wings” necklace and the hair is again, Madesigns.

If you get a chance this weekend, swing into Azul, say “hello” to Mami Jewell, and pic out a nice present for yourself. You deserve it! ❤ Limo:

I Thee Wed.

June has long been the favored month for weddings, even in Second Life it seems, and curious, I decided to research why. It seems June has always been the most popular month, because it is named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. A June wedding is thought to be blessed by Juno and by showing her favor she would bring prosperity and happiness to all who wed in her month. Not really the skip down the aisle of wedded bliss type girl, I still enjoyed dressing up in all the frilly’s and fluff. I purposely kept my styling the same for most pictures, because I want the gown to be the feature, not the accessories I choose to wear with them. So for this blog, I just wanted to highlight some of the designer’s I feel have a real pulse on the heartbeat of creating a sensation on your once in a life time day.

Angel Dessous Gloria wedding

So if you are one of these lucky brides, I know how difficult it can be to keep all the details and planning in order, so truly the picking of the gown and wedding trousseau should be the simplest and most joyous of events. That is why Nando Korobase’s Angel Dessous should be a treasured LM during this stressful time! One stop shopping for all of your wedding needs. This exquisite gown, “Gloria” is stunning with its taffeta and lace and elegant flowering accents. It is sleeveless and demure and includes a scrumptious veil. Angel Dessous has a vast selection of gowns to choose from, here, I’ve even called the limo: Limo:

Vero modero Amasis

Though never a bride, nor even an intended, I can be just as sappy about weddings as the next female. I think weddings are so romantic! Recently Bouquet Babii of Vero Modero had a gorgeous runway show featuring some of her many wedding gowns. I am wearing the “Amasis” gown, an incredible, frilly and feminine gown with its appealing lace, svelte silhouette and gorgeous mermaid skirt. As you walk down the aisle toward him, there is no losing your guy in the added voluminous flexi’s found in a lot of gowns. Just gorgeous you! No need to worry about losing your hands, or groom, beneath all of your layers. Take a look, I know your dream gown is available in store : Limo:

Azul Nerola Pearl

Now, let’s face it. Not all of us quite fit into the full gown appealingly. I am one of those models. I DO wear them, but perhaps it’s not something I would choose, especially for an afternoon day wedding. I am a little shorter than most and definitely coltish and a bit gangly, which is why this next gown from Azul could be just what I need. I certainly wouldn’t want to trip over my groom, and the odds are always in favor of it when Cao comes walking down the aisle. Mami Jewell of Azul must have heard a higher calling, this dress “Nerola” in pearl is stunning with its tea length ruffled satin and lace. Everything about it shimmers as you walk gracefully toward the love of your life. The flowers, feminine and gracefully cascade across one shoulder and beautifully enhance the trim fitted bodice at the waistline. Gorgeous! Stop by Azul as well, Mami has all spectrum of bridal from the after 6 formal gown to the simple sophisticated wedding. I know you will find something just perfect! Limo:

AD Creations kimono skull black wedding

And finally, I would be remiss if I thought all women dream of a frilly white wedding, this is Second Life after all, and we all can live which ever life style we enjoy most. Life style aside, culturally, weddings are often far misplaced from white formal gown. In some Asian cultures it is good luck to wear red for a wedding. So I just had to include this gown from Aliza Karu of AD Creations Dollhouse. When I put it on, I just fell in love with it. It is predominately black with little skulls, showing the gothic nature of the dress. But what sold it to me? I love the Asian kimono styling! Everything about this choice is simple, yet complex and guaranteed to create a memorable, one of a kind day for you. Check out AD Creations Dollhouse, it’s a second life, define it in your own style: Limo:

If you are a June bride, I wish you all love, prosperity and happiness as you embark on this new adventure! And with these designers on your “must see” lists, I know you will create the perfect, one of a kind, remembered forever event you dream about!

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” ~ John Keats

The Water Bearer

Once in a blue moon it happens and an overwhelming feeling of joy comes over you. I know we all have different interpretations of beauty; it is one of the things I love so much about Second Life, the diversity. But once in a blue moon, someone creates it and if you are very lucky, you discover it. One day you find an outfit that defines and fulfills all of your sweetest dreams. This has occurred a couple of times for me over the years, with different designers but always the happiness is the same. For me, it’s the outfits that draw a visceral response deep inside my heart. Just to name a few off the top of my head, the Korean hanbok Poulet of Purple Moon lovingly created for me for Miss Virtual World, the Caoimhe dress, Nando painstakingly fashioned after a Rhianna dress in honor of me, and now for an entirely different reason the gorgeous Calypso dress created by Mami Jewell of Azul. When I was very young, I grew up in such a small little place, actually still live there, you know the kind of place, the only dress up you really do is to go to the mall or Sunday church if you are so inclined. But one of my fondest memories was of my mother dressing for a rare party and wearing this most magnificent Grecian gown. And to see this dress so gorgeously recreated after all this time has brought to me so many loving long forgotten memories.

This dress is simply divine, it is deep-veed at both the front and the back of the bodice, the skirt wispily fans about the legs to create a sensual movement to the dress and there is graciously elegant scarving around the shoulders that fulfill the movements of the skirt. This dress is perfect for all formal and casual elegant events you wish to attend and the bonus is it comes in eight colors, so you will surely find one suitable to your skin tone. Stop by Azul today, she has so many incredible gowns I know you won’t be disappointed in what you find. I loved my visit so much, I included the taxi for you:

Azul Calypso

Azul, the Crème de la Crème of SL Design

Available now at Azul

Azul, the Fashion House of the wonderfully talented Mami Jewell is one of those Second Life Designers who always works so hard to only give her customers the best of the best in SL fashions. She always watches closely to ensure the details are absolute perfection! There is a reason, her gown Azora was voted to the 20 most beautiful dresses ever designed in Second Life. Ms. Mami understands the romance and whimsy of a Diva’s heart and pulls out all the stops to create this aura. Her gowns, quite simply are the luscious, glamorous designs many of us wish we could afford in our real lives!

I own so many of the Azull gowns, but I chose my favorite of all time, the Sakura. It is the gown that was worn by my gorgeous friend Blossoms Sweetwater in the 2011 MVW contest.The gown is simply incredible with its luscious red and gold Asian inspired silk outer robe that layers around the body with dignity and grace. The under-dress is a simple cream silk tunic made divine with its robe matching obi tied with golden cord. The Outfit is resplendent and truly one of a kind.

As many of you who know me know, this gown is simple perfection for all that I am in Second Life and some real life, but I assure you, Ms. Mami has created a one of kind gown that will touch the inner Goddess in all of us. You simply have to stops by, peruse, choose yours, and start a following today! ❤