Angel Dessous 2011 Dress from Angel Dessous

Growing up in Florida there is such a big wonderful Cultural influence to our state, especially Cuban. It truly is wonderful. There is such a richness to their culture, a strong sturdy existence. I love the thought of living life with all the senses. To not only see but to also smell, taste, hear, and touch life. Florida is a heaven with its rich colors and multicultural flavors. You know who I bet lived life with all of their senses? Ernest Hemingway. Did you know it is rumored that while a medic in the war, he was a spy during War World I? He’s one of those really manly heroic men, more legend than reality I suppose. He was an avid hunter and fisherman, a romantic poet at heart, (as witnessed by his four marriages..) But even with his shortcomings, I’ve a feeling he truly lived life. But like all larger than life “characters,” in sickness, his weakness was finally revealed. He committed suicide in 1961. I do want to learn to live, a shame we have to “learn” to live. But wow, think about it, take a risk every once in while, try a new food, experience, learn a new topic, or language. I think the moral is just… do.. I hope to see you there. =)

Cao~Coffee Addict-1 hmmmmm nothing wakes the senses faster than a strong Cuban coffee in the morning.. yummy! (also Angel Dessous)

Hairs: Miamai, Maitreya
Clothes: Angel Dessous
Jewelry: Mandala
Shoos: Maitreya
Photography: Skip Staheli ❤



Betty Boop, of the racy black and white cartoon circa 1932, had a last gasp of fame in 1988’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” movie. Do you recall it? She’s does a cameo as the cigarette girl and when asked why she’s doing the “menial” labor, she replies “Work’s been kinda slow since cartoons went to color. But I’ve still got it. Boo boo be do, boo.” I wonder if those cartoonist from the 1930’s era could even imagine a time like the world today with Second Life? I know I can’t imagine a time without it! Just goes to show, never limit your ideas or think them crazy. Dream really crazy big, work hard and create and you too could be an Imagineer of the endless possibilies of tomorrow!


I was going to skip the blog today, but when I saw Chiaki Xue of Dura hair fame had released a new hairs today. I knew, I just had to blog it! In one word, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!! Swing by Dura today and check out all the incredible styles! I know you will love them so much, I even included the taxi! I like to be helpful like that! (the other LM’s should be on my “Last Known SLURLS” page. Boo Boo Be Do! Taxi:


Hairs: Dura, Girl 42 *NEW!!* runnnnnnn
Jacket: Mimikri, Fur Luxe Leo
Clutch Baiastice, Pida in Ice
Pants: Leezu!, Glitter pants
Boots: Miamai, Karya
Poses: Manifeste