Just in time for that splendid New Years Eve celebration, Enzo Champagne, of Champagne Sparkling Fashion has released a scrumptious party cocktail dress and a poshly divine menswear outfit. Both are not overly-fussy but simple and chicly detailed giving them an understated elegance that is bound to make you the looked to couple of the gala! As a note: the diamond studded headpiece is a part of the outfit! YAY! One stop shopping for the overworked avatar! Of course, there is no sexier accessory than an Apollo Call on the arm! xo Head over to Champagne Sparkling Fashion and pick up your own, always perfect New Year’s Gala attire. I’m so sure you will love it, I’ve included the streetcar for you! Taxi:

As an aside, for all those in the “Big Easy” save a table for me at the Cafe Du Monde, I’ve a date with a few beignets and chickory coffee planned! (Go Gators!) See you January 4th my Second Life friends, I’ve a little real life to create. xo

NEW EVE Poster

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Are you still looking for the perfect little outfit to wear to that special New Year’s Eve party?

Just in time to welcome in 2013, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture releases NEW EVE!


NEW EVE gives you that flashy little party dress you are sure to get compliments on! Cute, sassy, glitzy, and with a touch of glow, the strapless silver sequined bodice and sheer, flowing silver skirt will garner attention wherever you go. The mesh part of the dress comes in 5 sizes, from XXS to XL, and can be demoed at the store.

The included headpiece — comprised of diamond jewels and sparkling silver ribbons — is unique and impeccably styled for this dress, but one you can incorporate and utilize with other apparel in your wardrobe! And what a fabulous dress to style up with jewelry, shoes, and so many other accessories to get the look you absolutely want and love!


NEW EVE gives you a casual, sexy, and very macho outfit that everyone will notice! The white satin shirt with button detail, is open to the waist, buttoned below the waist, with a striking stand-up silver sequined collar and matching cuffs. The mesh shirt comes to you in 5 sizes as well, from XXS to XL, and available to demo at the store. The silver white trousers are detailed with the sequined texture around the waist and on each pocket.

Included with the men’s version are silver boots with sparkling ties and ribbon details and a diamond and silver ribbon “boutonniere” to wear on the lapel of the shirt. The look is hot and festive and one you can mix-and-match with other pieces of your wardrobe.

For both men and women, NEW EVE is the one you will reach for time and time again — it is the perfect choice to reach for when you are dancing till dawn and want to be comfortable yet festive!

Get it now while you can! Take the limo below and try NEW EVE today!

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One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art. ~Oscar Wilde

It’s Spring and CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture is celebrating with the release of FRILLY, a sweet cocktail dress perfect for a multitude of events during the season of renewal! It is perfect for events ranging from casual, to cocktail semi-formal with its shorter cocktail length. The skirt is short and sassy, FRILLY is adorned with ruffles across the sleeveless bodice, and with a floral motif detail on the scrumptious material. The ruffling detail continues along the hemline, with an explosion of satin floral frills and sparkling gems within each flower covering the poofy skirt! This outfit is out of the box perfect with minimal edit (if at all).


Completing this adorable high octane dose of flower power is a stylish bowler hat with a satin ribbon and bow around its circumference. I just loved this bowler, it fit to perfection, and you know how cool hats are right now. AlLways the one to keep a sharp eye on details, Enzo knew the formal style of the hat would make this chic and edgy outfit go from fab to all out WOW!

Frilly wraps you in your choice of fresh Pistachio, luscious Licorice, creamy White, and sweet Blush.

Ladies, hurry down to CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture and grab FRILLY – youwill be glad you did! Taxi: