Love.and.the Single.Girl.

laccessoires baoba fairies 2 Going out without accessories is like parading around naked. Hat Baoba: Fairie, **L’Accessoires**

Being single is pretty cool for the most part. Well it is now, it’s a little slow and uncreative at first, but after you become a pro at it you pretty much find a substitute for everything a regular couple has. You do, honestly! Here, ye of little faith, I’ll spell some of it out for you.

You coupled people; you know how when you come home from work and you rant and rave about the day you had? Your husband/boyfriend/other nods so sweetly and coos and offers to make you a toddy and to rub your feet? Yeah, uh huh, I’d like to meet THAT guy! 😉 Well I come home and tell my Jack Russell Terrior-ist, KT all about my day, she looks at me with those big brown eyes in her microcephalic head, I give her a treat and rub her belly. Hmm not quite the same, but you get the point it has the same effect.

Single girls have plenty of Intimacy. Hey, we do! Don’t be a hater; my best friend B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) makes up in innovativeness what he lacks as a conversationalist. Who likes all that sweaty, grunting and groaning anyway? I only wish I hadn’t accidentally taken him to goodwill last week with a bundle of clothes I was donating. (I know, I know, my poor mother). If we were catholic she’d be doing the Sign of the Cross right now.

You know how when you and your “other” get in an argument about his mother, he starts to ping at the little insecurities you have about your body? Oh wait, yeah. I ping at those little insecurities about my body every time I look in the mirror. Just kidding, the best part about enjoying being happily and healthily single is you typically love yourself, faults and all.

laccessoires Would I throw it on like this, nah, most of the time, less is more. Well in less your naked under your accessories. All From L’Accessoires, except collar: Hat: Baoba, Fairies, Earrings: House of London, Mia Nugget Earrings. Arms: 22769, Nouvette sleeves. Left Hangbag: Handverk, Tetrahedron. Right Hand Bag: Eclipse. Collar: .Shi, Leather lace collar

Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, absolutely love coupledom and I am sure one day I will find “that” one who I think can put up with me for the rest of my life (or until he kills me.) I am just saying I like being a solitary single too. I guess my current happily ever after is to blog, to share teeny bits of my life, and to laugh until it hurts with friends and with you, my someday soon friends. If being this open strikes a smile, a chord of friendship or similarity of being with just one reader, I’d say my purpose to put it all out there is a success. I know it’s a altitudinous goal, but with you all traveling with me, I’d like to think it’s plausible. And in the words of Yogi Berra in my own way I plead, “half the lies said about me ain’t true.” Man, I sure do miss B.O.B though.

Whistles “taxi”: Taxi:



I get it, I get it. You’re disillusioned and angry. Most of us are, at least about something. I mean look around, who could possibly be fully satisfied with the world as it is? The state of the economy, school shootings, violence in general, cyber-bullying? You name it, someone always has a problem with it. The problem is in how we “deal” with this anger. Children these days hear their parents complain about everything. We have children who raise themselves with the rhetoric spieled across the Internet and angry words repeated at home. A result of this constant barrage of angry actions? A lot of children grow up angry and disillusioned because they scream and fight and nothing ever works out to their benefit. They are frustrated, we all get that way, but they have no measure or skill in how to deal positively with this frustration. Let’s teach our children the correct way to express feelings, because last I checked screaming never tends to get you the response you wanted. Need an example? Look at the constipation known as the US House and Senate. Some days I think the best option there is one big bowel movement to remove them all from office and start over. The choice in replacement is easy too. I’d elect a level-headed divorced mother with a couple of kids who knows how to run a household and how to balance her checkbook every month. As for our children? Start now to teach them the correct ways of dealing with anger and frustration. I am tired of all this senseless bullying and violent killing. Let’s allow ourselves to become “un-numb” long enough to teach them how to make their adult life a better place. How to “deal” and cope when things don’t go their way. Each of has the power to make a difference, to bring about change, we just need to learn the rules of doing it with common sense, resolution and kindness.

The take from? Well its in the title of course, just a little reminder. Angrified is to be in a state of anger with no particular focus or cause, a tommyknocker is a coalminer whose lost in a coal mine and bangs the walls to try to get someone to hear him. If you have a reason to be angry, formulate a positive plan to ensure these anger points are addressed because banging the walls and making noise, might get you heard, but won’t necessarily save you. I know, a little high-gravity for a Tuesday, but someone recently brought up Sandy Hook and it got me to thinking. A dangerous pastime for a silly Cao.

Jacket and unitard: *Diram, Jasia *NEW** Taxi:
Hat: Tee*fy, Soldier Hat Taxi:
Hairs: Tuty’s, Valentina Bob


The.Weakest.Link. Rings: *SoliDea FoliEs* “Chameleon” at **Fashion Limited** event. Hairs: Vaya Con Dios. Shirt: Drift. “Morning Tank”. Bra: Ladies Who Lunch . Pose: Flighty Pixels Fashion

Overall I had a rather wonderful weekend. I need a little detoxing today because it seems I didn’t sleep all that well. Saturdays dinner boat ride was amazing! The moon was near full so the view was stunning, but thats not what I want to talk about today. As you know I am a thinker. And a watcher. Sunday’s NASCAR party, I will be the first to admit, I don’t “get” NASCAR, but this is an annual party with over fifty of my closest friends so all in all, I had a blast. One of the games we play every year is we all draw names from a bucket of the 43 driver’s in the race. The first bucket we draw from is our potential winners, the second our potential losers. We, of course, pay for these draws. As the race went on, I wandered about, socialized, played some of the other games available and pretty much forgot the race all together. Which is OK, there was much entertainment there. As the race ended, I brought out my names and a friend started chanting and swaggering, “I’m the winner, I’m the winner!” In amazement at my luck, I started dancing and singing “Oh yeah, I’m a loser. I’m a loser!” Prize to first place, and same prize to last place, remember?

The.Weakest.Link. Outfit: AD Creations. *SoliDea FoliEs* collaboration for Salimar Luxury District “Luxury” . Skin: Kooqla. Pose: DelMay

The take from, yes it’s here. There will always be models that appear to be “better” than other models, but it is not so. Because one day when you least expect it, that weakest link may prove to be the strongest, they just may save the show. So never look down upon another person, embrace them their differences. We as models are at our best only when we work together. As the Polish poet Stanislaw Lec once astutely penned,”The weakest link in a chain is the strongest because it can break it.” Just a little something to think about on a high gravity Monday. SLURLS in “last known page.”



It seems so long since Skip and I did our first fantasy picture. I think it was probably this one. Link: But it is something we both seem to enjoy, so I was excited to do a fantasy Christmas card to give to all of my blog, flickr and Facebook friends. So here it is. The take from? And, as you know, there always is one. Afterall, I always have words stuck in my head, but I promise, no “word and peace” today.

This is my “grown up Christmas Wish.” This Christmas let your heart shine a little brighter, be a little more open to possibility. Christmas is not a time nor a season but a state of mind. Cherish peace and goodwill, look to others with a little more forgiveness, and feel the joy of the season with the heart of a child. Be glad, be hopeful and feel the good of the world spiritually. Because there is nothing quite so poignantly sad than to wake up Christmas day and not be a child. So soften your view and embrace the season as a child. That is the little wish I have for each and every one of you.


Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, mix of two outfits. Snowball and Glitter
Wings and Wreaths: Caverna Obscura, part of Holly Faerie Outfit (wreaths, neck and head)
Antlers: Boudoir, Frosted Antlers
Legs: Gauze, Demon legs
tights: Dark Midday Designs, Cute Uggs
Nails: Mandala, Polly
Hairs: Dura, Boys and Girls 38
Ears: +pe+ Elder ears, heavy metal
Poses: Pics and Poses and DelMay



Bo Jackson, is argueably one of the greatest athletes of our time, if not ever. He is the man who played professional baseball and professional football at the same time, but not only played, was one of the best athletes in both sports. You may remember him from the epic Nike commercials, the ones from the “Bo Knows” campaign? If interested they are probably on YouTube because this campaign with the introduction of “cross training sneakers” created for our cross training Bo, singlehandedly brought Nike to the leadership role in the athletic shoe market. Though Bo Jackson was an amazing athlete, his career was cut sadly too short by an accident in football that required a hip replacement. But the point, and there is usually a point, he is one of the humblest people you would ever meet. He felt no need to flaunt his greatness, it was just part of who he is. He was thankful and felt blessed for his talent. How this pertains to you? When Bo was asked if he would do it differently if he had known the future outcome, he replied (in my words) that he wouldn’t change a thing because in all of us is an unknown greatness and we should seek it, set the goal high and strive for the goal until we reach it. Great words, yeah, really powerful and great words. Let’s get rid of all those “I can’ts and replace them with another slogan from Nike, lets “Just do it.” Just something to think about.

2.Snowpaws soleil feather dress cimeria wings nCore Zen bliss couture Huta mandala polly Boon PKJ 371 Aren’t these wings amazing? See? I really am an angel, I have wings!

Yesterday while reading Avenue magazine, if you get a chance, snag a copy, excellent photography and style! Anyway, while perusing, I came across a delightful little dress from Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaws, jaw dropped and I squealed out an “I want! I want!” yeah, I am kinda spoiled that way. I found it, or something similar on the marketplace and while looking at Carrie’s other things, I found my perfect little high fashion angel wings. Mine, mine, mine. I hope you like my interpretation of the look. Oh, and Rusch Raymaker, you made me shop! To add a note, December 16th, Avenue’s Rusch Raymaker will be opening a new home for all of us, Zenshi. A place filled with fashion, entertainment, music, lifestyle and arts. I hope to attend and hopefully I will see you there too! Enjoy your day, we are almost half way to the weekend! So share a smile with those you see along the way! If you get a chance, stop by Snowpaws. I enjoyed this shoot so much, I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

1.Snowpaws SOleil feather dresscimeria wings mandala polly ad venus stockings lg boutique huta ncore zen del may pose kooqla makeup

Outfit One:

Dress: Snowpaws, Soleil feather dress
Wings: Snowpaws, Cimeria wings
Jewelry: Mandala, Polly
Stocking, Angel Dessous, Venus stockings
HairBand: LaGyo boutique, Huta
Shoos: N-Core, Zen
Makeup: Kooqla, sold out from the Couturier’s Dock! Check in store though, lovely artistic makeups!
Pose: Del May