Did you know 70% of people pick heads during a coin toss? I wonder why that is? Do you suppose its one of those glass half-full or half-empty moments? I’d like to think 70% of people are optimists, but somehow I doubt it listening to all the noise and “verbal” spam inworld lately. I hope it’s not bigotry to imply heads is optimistic and tails is pessimistic. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, I state, to all those sensitives who take offense at the smallest most adroit of comments, I thoroughly and almost sincerely apologize if I have alienated you or you feel I have ostracized you for your preference of tails. So, to create a more peaceful assumption, I will assert it must be our brains prejudice to what it believes is the most important area of our body and step away from the topic. Boy, you have to be politically correct about everything these days….


B & W Hats and Accessories, personal protection for your virtual brain. Check it out, I even included the taxi, I’m kinda nice like that. Well most of the time anyway. Taxi:


blisskorinla penderie de nicolemy feathered waspie
I love the feel of the sun kissing my face, don’t you?
Hat: Bliss Couture, Korin, L’Accessoires
Corset: La Penderie De Nicole, My Feather Waspie, L’accessoires

L’accessoires is having another of their, *ahem, events. As a Second Life model, I have to admit, one of my fave things is those contests where you have to create a new style by mixing and matching items. I typically find it to be a fun challenge that is much more exciting than wearing off the rack and submitting a picture for a contest. This is one of the reasons I run to these events that are all around the grid. It’s amazing the looks you can create from just one random object you happen to find. (I’ll show a little more of this next week) This event in particular seems to have a ton of really cool random items! I won’t say more, as I said a few days ago, I am just picture blogging this week, so here are some of the treasured finds I picked up last week at L’Accessoires. I mean, whats not to love, right? It’s all about shoos, bags, hats and any other items that can be termed accessory. I’m hoping next round they add a few fellers to the inventory, thats one of the best accessory’s I think. YAY! I hope you check them out and find yourself some extra inventory too. I love this place so much the SLURL was given a permanent place on my “Last Known SLURLS” page.

laccessoires azoury les talons qian maiiki leggins dnr avana fur coat miamai lika
I wanna be this lusciously sexy when I grow up. *sigh*
Shoos: Azoury, Les Talons Qian <33 L'Accessoires
Leggings: Maiiki
Coat: DNR, Avana
Hairs: Miamai, Lika
Pose Stand: Lost Angel Industry

laccessoires handverk stud clutch bsd hera glam affair studded bow head piece pink bra pm swan jewelled
The mouse to the Cat, “here kitty, kitty, kitty..”
Handbag: Handverk, Stud Clutch L’Accessoires
EyePiece: Purple Moon, Swan Boat Sinking, Jeweled Brow L’Accessoires
Shoos: {{BDS}}, Hera L’Accessoires
Bow Tie: Glam Affair, Studded Bow L’Accessoires
Head piece: Glam Affair, Studded Mouse head piece **New-ish*
Bra Top: Glam Affair, Part of fringed vest outfit

laccessoires pm swann eyebrow hewel glam affair studded bow
Men go crazy for a sharp dressed mouse…
EyePiece: Purple Moon, Swan Jeweled Brow L’Accessoires
Bow Tie: Glam Affair, Studded Bow L’Accessoires
Head piece: Glam Affair, Studded Mouse head piece **Newish*

laccessoires cest la vie casquette swallow rock stud bag truth mindy zibska clea
I’ve never seen a purple cow, I never hope to see one…..
Hat: C’est la Vie, Casquette L’Accessoires
Hairs: Truth, Mindy
Handbag: Swallow, Rock Stud bag, L’Accessoires
Makeup: Zibska, Cleo

laccessoires miamai lois jeunesse jeans itzpaploti jacket aida hairs
When I wear my hairs up I am almost as tall as you…
Shoos: Miamai, Lois L’Accessoires
Jeans: Miamai, Jeunesse
Jacket: Miamai, Itzpaploti
Hairs: Miamai, Aida

laccessoires 22759 feem fascinating fascinator fulo pagoda earrings
A Hat can even make a Lil Cao look glamorous…
Hat: 22759, Feem Fascinating Fascinator L’Accessoires
Earrings: Fulo, Pagoda L’Accessoires
Hair: Miamai, Roe

Tow Amorous Fallen Lust vanity hair sunset blvd
One day my sheik will come…
Jewelry: Amorous, Fallen Lust
Makeup: White Widow, for TOW event
Scarf: *KW* Kawala, Arabian Dream, for Tow Event