Ok, I admit it. I am addicted. I am addicted to this show I just found on A&E channel called “Duck Dynasty.” It’s about this family in Louisiana that has made a boatload of cash from selling of all things, duck calls. I fought it for months, I truly tried to take the high road, who the davil needs another show about rednecks, they seem to make fun of them more than highlight their wonderful qualities. But this one just sort of crept up on me. I can’t help it, words are my favorite drug of choice. I love them, I love their sounds, I love their uses. I was tuned in the other day and the patriarch was talking about his sons living in fancy subdivisions married to “city girls” and how the family was turning Hollywood. Only he didn’t say Hollywood (Hol·ly·wood), he says “going all Hah-leewood” stressing the hah. I had to back it up and re-listen three times, amazing genius! That is now my pronunciation of this word, I’ve been saying it wrong for years! The show is a plethora of new sounds for me, so if I start to say things a little differently around here, try to understand, I am just trying to assimilate myself into my new society. And to fit into my new Hah.leewood persona, I had to don the perfect outfit, Mandala jewelry, and that greatest of all accessory the Diva’s doggy right? As luck would have it Djod Karu of *Diram* showed me some love yesterday and dropped me this gorgeous “Eve” dress in mesh with the matching turban. The outfit can be mixed and matched since it is a seperate skirt and shirt and comes in many colors, I could be wrong but I counted at least 6 colors. The brooch come with the shirt, I’ve just attached one to the turban as well. The gorgeous everyday and cocktail dress will be available March 23rd at the mainstore. Yep, here’s the taxi for you! Taxi:


Monday, I was honored to take part in Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy’s newest modeling class as a guest speaker. I don’t rightly know why they would want a silly Lil Cao there, but when Aunty Mimmi calls, you better runnnnnnn. No, truly, it is an honor, I love Mimmi to pieces and still remember when I was one of her lil hunnies. She taught me 99% of what I know about modeling, and I will be forever grateful to her for her kind (and patient) tutelage of me. I tend to wander away, but she always brought me back to attention. She has a great new class of up and comer’s, it will be interesting to see which models take her teachings to heart and brings it to the next level. Because of the class though, I’ve decided to finish this week with how to differentiate yourself from other models.

Today’s first thought, for new models and aspiring models, never focus so much on your favorite model that you try to “BE” them. Create a unique face that is yours alone. Personally, I think models should pick their country region first, and then create the avatar as he/she would appear in your nationality. An Eastern European woman would look different than a Scandinavian, or an Asian, or an African, Latino, etc. If you need help just google image the “Beautiful women of (country),” sure you might get “those” websites, set your search to safe so you wont be surprised, appalled, frightened, fired because you’re at work… Even with blended cultures, regions don’t lose the markers that make them unique. As an Asian, I am notoriously small, hence the name Lil. When you have the base of your qualities of your face, tweak it to give it uniqueness. I have to say strongly here, sometimes it is the imperfections that make a person truly unique and beautiful.Don’t be afraid to add imperfections, look at it this way, everyone goes for the perfect beauty, so the only way you can make yourself stand out is to have small imperfections and make them a part of you in every single model activity you do, so others will see your face and know its you. Without having to look over your head at your name. This is the single most important part of branding yourself as a model, face recognition.

Take from? Yes, creating your model avatar is the first step and is important to spend time on. Take the time to do it right. Network and get feedback. Don’t be scared to scrap it and start over because in the beginning of your career is the only time you should be tweaking your face. If you always show up looking differently, who will know you by sight? Remember, your brand and goal is face recognition. Create carefully and don’t fall so in love with your face when you are creating it that you become blind to what you are looking at, look at the face not as if it is YOU, look at it objectively like it belongs to someone else, so you can see where you have made mistakes (if you have). Do the hard groundwork now, and hopefully one day, like the Duck Dynasty, you too can go Hah-leewood.



I know, I know, what the heck is with the title right? But honestly, I couldn’t think of a better one for what I just read. I know, Cao’s really shouldn’t read, it makes them think too much. It’s strange really, I don’t think I speak an odd language, it is kind of a blend of southern US drawl, some Brit-speak and perhaps a wafer or two of slang from time to time, but as an active blogger, the little ditty I just read has me concerned. Well quite aghast actually. I would think when one takes the time to blog they are creating a little chronical of history, some of us a little less than others, but history all the same. So when I just read this fact, “The language of a society changes slowly but steadily with the result that an educated person will not be able to read or understand words in his language written 500 years ago” from http://www.funology.com I decided to sound the alarm! All of this writing has been for naught! Ah well, at least it explains why I’ve never been able to understand William Shakespeare. Explains a lot about my “disability” in AP English class. Take from? Yep, here it is. Laugh every once in a while and never take yourself very seriously, in 500 years they probably won’t remember what you wrote anyway.

I love to look posh and chic, that’s why I chose to wear “Elam” from Djod Karu’s *Diram*. Well, for that reason and because Draakje Dailey likes to see me wearing knickers in public. It’s Wednesday, its a down-hill slide from here! Hey! I know you will enjoy the many styles of Diram so much, I’ve included the horse and buggy for you! Taxi:


Voyeur. Diram, Chloe Cape and Brigitte hat. Hairs: Tuty’s “mathilda” Pose: Del May

Not a lot of words to blog today, resting and enjoying the weekend since after a few weeks of unseasonable chill (50’s to 70’s) here where I am in Florida, we are now having a bout of nice weather. So, I think I’ll wander away for the weekend. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend as well! This first cape is a new offering from Djod Karu of *Diram*. Below is the information on where to find it! Enjoy!

_________________________ D I R A M _________________________


CHIC Management’s 3rd Annual
W i t h L o v e < 3 H u n t
by Keira Seerose.

THE CHLOE CAPE, It will be hidden in DIRAM Store and will be Sold: 10 LS

• November 30th @ 4pm SLT: The hunt begins.

• December 28th @ 4pm SLT: The hunt ends.

Diram Megan dura36baiastice ikna ocra golden Also, just released, Diram’s “Megan” available, is the hat, jacket, shirt and pants, in so many mix and match colors it’s too much to show them all. Purse: Baiastice “Ikna” and Hairs: Dura girl36

And for a little fun, since it’s why I blog, a mix and match. I enjoy all the styles at Diram so much, I’ve even included the transport. Taxi:

diram blake the plank le leather bag bandit catena necklace pasha ring nyu debut hiwaist pant

Jacket: Diram, “Blake”
Pants: Nyu, “Debut” highwaist pant
Bag: Plank, “Leleather” bag
Jewelry: Bandit, “Catena” necklace, “Pasha” ring.
Pose: Behavior Body, “handbag set”


New and sizzling hot, is **Dirams ** “Kylie.” The perfectly sexy number for a lazy Sunday of wiling away the day with a significant other. Comfortable enough to lounge in, sexy enough to make him have visions of getting you out of it. But don’t take my word on it, wander on over, pick one up, and check it out yourself. I even made it easy for you, I sent along a taxi. xo Diram: Taxi:

Outfit Style:

suit: ** Diram ** Kylie
Hairs: Tuty’s Adorable, hair base
Glasses: Dumani, Cat Occhiali
Handbag: Dumani, Guise
Necklace: Mandala, Soul necklace
Shoos: Diktator, Horseshoe


drift cozy sweater boatneck sweater and diva yuri3

Okay, Okay, well maybe not that itchy wool type my mama made me wear growing up, but to me, nothing is finer on a lazy Sunday then to pull on a bulky cotton sweater and a comfy low waisted non-binding denim skirt. I mean, think about it, in Florida, especially near the beach where the salty ocean breeze makes things stay a little warmer than inland, sweaters are about it for the year. So I was really excited to see my friend Kallisto Destiny of Drift came out with an outfit that truly mimics what I pull on for long comfortable weekends in the real. The sweater is boatnecked so you don’t feel like you are choking and it gives it a nice feminine peek of shoulder, the long denim skirt has pockets for the miscellaneous minutae like driver’s license, car keys and maybe a credit card. Always need one of those in case you drive by a sale, right? Best part? She offers it in so many colors you can mix and match all winter long! So open a bottle of wine, grab the fruit, cheese and crackers and enjoy a comfortable day with a few friends, in this outfit your certainly dressed for it.

DDrift cozy shabby denim and boatneck sweater with dura girl 30 hair

As an aside, for those “other” days, filled with meetings and *sigh* work. Drift has the Mutiara Dress, also available in many colors. It is safe enough for work and yet feminine and elegant enough for semi-formal events. If you get a chance, check out Drift today. Kalli always designs something young, fun and created for all styles and tastes. And for those loyal “Drifters” a little sneaky information, Drift will be one of the newest designers in the next round of the Couturier’s Dock. So get ready for some awesome additions to our inventory!

drift fs pearls boon hairs diram belt

Outfit One:
Hairs: D!va, “Yuri3”
Sweater: Drift, “Boatneck”
Skirt: Drift, “Cozy Shabby Denim”
Makeup: Kooqla

Outfit Two:
Hairs: Dura, “girl30”
Sweater: Drift, “Boatneck Sweater”
Skirt: Drift, “Cozy Shabby Denim”

Outfit Three:
Dress: Drift, “Mutiari”
Necklace: Finesmith, “pearls”
Hairs: Boon, “BNG331”
Belt: Diram, “Leather Belt”



okay, okay. So I snoogled a piece of a title from an awesome classic rock album. Thank you Sergeant Pepper and the Beatles. I hope it will make sense. I never can tell when I get in this mood, sometimes I ramble, sometimes, when I am lucky, I get it just right. I woke up worried last night. I don’t know why, it just happens that way sometimes. It bothers me that we, well some of us anyway, walk through life with tunnel vision. We wander halls, grocery stores, sidewalks, never bothering to look at the faces around us. It’s as if we are scared to read the graffiti, the words written on their faces. “Life. Friend. Care. Sister.” No matter the content there, we glaze our eyes and our hearts so that we remain uncommitted to the passing, unencumbered, no time wasted. What if, by saying “hallo, how are you?” and actually listening to the answer, we learn someone or something new? What if, by forgetting the minutes lost, we help someone, even if its just by showing we care? What if, in that small moment in a life of years, you meet your soulmate? And all that useless graffiti becomes rock solid compound words? “Life.Time” “Friend.Ship” “Care.Free” “Sister.Hood” Wouldn’t the world be just a little brighter place in which to live?

Outfit One:

Hat: Azoury <33, "La Casquette Laly" at L'Acessoire's
Hairs: Vanity Hair <33, "Tubular Bells"
Jacket: Diram <33, "Sophie"
Epaulet's: Lelutka, "Mithra" shoulder tassles
Skirt: Leezu, "O'LaLa" mini
Socks: Maitreya, "Moxie" over knee sock
Boots: Gos, "GTFO"
Makeups: Mons, Just fell in love in the store!
Pose: Del May, "David"

SLURLS in the SLURL page at the top! <33



Don’t be scared to experiment with color, and always be happy to try a designer that is new to you. There are no mistakes, if you find you don’t like it, discard and move on. But, until you explore, you never know what you will find. Fashion is not static and in its ever changing nature, perhaps you will be the lucky one who discovers the newest “big thing.” Have fun this weekend and if you get a chance, catch some of the shows from BLVD Model Management and Best of Second Life Fashion Week. Who knows, you might even see a Cao wandering around on the runway!

Outfit One:

Hat: .Shi, Imperium
Hairs: Wasabi Pills, Mimi
Jewelry: Kunglers Extra, Mariri
Shirt: A/D/E Sleeveless Dress *Collabor88*
Shorts: *Diram* Part of the Lady Gaga set



It always amazes me the concept of white being every color possible combined and black being the absence of color. And somewhat less surprising that they match together so well being on opposite ends of the spectrum. I recently ran across a blogger’s challenge on a blog I subscribe to, Blogging Second Life. Link: I kind of like these challenges, they are fun, easy, and keep me thinking, and I just happened to have Diram‘s “Brigitte” in black and white. I think it was part of the Vintage Fair. Such a gorgeous creation with its mini skirt length, satin striped sleeves and face accentuating bow. And best of all, the hat was included! YAY! I love hats! The accessories were so easy, Je Suis’s “zebra” clutch, and Nardcotics “shana” pumps in a groovy zebra pattern. To give me a swanky polished look, I am wearing a very dramatic makeup, H.M.A.E.M.’s “Otero.” And they say Cao’s can’t look glamorous! All Slurl’s should be on the page at the top named “Last Known SLURL’s.”

While thinking about colors, or absense of, doesn’t it just make you crazy trying to match them? Especially matching the skin of your feet to your legs? For those interested, there is a free download out there that works really well called “Color Cop.” Link: What you do after downloading the application is open it, cam in really close to the skin on your leg just above the ankle, and drag the little “eye-dropper” over the skin area. This gives you the RGB (red, green, blue) numbers. You will have to check with the notes from your shoe designer, but so many of them these days have scripts that change the RGB by clicking a button on the shoe HUD and typing the numbers in open chat. So no more mismatched skin tones for models and divas! I hope you have a gorgeous day! ❤

Re-Create Yourself.

A little behind on the real life scene, so short but sweet. I am really pleased Djod Karu of *Diram* has created a new line and this one is as brash and sophisticated as her Lady Gaga inspired line “Gagalicious” from last season. Taxi: It will be out in a few days, so in the mean time, I will give you a sneaky peek!

diram brigitte shorts lady gaga judas chinese hat rozoregalia

This first outfit is the “Brigitte” shorts which I teamed with “Judas” from the Gagalicious line. Sexy chic mesh and perfect for those days you walk on the naughty style. I simply added the “Chinese” hat, also new, to add a bit of mystery.
diram brigitte short bolero diana belt sf faces headpiece

In the second style I am wearing the “Brigitte” shorts with this “Brigitte Bolero,” a clean simple look that oozes rich elegance. I threw on the *Diram* “Diana” belt to break up space and draw the eye. Such a simple way to make your wardrobe glam. Mark your calendar to sneak over to *Diram* this weekend and check out all the items included in the new line!

Outfit One:
Short: *Diram*, Brigitte *Soon to be Released*
Top: *Diram*, Lady Gaga Judas, in stores now
Hat: *Diram*, Chinese *Soon to be Released*
necklace/”belt” Rozoregalia, in store now

Outfit Two:
Short: *Diram*, Brigitte *Soon to be Released*
Top: *Diram*, Brigitte Bolero, *Soon to be Released*
Belt: *Diram*, Diana, in stores now
Hat: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Face head piece, in stores now
Hairs: Tuty’s
Nails: [Mandala]