South of the Border

South of the Border

Okay, now see. I’ve mentioned it often enough before, but there are some disbeliever’s out there, but honestly, I am basically undate-able. I really am. My mom is a big part of the reason too. She is determined to see me married off just to give her a dozen or so grandkids. Why she picks on me and not my brother? Heck if I know. No, that’s not sincere, you have to know my brother, maybe it’s probably a good idea to slow down his gene pool. (Just kidding bro) I’m at my wits end honestly, and about to make sure I do not pick up when I see her name on the caller ID. The other day she calls, and I know it’s bad because the first thing she says is, “Cao do you love me?” I kick my own arse right then for picking up the phone, you’d think how much harm can a five foot three woman do, but frankly, she scares the davil out of me. After I affirm my undying love for her she tells me good then I won’t mind going out with Mrs. So and so’s son while he is in town. *head desk*

South of the Border

We decide to meet for a drink. I always refuse to meet for dinner on a first date. Why? Remember my manner’s “issues”? If he chews with his mouth open I am likely to look over at him, smile, and stab him with my plastic spork. They apparently frown on that in most eating establishments around here in this drinking village with a fishing problem. I digress, I show up at the alotted time, and lo and behold he doesn’t look so bad. Handsome fellow, great teeth, taller than me, my big three requirements are met. It was going pretty well, we were chatting about likes and dislikes, cursory things and I mentioned at one point I’d like to learn Spanish. He looks at me and I sware, this is more or less how the conversation went.

Guy: So you like it South of the Border, eh?
Me: What?
Guy: You like dudes from South of the Border (SOB).
Me: [stare] …
Guy: So is it because Florida guys don’t have much going on South of the Border?
Guy: You know, chicks like you these days just don’t want to date guys like me anymore, is it because of what we’ve got SOB?


Of course this is in gest, mostly. But you single women out there know what I’m talking about; we’ve all spent time with “that” guy. So smile and forage on, somewhere out there is some perfect guy made just for us. At least thats what I hear. I hope your Wednesday slides peacefully into the weekend! If you get a chance, come see me Saturday April 13th 1PM SLT, at the *SoliDea FoliEs* show during SoloEvane’s Milan Fashion Week! Today’s color tip? Don’t forget your primary colors, there is a reason they look so good on a flag!

Hair: Boon, YNO421
Glasses: Dumani, Cateye
Lips: Blackliquid, Bloodgloss
Jacket: Leverocci, Sleek Blazer (might be out of business, I tried to find)
Scarf: GizzA, Tricot Set (from the)
Skirt: Maitreya, Mini
Clutch: Chic Zafari, London Bag
POSE: BehaviorBody, Handbag pose



I had a pretty calm Sunday today. I have been half arsed decorating for Christmas and at the same time adding an addition and porch to my SL house, so today was a drift away day. Really no obligations to fulfill. I did attend the Passion Fashion Academy graduation and congratulations to all of those models, you did awesome! But other than that, this morning I sat around for a little bit and savored a nice cup or twelve of coffee. I had a couple of pics of some new Drift items from Kallisto Destiny that I shot last weekend, but when I saw the above pants “Apartment” pants, I couldn’t resist throwing them in, they are so me! Won’t be taking them off anytime soon, so expect to see a lot of me in them!

Drift boyfriend pant city coat dumani occhiali

As a little aside, I want to thank the designer’s who do send me things now and then to consider, I truly appreciate it. I purchase most of the items I blog, so I am very grateful when I receive a little prezzy. I do want to say though, if it takes me just a little longer than you expect to blog them please know, its not that I do not like them, because I do, I Do! I just tend not to blog one designer or another, since I am retired, I like to create outfits from multiple designers, so sometimes I have to stop my brain from creating looks in my head long enough to shoot them, but also I often have real life and Second Life obligations I have to fulfill. But I try, I honestly do, to be consistent. So thank you all, always, for your patience.


I just love Kalli’s Drift brand, it always has an ease and comfort to it. The types of clothes I would gravitate to in RL. Check out Drift today, I know you will find lots of things you just can’t live without. I know I always do! I’m lazy today, but still going to include the taxi for you! Taxi:

Drift freedom shirt boyfriend pants diva asami

Outfit One:
Hair: D!Va, Asami *Fameshed*
Jewelry: [Mandala]
Pants: Drift, Apartment Pants *New*
Sunglasses: Baiastice

Outfit Two:
Hair: D!va, Asami, *Fameshed*
Jacket: Drift, City Coat *Couturier’s Dock*
Pants: Drift, Boyfriend pant *New*
Purse and Sunglasses: Dumani

Outfit Three:
Hat: Baoba, Velvet cap
Scarf: Maitreya, Evi
Jacket: Drift, Trench
Shoos: Miamai, Lois
Stockings, Angel Dessous, Jennifer
Purse: HOF, Vandersatchel
Ring: Mandala, Motsumame

Outfit Four:
Hair: D!VA, yep, Asami
Shirt: Drift, Freedom shirt
Pants: Drift, Boyfriend pants



The more I play with inworld photography for my blog, the more I realize it’s limitations. I can’t help not notice, my brain seldom thinks straight, it always seems just a little left of center actually, and I have a difficult time finding just the right pose! I was reading a blog the other day about how bloggers and models need to give more credit to the wonderful pose makers in Second Life. I am so guilty of seldom crediting them, by the time I snap the picture and write down what I am wearing, I forget to check the posemaker and pose I am using. Bad, Bad Cao.

Strike.A.Pose. Isn’t this the most adorable backpack and headphones? It’s a free groupgift at [sYs] \o/

So unrepentant, but willing to bend a little. I am happy my friend Antosperandeo of Behavior Body has come out with two sets of handbag poses! Both sets are completely about showing off the bag you are carrying, and each set includes, six poses plus six mirrored poses, but also has the poses in 3 sizes, so its 72 poses per set. There is also a preloaded pose stand, 2 “just pose” Huds, and 1 handbag in 9 different colors! Whew, exhausting just to write all of that!

I’d sneak by Behavior Body and grab the sets because they are perfect for runway, photography, or any setup where you don’t want your purse leaching through your body. I’ve shown you a few of the poses, and as you can see, gorgie! I love them all so much, I included the taxi for you! Taxi:

Outfit: (purposely kept simple to showcase the poses)
Hairs: Boon
Jewelry: Mandala
Jacket: Liv-Glam, Westwood
Pants: Glam Affair, Lou
Shoos: [sYs], Divine

Glasses: Dumani, Cateye occhiali
Purse: .::Pichi::., *coco*

Pic Two:
backpack/headphones: [sYs], tiny backpack
Purse: Behavior Body, part of pose set

Pic Three:
Headphones: Neurolab, headphones
Purse: Dumani, ombre python borsa

Pic Four:
Glasses: [Gos] custom eyewear, Cateye
Purse: Lelutka, Ruiz


Channeling.Charlie. Amazing pose by Del May ❤

I oft wonder if it would be amazing to be one of those really famous people? You know the ones, not these current hollywood types who make their names by being more and more outrageously bad in behavior. No, I wouldn’t want to be known for anything like that, they are all too generic these days. I mean someone who 35 years after his death, if you saw a picture of him, or even just a pose, you’d know that’s Charlie Chaplin! I can’t say I’ve ever even seen one of his moving pictures honestly. But he has been often imitated, just because of his “face value.” I just wonder, do you think its possible to live right, be honest and kind and still be famous? Or has notoriously bad replaced famous in modern culture? Hmm, sad, but seeing how many in Hollywood act, perhaps it has. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if most of the movies we are force-fed these days were the silent type? Not a soapbox comment, just a quiet observation.


As an aside, Shay Sibrian and Jade Art of Celoe are just amazing at making mesh products, especially jackets. Even though I do not blog them all, I do wear them. I think I have bought them all in fact. If your looking to update the winter wardrobe, its a great place to check out! I enjoyed the SIM, Mayfair (ala Central London), and the store so much, I’ve included the hackney carriage for ya. Taxi:

Outfit One:
Hat/Hair: D!va, Chiaki
Scarf: Tram, silk scarf
Jacket: Celoe, Maru
Pants/shoos: Maiterya Mceht Leggins
Cane: Adjunct, gentleman’s walking stick
Pose: Del May, Charlie Chaplin 3

Outfit Two:
Hat: Tram, Cat beret
Hair: La Viere, Natasha
Jacket/belt: Celoe, Rossi
Skirt: Gizza, Maxi skirt
Bag: Dumani, Guise bag
Ring: House of Fox, Forever Young
Pose: Del May


New and sizzling hot, is **Dirams ** “Kylie.” The perfectly sexy number for a lazy Sunday of wiling away the day with a significant other. Comfortable enough to lounge in, sexy enough to make him have visions of getting you out of it. But don’t take my word on it, wander on over, pick one up, and check it out yourself. I even made it easy for you, I sent along a taxi. xo Diram: Taxi:

Outfit Style:

suit: ** Diram ** Kylie
Hairs: Tuty’s Adorable, hair base
Glasses: Dumani, Cat Occhiali
Handbag: Dumani, Guise
Necklace: Mandala, Soul necklace
Shoos: Diktator, Horseshoe


rinne dumani cateye occhiali dura girl 29 picadilly over knee viola vintage heather hotpant

I know, I know, right? But do I always have to make sense? It makes perfect sense to me, thats what matters right? Was kind of too mellow today to do much of anything blog-wise. So this is what you get, a blog dedicated to all of you. I was reading the really ugly things on “Agency Report” (I won’t include a link) I don’t agree with the premise of a site built to denigrate hardworking fellow models, agencies, or people at all. A site that allows one person to bad mouth another really grates my docile Cao nature. Isn’t it more productive to honor other people and create a world of light, not dark? Lighten up people! It’s only a Second Life! hehe and thanks a lot Isoldel for making me even look. I haven’t peeked over at the site since last year. –.–

Lelutka salome leezu viola vintage mouse mask spartin parx nardcotix miranda wedge cia highwaist pants nature

Just a micro-blog today. First and foremost a shoutout and huge thank you to my dear and beautiful friend Spartin Parx for the really cool “Mouse” mask. I was truly digging it when I saw it in a photo in this months Vogue and then logged in and you had left the present in my inventory. So awesome, you creative people in SL just amaze me no end! So today is a blog plugging all my friends, the one’s I’ve met, and the ones I haven’t met, yet, and to all of you designers, photographers, models, avatars, just everyone! As Torley would say “You are awesome!” Omgoodness I think I just “dated” my avatar by mentioning I went to Torley Lindens SIM (circa 2007). O.o I am taking a little bit of time off. I adore you all so much, so don’t forget me!

Look One:

Hair: Dura, girl29
Earrings: [Mandala], Rinne
ring: House of Fox, Forever young
Glasses: Dumani, Cateye occhiali
Jacket: Leezu! Viola Vintage
shorts: Leezu! Heather hotpant
Boots: Leezu! Picadilly over knee *New*

Look Two:

Hair: Lelutka, Salome silver
Mask: Spartin Parx, Mouse mask JUST LOVE!
jacket: Leezu!, Viola Vintage
Shorts: CIA, Highwaist pants nature
Shoes: Nardcotix, Miranda Wedge


After all, it’s a Second Life. In fact, if we all realized how very little of our second existence will spread over to our real lives, the microcosm that is SL could possibly become a true “No Drama Zone.” So free up the angst and indecision, allow yourself to slow down and.. well.. be happy! Dress to please you, after all you are your own paperdoll, how much more fun could that possibly be? And the best part is, sometimes when you are just playing around, you come up with some pretty fun fashion!


Micro-blogging today, but wanted to add as an aside, and it’s a secret, so SHHHhhhhhh…. It’s okay to wear an item more than once. I know, I actually put that in writing. In the next days, I might wear one or two things more than once, if you don’t like it, your going to have to sue me, but keep in mind I buy my own blog items, so there might not be much left to sue for. I think re-using items has a functional purpose as well, it trains the eye that sometimes you see an item as belonging in one category, say, informal, but as you re-use it you are amazed to see, it does alright in the formal, or playful, or “whatever” category. It’s just a good training in inventorying items in your brain because honestly, and I admit, I am THE WORST, I find if I wear something only once, or often just purchase it without trying it on at all, I forget I own it and only months later when I rediscover the folder and ask myself, “what the heck is this?” do I remember the item and typically I remember it with a “drat it all, that would have worked perfect with……” But then again, you yourself may not have ever done this, It may just be a Cao thing (don’t say a word, Dragon!), you are listening to the person who mutes herself and her jewelry scripts for weeks on end.But have fun, Love life, and Live brightly! Have a beautyful night! ❤

Look One:

Hairs: Lelutka, Salome Taxi:
Glasses: Dumani, Cat Eye Occhali Taxi:
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather Taxi:
Jacket: Leezu!, Viola Vintage Taxi:
Pants: [LWL], Harem Taxi:
Purse: Dumani, Ombre
Shoes: [LWL] Troopa