Fowl Feathered Friends

Fowl Feathered Friends

Okay, I can’t help it. I love feathers and I love creative fashion. It’s one of the reasons me working for *SoliDea FoliEs* is such a good fit. Mila Tatham designs very creatively. But there are a lot of these truly creative designers out there. One of the others brands I simply can’t live without is Faint Paulse’s Ladies Who Lunch. I started playing with this outfit Saturday, but it was such a nightmare in SL getting anything to attach I finally said “uncle” and left. I think today was a little better, and I hope you like. I am keeping with the low velocity one more day, so Draakje? short and sweet, so there!

Fowl Feathered Friends 1

Take from? There is a new round of Hottie Cooterati’s Zodiac, and its Taurus, and I’m a Taurus, so HAVE fun for my birthday month! And buy me lots of prezzy’s, okay? See, so nice, I’ll even include the taxi. Taxi to Zodiac!:

Outfit One:

Skin: Essences, Taurus **Hottie Cooterati Zodiac event** (Thanks Anderian Sugarplum :**)
Hat: [LWL], Blush Veil hat
Hair: Tuty’s, Adorable
Earrings: Mandala, Leather Feather
Makeup: Mons, Burning eyeshadow (**Taurus Hottie Cooterati Zodiac event**)
Gloves: Mimikri
“Wings”: [LWL], Vesuvius, feather part of hip pieces
Shirt: [LWL], MFM11 Aviary Top
Tutu: [LWL], Aviary Tutu
Socks: ALB, Joy (part of a boot set)
Shoos: [LWL], Faint! Precarious Platforms


The.Weakest.Link. Rings: *SoliDea FoliEs* “Chameleon” at **Fashion Limited** event. Hairs: Vaya Con Dios. Shirt: Drift. “Morning Tank”. Bra: Ladies Who Lunch . Pose: Flighty Pixels Fashion

Overall I had a rather wonderful weekend. I need a little detoxing today because it seems I didn’t sleep all that well. Saturdays dinner boat ride was amazing! The moon was near full so the view was stunning, but thats not what I want to talk about today. As you know I am a thinker. And a watcher. Sunday’s NASCAR party, I will be the first to admit, I don’t “get” NASCAR, but this is an annual party with over fifty of my closest friends so all in all, I had a blast. One of the games we play every year is we all draw names from a bucket of the 43 driver’s in the race. The first bucket we draw from is our potential winners, the second our potential losers. We, of course, pay for these draws. As the race went on, I wandered about, socialized, played some of the other games available and pretty much forgot the race all together. Which is OK, there was much entertainment there. As the race ended, I brought out my names and a friend started chanting and swaggering, “I’m the winner, I’m the winner!” In amazement at my luck, I started dancing and singing “Oh yeah, I’m a loser. I’m a loser!” Prize to first place, and same prize to last place, remember?

The.Weakest.Link. Outfit: AD Creations. *SoliDea FoliEs* collaboration for Salimar Luxury District “Luxury” . Skin: Kooqla. Pose: DelMay

The take from, yes it’s here. There will always be models that appear to be “better” than other models, but it is not so. Because one day when you least expect it, that weakest link may prove to be the strongest, they just may save the show. So never look down upon another person, embrace them their differences. We as models are at our best only when we work together. As the Polish poet Stanislaw Lec once astutely penned,”The weakest link in a chain is the strongest because it can break it.” Just a little something to think about on a high gravity Monday. SLURLS in “last known page.”


lwl street mini mandala polly miamai syle

I had planned to take only Friday off, but as life has it, sometimes the smallest of minutiae can toss you on your arse and leave you soundly and resolutely locked with inertia. Words can be more powerful and deadly than the dirtiest of bombs at times. Friday, a dear friend showed me that an unknown person took my profile picture and made it their own. Filled with self-righteous indignation, I went through the loops fondly known by me as Facebook non-administration, to confront the person. The nerve, impersonating me! (I know, I sound sanctimonious, right?) On Saturday, the person messaged me back with this:

“Im sorry but I take it from flicker and is this a sin like gaining any else pic for example when we use actress pic and singers and I thought its the same????? And I look at your fb profile im not stealing any pic just liked this pic on flicker and u also posted it on fb too dont have any bad idea about me and I dont want pretend any pic as me or my avi so delete that post on fb whoch said I stole your pic if u r gr8 in sl then im much more gt8er in rl.”

Leezu Tasia times square boot, lwl street mini miamai syle

I couldn’t respond to the comments, Facebook wouldn’t let me, so I was left hanging in the wind, forming thoughts, words, and gasping for air. I was angry because I do feel putting someone, anyone’s, picture as your profile picture is misleading, but I also feel that just the fact that it IS an avatar may be worse than using a celebrity’s pic, because an avatar is one persons, the users, artistic rendition of their virtual selves, so in a vague way, it is stealing someone’s art. However,the occurrence was explained, I accept the explanation, so you would think I could move on. But, as I said, a complete lethargy overwhelmed me. Words are bombs. I am over the act of stealing the pic, but I can’t move past the last words spoken, and I have no recourse to address them; “if u r gr8 in sl then im much more gt8er in rl.” Hear that? Now THAT’s a verbal bomb. We all want to be liked, we all know there will be those who don’t like us. I’m not a Second Life avatar, I HAVE a Second Life avatar. Big Difference. I am a great and worthy person in real life, just as everyone else is.

I believe we should always try to walk with a soft tongue and an accurate measuring stick when chatting, whether in real life or a virtual life. I, myself, recently on two occasions, once inworld and recently when commenting on anothers blog, miscalculated the measure of my words and hurt the person at the other end. Inworld, since I was listening to the words following my err, I could pick up I had said something wrong, I asked what I said wrong and clarified my poor choice of words right then. I truly meant to say nothing wrong, in my haste to log, I accidentally short-handed my words to where they were construed as meaning something else entirely. On the blog, the offending term was pointed out to me and I immediately apologized. Words are bombs, they can hurt.


A take from? Yeah, there is. When you are chatting, verbally or written, before you say something think about it and word it to construe your best meaning. Also though, if you hear something and it offends/angers/upsets you, don’t stew on it, immediately say to the person, this is what I heard just then, is that what you meant to say? And always, always don’t just jump ship. Give the person a chance to explain their feelings, to find the rights words for what they meant. It’s so easy to just write people off, but what if by writing this person off, you have cut out one of the major players in the story of your life?


Hair: Miamai, Syle
Jacket: Leezu! Tasia
Dress: Ladies Who Lunch, [LWL], Street Mini
Shoos!!: Leezu!, Times Square Boot
Jewelry: Mandala


vanity lady boy indyra leggins from venice finesmith feather story sys black swan diktator envy 1
Jacket: sYs, Black Swan (Love this!). Hairs: Vanity Hair, Lady Boy. Leggins: Indyra, from the Venice outfit. Earrings: Finesmith, Feather Story NEW!. Shoos: Diktator, Envy. Bra: Ladies Who Lunch. Ugly Ciggy: Di’s Opera Pose: DelMay

Ok, I know it and so do you. Second Life with it’s anonymity creates vast crevices where a ton of drama can pile up. The virtual world has a faster gossip mill than the Central Intelligence agency of most third world countries. Why? I suppose because some people thrive on it. Me? I prefer to keep my pixelated head entrenched deeply in the sand. The take from, and you know there always is one.

vanity lady boy indyra leggins from venice finesmith feather story sys black swan diktator envy It’s a high gravity Monday after taking 9 days off, I chose to dress like I mean business. In a cheeky way of course.

Everyone has some crazy friends, or coocoo family members. You know the ones, they can be a joy one moment or a living ‘ell the next. But you can’t fix crazy. You also shouldn’t spend a lot of time on worry, trust me this worry is probably small compared to the one waiting just around the corner for you to show up. As for the friend? And it may sound mean but their problems are theirs, not yours. What is important to you is how you let their problems effect you. Empathy for them is understandable and right. But as to their solution, this is where you make space for them to figure out their own. Let them know you are there for them and then step back and just be there.

diktator envy These shoos. mmmmm I smell sex and candy.. Hot, hot hot.

I did a mix and match today and have to say, I just love this jacket from sYs, so incredibly amazing! The shoos from Diktator need no introduction, but watch out, Draakje already licked the vendor.. The hair is from Vanity Hair and is a perfect have available in inventory style. I love to pull it out every once in a while because of its shorter length and pulled back style. I heard a rumor, but a good one, that Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs is back and back in style to boot. I just fell in love with this whispy and gorgeously feathered necklace and earring set. If you get a chance, swing by one or all of these designers stores, I know you will find the perfect attire for your drama free Monday as well. (The SLURL’s are under my “last known SLURL’s page.” I know, lazy Cao, but for today you will have to empathize with me, I’m just off vacation and running a little jagged.

Finesmith feather story Cao’s in feathers, I’m sure there is a nursery rhyme in there somewhere.


No hope for the human race

Recently while perusing, I ran across this picture and had to pause. I’d like to think I’d save the child, but then what would I have to blog about? As luck would have it, camels are herbivores, so he’ll probably just give him a hair swirly and move on. Besides, this is one of those epic pics that just doesn’t get any better! You know the one. That pic of you taken when you were two years old and you faceplant in a mud puddle? Or the one taken when you were five and decided to play dress up with your mother’s makeup and clothes? Or better yet, the pic your best-friend-forever took of you when you left the ladies room at the bar and your skirt was tucked into your panty hose? Ok, ok, alcohol may have been involved in the last one. But you know the pics, all those little missteps and embarrassing moments that somehow always end up caught on picture. Those pictures that always seem to be shown over and over through the years and they never seem to lose their laugh appeal. The point is, we all have them, so own them. I think when we love ourselves enough to laugh at ourselves, we have truly grown up. If we spent half the time making fun of things we’ve done instead of making fun of what others are doing, the world would be a more peaceful place! So free it up this holiday and take a moment, and laugh. I hope you will be happy you did. As for the child, well, I’d probably be guilty of taking the pic. No, honestly? I’m kind of clumsy, I’d probably find my head in the camels mouth.

dura boy girl 39 drift apt pant erratic vanity jacket lwl gauntlet shoo pics n poses 1

I know! I know! I said no blog until after the New Year! But when I took a look at the new hairs from Dura called “Boy and girl 39” I just had to shoot it! Well that and the fact my parents are driving me crazy. I hope your are having an amazing holiday, eating, drinking, being merry and if your like my little dragon friend, spending a day gifting yourself with anything your heart desires. It’s Christmas, shouldn’t you give the best gift to your best friend? Yourself. Have fun and I can’t wait to be back to see you all!

dura boy girl 39 drift apt pant erratic vanity jacket lwl gauntlet shoo pics n poses 2


Hairs: Dura, boy girl 39 *New*
Jacket: Erratic, Vanity jacket
Pants: Drift, apartment pant *New*
Shoos: Ladies Who Lunch, gauntlet
Pose: Pics N Poses

Voice.For.The.Silent. 2Lei


2Lei is a collaborative project between different groups in Second Life, born in 2010 with the aim to raise awareness and disseminate events related to the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”. It is embraced by virtual artists, gallery owners, musicians and culture personalities of Second Life sharing a common message of solidarity to the women through their particular art.

“2Lei” is a variety of virtual teams in a traveling event between different spaces, with a very broad participation, and if we consider that an island can support up to 100 avatars, we can say we have been able to reach this limit for each of the events presented, with participation of users, not only Italians, but also from several international Countries. “2Lei” project, thanks to this virtual event, has the potential for more people to collaborate and meet, even at a distance of the space of the Earth, to pursue a single intention, awareness. Also this year, for the third edition and with great anticipation, we will be sharing the different events over several days, from 19th to 25th November.

Between November 19th and 25th, we shall speak, we shall commemorate, we shall stand in celebration of women. All women. But especially for the women of no voice who suffer needlessly at the hands of another. For our final event on the 25th November (time to be determined) we want to have a runway show of the “anonymous women’s designers.” The show encompasses the Yin and Yang forces of life. Relative levels of Yin Yang are continuously changing ebbing and flowing in life. Normally this is a harmonious change, but when Yin or Yang are out of balance they affect each other, and too much of one can eventually weaken (consume) the other. Let’s stand for those consumed in this elemental force of nature.

We hope you will join us! Are you willing to join us? Designers will just need to provide one black or one white outfit for the show. Models will just have to donate their time to walk in the show. So easy, yet so powerful. If you will help, please contact Caoimhe Lionheart or Draakje Dailey so we can kindly add you as participating anonymous designers or models. We are standing up to the bully with the fists, the evil person with the verbal weapons, won’t you stand with us?

8175574177_7d0aafa943_b Picture By Aliza Karu ❤



Its not always about your face. It’s about the fashion. I think thats why you sometimes see the use of masks or “veils” in fashion. You know, don’t look at my face, look at this really groovy outfit I have on! Maison Martin Margiela’s Fall 2012 Couture show was filled with models wearing sequined and beaded face covers, and you know what? While looking at the pictures, I couldn’t take my eyes off the clothes. Google it, see if you feel the same, I am thinking of trying it my next runway show. Please, let me know what you think.

Cao~Grá i gcónaí....

I originally purchased this jacket a few months ago, back when everyone else did, the week Ladies Who Lunch released it. I couldn’t make a decent picture out of it, so I tucked it away as an item to try and restyle later. I have an entire folder in my inventory labeled “Things to Try Over” because I am an “accidental” model at best, I have to feel it to be able to style it. Knowing I had a photoshoot with Skip Staheli, and also knowing he would be able to take whatever I style and make a gorgeous and usable piece of art with it, I pulled it back out and worked with it a few days. What I found from this, nothing is important to this style but the oversized coat. Everything else should be minimized, including my face. Once I figured that out, I darkened the face, further hid it behind hair, wore less clothes elsewhere, just turned the focus to the unique coat and let Skip do his thing. I really like what Skip created, what do you think about the result?

Outfit One:

Coat: Ladies Who Lunch, “Beast Shrug”
Hair: .:EMO-tions.., “White Feather”
Shirt: [sYs], piece of “Ynuit pullover” (undershirt)
Pants: Zaara, leggings (as a hint, I wear these, and the [VG] beater from yesterday a lot because they are modify so you can change their color, if you are looking for two rock solid base pieces)
Gaiters: [sYs], “Ynuit”
Makeup: The Plank/Plank Couture
Lips: Miamai, “Dark Desires”


I just love the designs at Boudoir, Vitabela Dubrovna and her sister Precious Restless, create the most amazing fairytail and designer items. This is an older previously unblogged picture, but as you can see the creative nature of the outfit never goes out of style. The dress is “Bad Butterfly” and is gorgeous with its winglike skirt. The actual wings are from Material Squirrel, the jewelry is the “Caoimhe Angel” set from Finesmith (see Draakje? someone thinks I am an angel. *adjust’s halo*) and the black headpiece is from Ladies Who Lunch and is called “Faint! Alejandro.” Not all fashion modeling is pret-a-porter, so explore and find the genre that is just right for you!

Cao~Dark Waters

I know, the title of the blog, it’s sad, but oh so true. Life is often hard, sometimes frustrating but then aren’t the best things in life the things we have worked so hard to achieve? Sure, anyone can dream, but why just dream? Why not make your dreams come true? You’d think being a model in Second Life would be easy. But really it takes hard work, a strong sense of style, and a large dose of humor on the best of days. Lags no fun when you are walking around in a store, it’s down right brutal during a runway show. But if being a model is what you really wish to be, it is also fun and rewarding. No you won’t get rich, but the people you meet, the things you create, the looks you inspire, are irreplaceable.

I think of modeling as a way to chronical the history of Second Life Fashion because history and art are “my thing.” The degrees to which the fashion industry has evolved over the years is quite simply, breath taking. And I am not just speaking of the technology, I mean, who doesn’t remember teleporting from one SIM to another and losing your hair and half of your clothes? I also mean the creative skill set of so many of the Second Life designers as well. I am thankful to be a model at a time when Second Life fashion so seamlessly follows the real world fashion industry. How else could I afford these haute couture styles? Well, really, how could a girl from a tiny little fishing village in Florida even find anything haute couture? I live in the bathing suit and shorts capital of the world.

So get out there, make the best of your time as a model, enjoy the ride, because it is truly a one of a kind experience. As an aside, I have a NC with tips for reducing lag, if anyone is interested in snagging a copy, drop me an Instant Message or notecard and I’ll drop it off to you.