1. It Was On Brrrrr it’s so cold outside of my house these days..

I honestly don’t know how it occurred, I’m such a docile little Cao. But I suppose when you have a little dragon as a best friend, it’s bound to happen. I guess it’s my fault, I was the one who called her out last week on my blog, but still, she should have known I didn’t really mean it, you know? Supermodel, Draakje Dailey has been a best friend to me, wow, for so long now and she is such an asset as a friend. Besides being a kind soul, she is a literal rolodex of information, she knows who is selling what, where the LM is, and probably even the colors, so as a friend, she’s a no brainer. But I digress, yep, last week I told her I’d made a snowball and it had HER name on it. But like most Cao’s, I forgot the comment and wandered away to other meanderings.

2. It Was On I was just minding my own bees wax walking to Draa’s house and SPPLLAAAAT!

Over the weekend, I decided to go and hang some with dragon, not unusual, we meet up all the time to check on each other, but this time, she was prepared. All in all, it was a clean fight, I think she won, if there is a winner in these things. But for all counts, it was a silly fun way to spend some time on the weekend. The pose set, which includes poses and scene are from Lost Angel Industries and is found as part of the “With Love Hunt” so don’t miss out on this great prop with an awesome price. I just know you will love it so much, I’ve even included the taxi for you! LostAngel Industries: Taxi:

3. It Was On Peace my arse, it’s on!

Outfit Cao:

Hat: Maitreya, Beanie cap
Hairs: Maitreya Evi II
Skirt/Jacket: Coldlogic, combo meek
Scarf: BOHO HOBO, candystripe
Mittens: Izzie’s, Norwegian Mittens
Tights: Maitreya, Tartan leggins
Boots: Ispachi, Seasons

Outfit Draakje:

Link to the dragons creds:

4. It Was On Throwin it down like I’m a pitcher for the Yankees!

In the end, exhausted and cold, we made up. I think. Of course, only after I let her believe she won.. And I’m sure thats not an extra snowball in our hands..

5. It Was On

Escape but remember; embrace life’s ambiguities. ~Unknown

Life is funny, Second Life is an escape, but so many treat it as much more than a game. And in some ways it kind of is, the people we interact with are certainly real, have real friends, real family, real day to day drama’s, dreams and wishes. So I think, my thought for myself for this week was pretty much summed up in the title quote, “Escape but remember; embrace life’s ambiguities.” Always keep your escape to Second Life as a minor detour from your real life ambiguities because not facing them, does not make them disappear, it just makes them heap up like a big pile of rubbish at the door. So don’t become an emotional “hoarder,” free your soul from the detritus about you, face your real life and don’t let your Second Life become your main focal point to your life long journey, let it be an enriching enhancement to your travels. *falls off Soap Box*

Escape but remember; embrace life's ambiguities.  ~Unknown

Today’s selection is a mix of designer’s because I actually want to highlight not only the clothes, but the poses as well. Because as models, we know, in a virtual world our poses have to speak for us since we typically cannot truly use our face to create emotion. But also, as blogger’s it’s a boon to find poses that highlight the item we are “selling.” It doesn’t make sense to sell shoes while standing on your feet, the viewer will spend their time doing the circuit of your entire outfit. With these NEW shoe poses from LostAngel Industries, the avatars shoes are out front, in your face gorgeous! For this picture I am wearing [[LD]] ‘s fab pumps, pants from NYU, shirt by Mon Tissu, Hairs are Vanity Hair, and glasses are from [sYs]. But as you can tell, out front on display, is always the incredible shoes! Stop by Lostangel Industry today, they have all kinds of creative poses on display. Here, I’ve even called the taxi for you: Taxi:

Escape but remember; embrace life's ambiguities.  ~Unknown

My next pose creator is well known designer Miamai. Miamai always seems to create poses with the blogger/model in mind. This set of poses is strictly created to show off handbags and each pose was creatively done. There are two bags included, but there is no reason to limit yourself to just those bags, these poses work for so many handbag choices. In other words, the poses are not part of the bags, the poses stand alone. Keeping it simple and summery, I am wearing the *LpD* Kaly outfit (MESH), Similar Italian sandals, the Miamai bag, topped with a ::69:: brand hair with hat. Simple faire for a simple day in the sun, don’t you think? Linked here, your chariot awaits! : Taxi: