Girls spend hours deciding what to wear, and all guys do is try to picture us naked.

Spring 2013 kimono-esque

All business today. I am without a home for the moment, so the picture quality may decline a little bit. I shot and styled all of these in just an hour (incuding cropping). I hope the style stands on it’s own though. I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a model. A tiny fishing village does not equate to high fashion on any playing field. But, I am a thinker. And, a studier. As an aside, when I grew up I was taught to never start a sentence with “and” or “but.” When I went to college they said that particular rule of English structure has been thrown out the window. Ah well, so here I am, even I picked up some of those radical liberal viewpoints whilst being brainwashed in college. I’m glad my mom doesn’t read my blog, though, my common memory of her as I was growing up were comments like “don’t dangle your participle!” I’d imagine using and and but to lead a sentence would pretty much spell the end of her sanity. But… I digress, as I said. I am a studier and thinker.

Today I was following up on the current Trends for Spring 2013 as presented by Thinking it over, I decided to try to throw my interpretation on them. I had one set back, Second Life’s Spring lines aren’t out yet. But I think I did okay, well okay for a Cao. Who’s not a model. I’ll start with the 2013 styles will include modern plays on the kimono. See above? I am starting here, because what can I say, I love kimono’s. But also, because this picture is about a year old. See you guys think I dress funny, sometimes I am just a year ahead of the trend. 😉

Spring 2013 Contrast

The second trend we should be seeing is a continuation of contrasting colors. Not just black and white, like seen here. Also, Blue and orange, red and green. It is typically what you would think is a cool color, like blue and team it with a warm color, like red. These are brought down to singular, basic colors, but with so many colors on a spectrum, the sky is truly the limit.

Spring 2013 Collage

The next trend mentioned is collage. I earned a collage degree in 2008, oh wait. nevermind. I earned a college degree. The collage look is the use of sewing together different patterns to create a new look. They always seem to look a bit ethnic, or eclectic to me. Perhaps a bit Boho chic. Zaara is already in the game for this look since this is a last years sundress.

Springs 2013 veiled sheers

The next trend for Spring will be what is called “veiled” styling. There were a lot of sheer see-thru materials out this year during the RL fashion weeks.This one just hasn’t really come about much in Second Life yet, but it will be fun to see it if any designer’s decide to play with it. I’m wearing the sheer blouse from Gizza included in the Blazer suit outfit. (found by way of Chloe, kudos girl!). The rest of the look should be layered elements, but I stalled here due to time constraints and threw on a pair of quasi-layered pants.

Spring 2013 flounces

The next fashion trend you should be seeing this Spring is the flounce. I really like this look there are a lot of romantic and elegant things you can create with a flounce. Without the adorable layers of this dress, it would lose a lot of its depth and would be too plain to wear for anything other than everyday wear. I particularly love this look for Second Life because it adds a 3 dimensional effect in a basically two dimensional world.

Springs 2013 alpha females

And last, but certainly not least, and this is afterall, a look I wear more than others is the alpha female trend. Fuller eyebrows on women are back in (think Brooke Shields in the 70’s), as well as man cut jackets and pants. I like the look, but tend to like to soften it up some with things like wearing a bra as a shirt, or feminine jewelry.

Take from? Well of course, Second Life modeling isn’t really about playing dressup with your Barbie doll. You need to keep up with current styles, learn new styles or create a new trend in styles. It’s fun to throw on clothes, but to be the best at something you need to lead others by introducing those looks other avatars will crave to wear and own. I hope this was enough to get you excited about the coming Spring Fashions. Heck, I am just a lil Cao, a non-model. Just imagine what YOU could do! SLURLS are under the “Last known SLURLS page.

Outfit One:
Hair: Boon, BNG331
Makeup: Blackliquid, Winehouse
Earrings: Zaara, Hiral Wood
Necklace: ChopZuey, La Cascadeuse
Shirt: .Shi, Wrap Blouse
Skirt: Mon Tissu, Westberry
Shoes: Diktator, Dare Horseshoe

Outfit Two: Contrast
Jacket: Gizza, Blazer suit (female)
Pants: LWL, Harem IKat
Makeup: *LpD* Gia, eyes
Hair: Madesigns, Aria
Hairbase: 99 elephants, shaved
Jewelry: Mandala, Senjyu

Outfit Three: Collage
Dress: Zaara, Kitika Maxi dress
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Jewelry: Zaara, Hiral earrings, Parnini necklace

Outfit Four: Veiled
Shirt: Gizza, included in the Blazer suit (female)
Pants: Glam Affair, July
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Jewelry: A la folie

Outfit Five: Flounced
Dress: Tee*fy, Orelle
Necklace: LaGyo, Triumph
Earrings: Indy and Co, Maelle
Hairs: Boon, KBO906

Outfit Six: Alpha Female
Jacket: Gizza, Blazer suit (male)
Bra: Sea Hole, Catalina lingerie
Pants: Maitreya, Leggins
Hairs: Dura, boy/girl03
Jewelry: Mandala, ceekeeey earrings, Amida necklace



I was speaking with a dear friend in Second Life yesterday. Something recently happened to her in her first life that left her just a little off-kilter. We’ve all been there probably. I think we are given tragedy every once in a while to remind us not to rush through life with single minded purpose, to live with all the senses, to slow down and remember to feel. I don’t mean this to minimize anything anyone is going through, I could never even know what another person is facing, I am speaking in a personal nature of the tragedy’s that have befallen myself. And yes, like everyone, I have had a few. But for myself I say, and in hope it will help some of you, take a little time to savor the pain, it is yours to hold but as time passes, forgive yourself, and let it go. If there was a lesson to be learned from the tragedy, learn it, but always, even you deserve forgiveness, kindness and peace. Life is for the living.


Here at this end of the year, my last blog of the year, I want to thank all of you! I don’t get around Second Life very much anymore, being “old and retired” and all (thanks Zaara and Kim for telling me so!) Thank goodness my Dragon bought me a motorized wheel chair for my rez day.. o.O But anyway, thank you all for always being so funny, so fun and just plain nice to me. I have so many wonderful friends in Second Life and each of you holds a place in my heart. You are all so creative, so amazing, I just know I would adore you in real life too if we were ever to meet! I’ve received a gazillion and one Christmas holiday cards, about as many best wishes IMs and I can’t tell you how much I treasure all of them! So before I cry and get sappy, I wish you the best holiday you have ever had, I hope santa knows your wish list and gives extra, and I can’t wait to start this all over from the beginning with you all on January first! So behave for another day or two, then swing from the chandelier’s if you so wish on December 26th. I figure we have a week to be naughty then its back to “work” again! I want to send a special thank you with love to Draakje Dailey, my dragon. Of all the friends she had to get stuck with it had to be a Cao who is lost more than found! Thank you for all you do to make my Second Life function right. (Though I half think she is the one who keeps making me crash…) She knows so much about things, I think she might have a Linden in her pocket… love you all! Namaste.

Outfit One:
Hat/Jacket: *SoliDea FoliEs*
Boots: Belgravia
Jewelry: Mandala
Hairs: Tuty
Trunk set, What Next?
Mannequins, :AOF:
Pose: Del May

Outfit Two:
Shirt: Mon Tissu, ruffled Shell
Fur: Mimikri
Skirt: Ladies Who Lunch, from the Ava gown
Gloves: Mimikri
Jewelry: Mandala, Watch *NEW* Sitennoah. Necklace, Onigiri. Earrings, Leather Feather. Rings, Motsumame, Annuttra
Hat: Miamai, Memento Fascinator
Hairs: Boon, PKJ371
Pose: Corpus, Love my Dico! ❤


Comfort zone

Another week gone. Where do they all go? And why are they always in such a hurry to leave? Don’t get me wrong, I love a “casual Friday” that wanders into a meanderingly complacent weekend as much as anyone, but when it flies by at the expense of becoming older and older, I’m not sure I want my gravitational pull to be so hefty all the time! Ah, but well, it’s Friday again, I dug deep into my closets for some old, nicely worn clothes and I’ve mellowed out nicely. You know the clothes, they are worn to a softer fabric in all the best places. Perhaps time flying lamentations is a more appropriate topic for a high gravity Monday. So, this Lil Cao is going to wander away now, spend the weekend outdoors enjoying the beach and all who surround me. Everyone have a gorgeous weekend cloistered away with friends, family and most of all love. xo

Outfit One:

Hair: Plume, “Jeux d Enfants”
Earrings and Necklace: [Mandala], “Leather Feather” and “Milky Way”
Shirt: Mon Tissu, “Ruffled Shell”
Pants: Trap’d, “Blood Hakama Pants:
Makeup: Zibska, “Cleo Eyeliner” My fave, fave, fave! ❤
Makeup: [K] (Kooqla), "Ojen 02" Perfection in an eyeshadow ❤
POSE: Del May, "Penguin Chic"



Just a short notice on the above, I simply love the soon to be released “Bangladesh” babydoll dress from [LD] Major. [LD]Major is always right on with the perfect patterns, colors and fabrics! This item is an exclusive to The Couturier’s Dock, which is beginning another round September 13th, so mark those calendars! The accompanying style is laid back and relaxing with the Mon Tissu, “openwork” wedges in mustard, a gorgeous necklace “Mariri” from Kungler’s Extra. And what better way to crown myself in comfort than the “Tubular Bells” hair from Vanity Hair and the “Imperium” hat from .Shi? I could find no more comforting way to spend the afternoon strolling through my yard and thinking about the events of the day.

I have to admit, I hardly slept last night, and this morning I awoke with hurt feelings. I don’t know why I am mentioning it here, I honestly don’t. But perhaps in the telling, I will learn about myself and you will learn from my mistake. You see, I was told I would have to recast for OGlam agency and it really upset me. I don’t know why, I am retired, right? But I honestly felt I had failed, and I always take very seriously when I let someone down, even in a Second Life. But as the day wore on, and I spoke a couple of times with my friend Matteo, the CEO of OGlam, I realized he was right. So just a note to up and coming models, you get from the agency exactly what you put into it. Don’t think of it just as the agency committing to give you jobs at your convenience, remember, you are committing to giving in return, giving time, giving professional style and giving winning attitude. I always gave OGlam the latter two, but in retirement I am too stingy with the first rule, time. If Matteo were to ask me to participate in any function with the agency, I will still do so, with full enthusiasm and support, but for the most part, I wish the agency every success they can find. As for you all, get out there, cast! And Enjoy! It’s your time to take over the grid and shine! So get styling, and always be beautyful!




When on vacation, sometimes its so hard to let go of our adult self, but every once in a while, you need to shed the 50 pounds of responsibility and just be childlike again. Smile, play in the sand and water, chase a lover in a game of tag on the beach. It will add years to your life! ❤


Opening my second suitcase, for my days on the beach I chose loose fitting, light materials to ward the battering sun. But all of these play clothes are cute, chic and stylish. I hope you enjoy them too! ❤


See you tomorrow, I hope! ❤


Outfit One:

Shirt: [[LD]] Taxi:
Shorts: Mon Tissu, “dotted denim shorts” Taxi:
Hairs: Vanity Hair Taxi:
Shoos: Maitreya Taxi:

Outfit Two:
Shirt: [[LD]]”Tropical Breeze” Taxi:
Skirt: Emery, “Running Free” Taxi:
Hairs: Wasabi Pills, “Cookie” Taxi:
Shoos: Maitreya, “Salience” Taxi:

Outfit Three:
Dress: Michami,”Print Dress” . Taxi:
Hairs: Vanity Hair, “2cute4U2” . Taxi:
Necklace: [Mandala], “Pearl Rain” Taxi:

Outfit Four

Skirt and shirt: Strip’d “Teal and Florence” Taxi:
Hairs:Lelutka “Belle” Taxi:
Shoos: CeLoe “Aelia” *NEW* Taxi:

Escape but remember; embrace life’s ambiguities. ~Unknown

Life is funny, Second Life is an escape, but so many treat it as much more than a game. And in some ways it kind of is, the people we interact with are certainly real, have real friends, real family, real day to day drama’s, dreams and wishes. So I think, my thought for myself for this week was pretty much summed up in the title quote, “Escape but remember; embrace life’s ambiguities.” Always keep your escape to Second Life as a minor detour from your real life ambiguities because not facing them, does not make them disappear, it just makes them heap up like a big pile of rubbish at the door. So don’t become an emotional “hoarder,” free your soul from the detritus about you, face your real life and don’t let your Second Life become your main focal point to your life long journey, let it be an enriching enhancement to your travels. *falls off Soap Box*

Escape but remember; embrace life's ambiguities.  ~Unknown

Today’s selection is a mix of designer’s because I actually want to highlight not only the clothes, but the poses as well. Because as models, we know, in a virtual world our poses have to speak for us since we typically cannot truly use our face to create emotion. But also, as blogger’s it’s a boon to find poses that highlight the item we are “selling.” It doesn’t make sense to sell shoes while standing on your feet, the viewer will spend their time doing the circuit of your entire outfit. With these NEW shoe poses from LostAngel Industries, the avatars shoes are out front, in your face gorgeous! For this picture I am wearing [[LD]] ‘s fab pumps, pants from NYU, shirt by Mon Tissu, Hairs are Vanity Hair, and glasses are from [sYs]. But as you can tell, out front on display, is always the incredible shoes! Stop by Lostangel Industry today, they have all kinds of creative poses on display. Here, I’ve even called the taxi for you: Taxi:

Escape but remember; embrace life's ambiguities.  ~Unknown

My next pose creator is well known designer Miamai. Miamai always seems to create poses with the blogger/model in mind. This set of poses is strictly created to show off handbags and each pose was creatively done. There are two bags included, but there is no reason to limit yourself to just those bags, these poses work for so many handbag choices. In other words, the poses are not part of the bags, the poses stand alone. Keeping it simple and summery, I am wearing the *LpD* Kaly outfit (MESH), Similar Italian sandals, the Miamai bag, topped with a ::69:: brand hair with hat. Simple faire for a simple day in the sun, don’t you think? Linked here, your chariot awaits! : Taxi: