Be.Merry. I wonder if any dragons will be wandering by? So many snowballs, so little time… (snowball included w. pose) Dragon’s Lair:

Andy Goldsworthy was once quoted as saying, “Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” I’ve never seen snow, but I can tell you, the thought of it sure makes me think of childhood. I don’t know why, but I supposed its because it conjures up every single Christmas cartoon, movie, greeting card, and gingerbread house I’ve ever seen. I think today’s blog is simple. In all the stress and hustle and bustle of the holiday season, always take a moment, stop, take a big breath and just simply smile and be merry. But most importantly, share that smile and merriment with someone who really needs it. Now THATS the reason for the season, Peace on Earth and Goodwill.

Be.Merry. Do these pants make my arse look big? ;P

As the second blog of the wonderful posemakers of Second Life, I want to share Sue Hunniton of Pics N Poses spin on goodwill to others. These two poses are part of the “Womenstuff Hunt” currently going on inworld until January 2nd, 2013 and are free! Here is the information Sue kindly provided about the hunt itself. “About the Womenstuff Hunt – I have the group joiner at the front of my store. Anyone can join the group and go through the hunt which has over 200 of SL’s top designers. Not good at hunting? As a Womenstuff group member, they can also go to the Womenstuff lounge and grab the prizes that cover the wall.” See? Now that’s the holiday spirit! Have a gorgeous evening and a happy hunting to all and to all a good night! I know you will enjoy the poses at Pics N Poses so much, I included the sleigh ride for you! Taxi:

Hat: Eshi
Hairs: LaViere, Natasha
Scarf: Maitreya, Evi
Jacket: [sYs], Ynuit
Pants: Maitreya, leggins
Boots: [sYs], Ynuit


Second Life gives us so much freedom, and as models we should take advantage of all the freedoms. I can’t say it often enough, play with color, bend a concept, take a road less travelled. Face it, we can all style “off the rack.” The problem with styling that way is you will end up dressed the same as three quarter’s of the models on the grid. Have you ever noticed how many models you see dressed the same as a new fave designer releases an item? It’s why I will be the first to admit, I am usually the last to blog a current inventory, unless I mix and match a part of the outfit only.

Cao~Travelling worlds

But this blog isn’t just about fashion today. Sometimes its fun to take a day just for you, get down to the bare avatar, and play outside your model world. Wear extreme makeups, hairs, outfits. Play with colors, or try to achieve very little color at all. I was thinking about one of my favorite pics a few days ago, “Cao~Travelling Worlds” as the creator Skip Staheli called it. Sometimes when I find creative real world pics, photographer extraordinaire Tatiana Valitchkov is a truly inspiring one, I ask my friend Skip to photograph my version of it. I like to do these “personal challenges,” first because I know he will make an awesome picture out of it, and second it trains my brain to think outside the box, because in SL you rarely find things created just as they are in the real world, so you have to improvise. The hair on this one was a two hour ordeal honestly, I had to turn it upside down, and individually shrink all but the braids into my head. But, well, sometimes its okay to take a lesson in patience, even if I am a self-professed ADHD candidate. Below is the actual picture by Tatiana Valitchkov, if you can, check out her website, I think you too will be so amazed! I have to add, I had the pose made by my very good friend, Sue Hunniton of Pics N Poses, she has made a few custom poses for me, so if you ever need one, ring her up!


So as I said in the beginning, I was thinking of this pic and wanted to figure out what the moths “country cousin” looked like. Yeah, I know, my mind wanders to weird places at times. So, though this isn’t anywhere near the calibre of Skip’s pic, it is just a inworld snapshot, I hope you like it. The makeups are LovelyMi, Nuuna, and White Widow. If you want to know the wings you’ll have to give me an IM. =) I sure hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!

The moth becomes a butterfly