You usually have to wait for that which is worth waiting for. ~ Craig Bruce

Hair: Vanity Fair, Like Smoke **2015 Hair Fair** . Jewelry: Zibska, Lur @On 9 . Knickers: Zibska, Laney @APPLYME! . Skin: Glam Affair . Body by Maitreya .

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Gorgeous hair is the best revenge. ~Ivana Trump

Hair: Vanity Hair, La Espanola **2015 Hair Fair** . Tattoo: WhiteWidow, Dark Shadows . Gown: Fellini Couture, Absolute . Pose: Exposeur, White Rooms .

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Social Media Meme

Social Media MemeMy mum would love this pic, I look so serene, so elegant. In other words, so un-Cao

Strawberry Singh posted another meme, this one Social Media Meme with the hopes we can connect and meet each other, so if I am long winded, blame her not me. 😉 If you get a chance, do one of these and please, send me the link. I’m always looking for new people to stalk erm, nicely follow, from a distance of course, I guess, if I have too..

What was the first social network you joined using your SL Avatar?

Flickr in May 2010.

Which social networks are you currently on using your SL Avatar?

Flickr Taxi:
Facebook Page Taxi: Taxi:
Facebook Profile Taxi:
Plurk Taxi:
Google+ Profile (for my avatar) Taxi:
Pinterest Taxi:
Second Life Profile Taxi:

Social Media MemeOne word for this dress, (It is Desir’s FFL offering) the word? Divine!

If there are some you are listing above that have private timelines or you prefer not to add too many people to, just make a note beside them please because I will be going on a stalking following spree when I read your posts!

Which network is your favorite?

I used to think flickr, I was a SL flickr model way before I became an inworld model. I love my flickr friends and the talent there but I find it to be a little “wieldy” for my tastes. I always want to go and see everyones work, it just takes too much time. So I think I enjoy and spend most of my time on Facebook these days. I can chat there, see what people are up to at a moments glance, like their artwork. Meet knew people.

Social Media MemeI could so sport this hairdoo in RL, I sware, its what I look like in the morning when I go to sleep with wet hairs

Which network is your least favorite?

At this moment, I’d have to say Plurk. But thats just because I don’t “get” it. As an example, for some reason it says I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. I don’t know where the information came from and I can’t figure out how to change it. So on Plurk I am a Lil Cao lost in Louisiana. If someone can come find me and lead me home to Florida, I’d appreciate it. Well, a lot.

Which network do you have the most amount of connections?

I’d say Facebook. Not really sure where they keep coming from, but boy do they. Last I looked I have 1,698 friends, most of whom have friended me. o.O (I know right? I wonder why too.) I hope there is never a test like in elementary school where everyone says their name and the next person has to say all the names that were said before them. Um, I just might fail, by catastrophic proportions actually. But Facebook works, I’ve liked all the people I’ve met, so far.

Social Media MemeGot the dress, all I need is the man.. Anybody have an extra one?

How/Where do you usually read/use most of your networks?

/me whispers “on my work computer.” hahaha just kidding! Dang! On my Nook or android. *blushes*

What are your favorite social networking apps? (if applicable)

On my android I use WordPress and Facebook, and a little Flickr. Can I say here, I just love Pinterest? I put all the styles I love there so I can see them when I want to try and style something new and, wait for it, EPIC. But also, it shows an evolution of how my tastes change over time. And of course, it puts up an official Lil Cao’s wish list for all my rich friends out there who want to buy me a little birthday prezzy.(May, it’s May 😉 ) Oh! and I will always stand by my mantra, you can never go wrong with a pair of Jimmy Choo’s..(that would be a size 7)…

What do you like most about social networking sites?

Being able to keep up with my online friends weekends and weekdays without being attached to a mouse. I tend to ramble, and I don’t just mean with words, though that’s been said, dutifully noted, and discarded Draakje Dailey (xo). I like to see pictures and read blogs my friends have written while I am running like a mad Cao about town. People in Second Life have always been able to drop me an IM to email but I actually have a lot of “real life” blogs I read and respond to (as opposed to those only written about SL, who’d a thought there even was such a thing?) so social networking has helped me keep in touch with those friends too.

What do you like least about social networking sites?

I hate those people who constantly nag or complain on their pages all the time. I check in to see whats fun, whats news, but not the “what ticks me off” complaints about friends, neighbors, politics. I can find that stuff right around me in the real world. But if you want to show me a bucket of puppies, the most adorable baby in the world, or the whackiest of cats, that just makes my day!

Do you feel social networks are a good way to promote you/your brand/your work?

I do think social networks are an excellent way to create your brand! Ask any model I’ve ever spoken to, brand recognition is my numero uno rule. See, Eyes smart, I’m a multi-national Cao, I speak a smattering, a very minute smattering, of Spanish). When I was in college we did a lot of studying on viral marketing. I did a research project on Scion. When Scion came out, their marketing budget was about zero. If you remember there were, and still are, very few TV commercials for Scion. They rely heavily on “on the street” guerilla marketing, viral marketing and word of mouth. But their success with social networking is a model for many of us, including a silly little Second Life model who just wants a recognizable face as her “brand.”

What is your main reason for using Social Networks?

Like Strawberry Singh, they were at first to promote my blog. But to be honest, now I love them for their own worth. I love feeling connected wherever I am. I love, laugh and sometimes even cry with my friends there. I enjoy finding blogs of new people, learning new things, laughing with the ups and sometimes even the downs, we all go through and share with one another. I love seeing the wonderful photography there, I am soooooo glad my friend Skip Staheli joined Facebook, I’ve been missing so much of his craft from bypassing Flickr. Hands down, it gives me a connection to the people I am missing when I am not in Second Life.

Thank you all for putting up with me, I can’t think of a single person in either life whom I don’t like. Isn’t that just crazy? But it is so true. You all bring me different things, laughter, smiles, love, likes, knowledge. You’ve all gleaned a little bit of it all on me. I just adore you all! Thank you each and all for being you, the people who make my social media medium the enjoyment that it is. And thanks Strawberry Singh for making me face these questions. I was daunted at first, but I pulled through. In the words of one of my social media friends Aliza Karu, \o/

All styles brought to you today by the letter D. (designer Vivien Emerald’s brand Desir)

Outfit One:
Dress: Desir, Ceres *FFL*
Hairs: Desir, Luck Knot
Flower: Desir, Sakura
Earrings: Fulo, Mystic Dragon
Bird: .:Magic No Magic:. Pyramid box Maia Bird Tropicalia Pet **thank you!**

Outfit Two:
Dress w. hair flowers: Desir, Demeter
Hair:: Vanity Hair, Neox
Pearls: Dahlinks, Back knot


Testudinate.Reflections.and.Other.Detritus. Hairs: Vanity Hair, “Tiffany” . Headpiece: LaGyo, “Angelie” . Jewelry: Fulo, “Donna” . Makeup: Mons

Recently I was reading a message board for an agency I am a member of and was a little taken aback by some of the scathing remarks written there. Written in so public an arena too. I read it, and tucked it away for later thought, I am above all a thinker and a watcher. But even more important, I am a business person with a business degree. But this isn’t business, or is it? It is an agency that promotes Second Life business, but that’s not really the point. The point is in the blind world of virtuality on the Internet, you are relating with people you have no true knowledge of. So whether it’s business or personal you have to accept, people have squabbles and “issues”, and when someone airs their squabbles, do you really want to get down and sully yourself like a Sus scrofa in the mud? is it truly necessary? Does the issue pass the Cao three question rule for responding? I know! I bet you’ve never heard of such a thing! It’s like this, “wow, that person just said something about me that might make me look bad, I can rip him/her a new one and defend myself. Or I can calmly ask him to better explain his issues because that is not quite the way I remember the event transpiring (the moral high road). To make my decision I ask myself: (1) Is a snarky condescending confrontation truly necessary? In the grand scheme of things will this be such a huge issue in one month? Two? A year? (2) Is this something I can solve by explaining peacefully with the readers of the forum without calling the offending party out? If I just explained the issue calmly from my own point of view, without rash judgments of character, who will look like the idiot then? (3) Would it be better solved by trying to reach an agreement with the offended without further adding to the already public display?

Dress: Azul, “Erika” (Isn’t this divine? It’s new!) . Hairs: Vanity Hair, “Tiffany” . Headpiece: LaGyo, “Angelie” . Jewelry: Fulo, “Donna” . Makeup: Mons . Gloves: Mimikri, “Cuffed gloves”

The take from? Well of course, its in the title. Most fits of anger in a virtual climate are typically begun by a misunderstanding of words, tone of words by the receiver and the sender, or in this case, non-words since the person was accused of ignoring the vocal party. Take the time and try to resolve issues behind doors, even if you have been attacked in front of those doors. Why? Because that’s what adults should do. People, associates, family, your children, they don’t need to see you onstage. Whether your argument is in real life, a second life, a personal life or a business life, keep it between the key players. The title? Testudinate is of or relating to the turtle, detritus is actually non-living particulate organic material, but I use it loosely to mean the sloughing off of dead layers of relationships, the baggage of things gone wrong. As you may know, turtles can breathe out of their, well, arses. Don’t handle things by talking out of your arse, always attempt to minimize the detritus by being open, honest and face value about your concerns. If you do, in the end, the “audience” will admire that you did so. All Landmarks for the style are under my “Last Known SLURL’s page.” Check them out, I know you will find the perfect item to express your style!


Mystics.Druids.And.Banshees.Betwixt.Necklace: HMAEM Yoke Joke *Couturiers*. Hairs: Vanity Hair, Sunset Blvd. Earrings: Chop Zuey,La Cascadeuse. Dress: Gizza, Kallisto

No real blog today. YAYYYYY you all say! Mini-blog, no Cao running off at the hoof. You know my name is said as Key, right?? uh huh that’s what I thought..

Mystics.Druids.And.Banshees.Betwixt. Jewelry: Violator, White Bough *Couturiers*. Nipple Covers: Finesmith,Caoimhe set. Hair: Glam Affair, Cornus

I just wanted to remind you, and let you know if you missed it, The Couturier’s Dock is running right now and a lot of the merchandise is dwindling rather quickly so you better hurry on over, because once it’s gone, its gone forever. These are limited quantity items, half off what you would pay in the designer’s mainstore.

Untitled Jewelry: Finesmith, Devil’s Love *Couturiers*. Hair: Madesigns, Maya

So I decided to show some incredibly creative items, perfect for style contests. And I can’t stress enough, these are limited quantity items… Did you ever want to be the only one in a casting or styling contest wearing a unique item? Stand out! Enough said… all the merchandise currently at the Salimar event would be perfect to put you a little ahead of the styling game.. So check out The Couturier’s Dock today. I even included the taxi for you, I’m kinda nice like that. Taxi:

Mystics.Druids.And.Banshees.Betwixt. Jewelry: Finesmith, Devil’s Love *Couturiers*. Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs*, The Other Side. Hair: Madesigns, Maya


Whats in the Bag final Logo A best friend feels free enough to walk into your house and borrow your shoos, even when you are still wearing them. (Logo pic for “What’s in the Bag” column found in Trend Magazine by Julie Hastings)

some are big, some are small, some are real, while some are fake. ~Unknown

Dag Hammarksjöld once said,”Every deed and every relationship is surrounded by an atmosphere of silence. Friendship needs no words – it is solitude delivered from the anguish of loneliness.” Friendship is a very simple word, very commonly used these days. I believe for most, friend is used on a daily basis thanks to social media. Yet, the depth and meaning of friendship certainly goes beyond the simple and the common. We “friend” someone in Second Life, for easier future contact, though we may never even speak to them again. We friend them but are they really a friend? Other’s we friend inworld, on Facebook, or through blogs and the friendship is more business relationship, not exactly a friend, no? Acquaintance, I think.

Friends.Are.Like.Boobs.Friends do crazy things, and instead of telling them not to do it, you say “can I steer?”

But no man is an island, we all have one friend we can rely on. At least, I hope we do, even if the friend is a family member. Don’t discount family members as friends, they’ve truly seen us at our worst and tend to like us anyway, even if its only because they see their genetic fingerprints written on our face. I am such a virtual recluse, for this I am sorry. I think it’s not a snobbery on my part, please don’t take it as such, 5 years “in” I just grow tired at times and prefer to ground myself more solidly in the real world. It’s not that I find the real world so much better than my Second Life, I just prefer sunlight, oxygen, salty air and my Jack Russell Terrior-ist at times. Only one other person knows this, but Sunday during the Avenue tryouts? It was the typical lagfest and crashing unmoving sims, my brain wandered away to the outdoors and soon, my body did as well. Right in the middle of my two runway walks, I grabbed my sunglasses, leashed KT (her spelling, not mine) and took a mile walk along the beach. The point of confessing this now? To talk about the one friend, the only one I told. (until right now)

Cao pic 2 When you break something, like a leg, a friend doesn’t let you feel sorry for yourself, they bean you with a snowball to get your attention.

I have quite a few inworld friends and adore them all. Some of you are scary smart, some creative geniuses, some humorous, but all are always so generous to the quiet moods of a Cao. I thank you all. Mila is a heart friend, the one I would wish to bring to my real world with me because I think we’d be scads of trouble, so this could very well be written about her. But this time, this one person has been with me through thick and thin. And in a virtual world where minutes are measured in years, she has been with me for years, which I assume is decades. She carries me way more than I carry her (good thing she’s bigger than me by about a foot) and I am sure you know it’s Draakje Dailey, my little dragon. Take from? Yeah, you know it. It’s Friday, quit working all the time, it’s a Second Life not a first. But in the real world too, stop a second and just breathe. Have a chat with a best friend, life’s best moments are those we share with others in meaningful ways. Love, laugh, live. That’s my motto this weekend.

Snow Sled Outfits:
Shoulderwrap: MOLiCHiNO Foxtail Poncho – White
Pants: Maitreya Mesh Leggings – Black
Tunic: MOLiCHiNO Relaxed Tunic – White
Sweater: []
Boots: *GF*[Mesh] Fur Cuff Boots “Sasha” -black-
Hair:::Exile:: Collide: Light Blondes
Gloves: [celoe.mery.gloves.mine]

Hairs: Maitreya, Evi w. Scarf
Jacket: Gizza, Padded Jacket
Pants: Gizza, skinny pant
Mittens: Izzie’s
Boots: Maitreya, Stagioni

Cao pic 2
Hat: La Penderie de Nicole, My rainy day hat
Hair: Vanity Hair, Tubular bells
Jacket: Celoe, Maru
Pants: Dee Talez, Boyfriend short
Crutches: [HT+] crutches and boot
Boot: L and B, Elise


Azul Marie Vanity Hair Midnight Oasis Mons Mandala Polly

Yes, I know it’s rare but today, the Cao is going all formal gown. But hey, they are so gorgeous it was an easy choice. All the gowns shown here were created by Mami Jewell of Azul. I don’t think I have ever met a single female (and some male) avatars that don’t own at least one of the gowns from Azul. Mami’s creations are always a study of divine elegance. See? I think they even make me look a little glam, which is a feat in of itself. Here, I love them so much I included the taxi for you! Taxi:

Azul Olga Vanity Moondance Mandala polly

I just had to dress up, I’m cranky and I’ve had one ‘ell of a day. It was either gown or knickers, and Draakje says all I ever wear are knickers, so gown won out. Blame her if you wanted to see a Cao in knickers. And if you did, I’m beginning to worry about you! I thought my phone had been stolen while at work yesterday, so I called my cell company today. She asked for some information and switched over to check a few things. She came back on the line and said, “for the security of our customer, I can’t give you any information on whether the phone has been used.” Seriously? To which I kindly replied, well sort of not kindly, I was a little stressed thinking of overages and things, “Let me get this straight, for MY security, you can’t tell ME if my phone was used after 5PM January 9th, 2013?” To which, she said, “One moment” and put me on hold again. After a few minutes, apparently seeing I wasn’t about to hang up, or perhaps seeing how pathetic I am, she same back on the line and said, “Um, actually your phone has not been used since January 8th at 7AM.” So, I am thinking YAY! I left it at home in a drawer, but that was, of course short-lived because then I was thinking WAAAHH I haven’t used my phone since January 8th, 2013… Take from, and yes, there always is one. For me, keep track of your phone, or Nook, or shoos, or glasses. Well basically anything that isn’t permanently attached to the body. Take from for you? If you haven’t seen a family member or single friend in a while, give them a call, they may not realize it, but they probably really miss you!

Azul Jadhe lagyo spring orchids wasabi gloria

Outfit One
Gown: Azul, Marie
Hairs: Vanity Hair, Midnight Oasis
Lips: Mons
Bracelet: Mandala, Polly

Outfit Two
Gown: Azul, Olga
Hairs: Vanity Hair, Moondance
Necklace: Mandala, Polly

Outfit Three
Gown: Azul, Jadhe
Hairpiece: La Gyo, Spring Orchids
Hairs: Wasabi Pills, Gloria


gizza hooded sweater loose denim short exile raspberry beret gos wellington what next rainy day mandala senjyu earring_001

What a very true statement that is, I think Bob Dylan was a very wise man. And we all know those “get wet” people, they are the ones who consistently focus on their own discomfort instead of focusing outwards and realizing perhaps, in the long run, their own discomfort isn’t quite so bad after all. In Second Life, I like to relate this to constantly having your camera focused on your own avatar, instead of seeing with amazement all that surrounds you. So today, I have a new take from. (yes, there is one). I wanted to throw out some “News Year’s” resolutions for SL models and aspiring models. And maybe for some real world “avatars” as well. I’d love to hear some of yours too, if you’d like to comment. And I could think of no better designer’s design to wear today then my friend Giz Seorn of Gizza.

Gizza Anna vanity cotton club mimikri glove donna flora brenda samara watch arturo ring mons lips_001

1) My first and fave is: smile, it improves your face value. I personally love to smile, don’t you? When I chat with friends and strangers inworld sometimes I smile so much I swear my laptop thinks I am in love with it. 2) Be forever grateful of the gifts you receive, even if it is just a short hello. Because think about it, on that day someone thought of you kindly enough to say “hello.” 3) In return, always find something to compliment in others, every one has at least one something worthy of praise so learn to dedicate your space, your face, and your time to the wellness of others. 4) Follow the 3 question rule about things that bother you. a. How important is my complaint to the “big picture?” b. Is what I have to say important to others, or just myself? and c. Will it seem as important a week, month, year from now? If you answer yes truthfully, then approach it by thinking about and then saying what you feel. Words are weapons as sharp as any sword.

Gizza Linnda Lelutka pacahontas mimikri gloves mandala pearl rain

Resolutions for modeling in particular. 5) You are not marked by your past. What did or did not occur in the past, does not ever mean it will continue on into the future forever. Learn from what went wrong, or what went right, expand upon it and move on, healthier, happier and stronger for having experienced what happened. 6) If worried about trying, what ever it is, a casting, a contest, a school, a career.. remember to think about what’s the worst that can happen from trying? You fail and get made fun of? You fail and are out some money? What is so important that you would choose to live a life of unhappy sameness when you have the chance to succeed and live your dream, but if only you would just try? 7) Do not ever compare yourself to others, make yourself with your own hands. If Steve Jobs had failed (actually he did, several times) but if he failed and never made it, should we all have wrung our hands with shame, walked away and said “it’s impossible!”? I certainly hope not. If it’s not right, dust off the big girl knickers, regroup, realign, recreate and push on. Somewhere in each of us is this wonderful soul, heart and mind, well able to bring us what we seek, if only we could learn to let go of the “I can’ts”, “I faileds” and the “it cant be dones, especially by me(s)”. I know, my dragon friend Draakje, “word and peace.” I’ll silently move away before I’ve got you all snoring on your desktops, I was perhaps wandering away with the keyboard a little. I hope you all have a New Year that fulfills the delightful wonders being dreamt in your hearts. Slurls on SLurls page. And here’s one to Gizza: Taxi:

Outfit One:
Jacket: Gizza, hooded sweater
Shorts: Gizza, loose denim short *New*
Hairs/HatL Exile, raspberry beret
Boots: Gos, wellington
Umbrella/pose: What Next?, Rainy day
Earrings: Mandala, senjyu earring

Outfit Two:
Gown: Gizza, Anna *New*
Hairs: Vanity Hair, cotton club *NEW*
Gloves: Mimikri, glove
Jewelry: Donna Flora, Brenda earrings, Samara watch, Arturo ring
Makeup: Mons, lipstick

Outfit Three:
Gown w hat and gloves: Gizza, Linnda *New*
Hairs: Lelutka, pacahontas
Jewelry: Mandala, pearl